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  1. I haven't watched Saturday Night Live for years...but I'll be tuned in on October 17th for sure!
  2. My kind of movie! I'll be in some audience on opening day. As far as the word 'sociopath' goes, I'll wait and see what this role portrays. Maybe a surprise.
  3. It's a possibility, but Leo is the name of one of the four foundation sires for the AQHA ... so there's that connection as well. I belong to the ASHBA (ASHA - American Saddle Horse Assoc.). Not familiar with AQHA lines but now I know about "Leo" HH
  4. Could be the owner is a fan...as 300 was released in the states 3/07 and this young stud is 2 years old. In looking at his blood line, there are no other sires or dams with any name pertaining to Spartans or 300 so it's a good possibility the owner was thinking of Gerry when this horse was foaled.
  5. Welcome Faye. I'm Faye too (with an "e")

    otherwise known as HighlandHeather

  6. That was certainly uplifting news. Good for Molly. Any day an animal can escape the slaughter-house horrors is a good day. Vegetables are more appealing to me every day. HH
  7. Lucky for me I had heard this warning about coco mulch but there are many pet owners who are unaware of the dangers posed by this mulch. Thanks for posting it. Hopefully by spreading the news of the dangers to dogs will save someone and their pet from hardships. HH
  8. Men ! That was a good one. Thanks for sharing your experience!
  9. Dear Frankie is also listed to be shown tonight (Saturday, January 31) on REEL channel 238 (DirecTV) at 8:00 PM here on the US East coast.
  10. Highland Heather Re your point on what kind of distribution - I am sure most of us realise that when they choose the 250 sponsors nobody will have any control over how the money is spent or any come back if anything stops the film reaching a cineplex near you - I am sure only investors get a return on their money invested if a film actually goes into profit. Sponsoring a film is like being involved in stocks and shares - there are no guarantees. People have to be prepared to have enough faith in Gerry and the rest of the team that the film will get made and at least have a limited distribution - anything else is a bonus. It is awesome so many of you are behind Burns 100% and we are doing all we can to find out all the necessary info and whether this could indeed become a reality - there is so much to take into consideration as it is just not a case of being eligible. We just ask you to all be patient. Thanks Moira Thanks Moira...point taken. Even if the bottom is falling out of Wall Street , being kept in the loop on the possibility of helping to sponsor "Burns" is at least putting a smile and glimmer of hope on our faces... HH
  11. As most have stated, we'd be glad to open our wallets to contribute to this endeavor. Until we find out more of a scoop on "Burns" and how wide a distribution it will receive and the red tape involved in contributing to such a project, I'll keep the moths in my wallet and keep saving my dough just in case we can in fact contribute in some way. This picture has been looming in the background for so long and I am so very pleased to see things progress and wish all the best of luck to all those involved in getting Burns off the ground...finally. HH
  12. Oops! Sorry...duplicat post deleted. I was so excited I got carried away in my posting. HH
  13. I almost fell off my chair when I read this on GB net... http://www.gerardbutler.net/news/news_main...amp;NewsID=3787 To say I'm happy is an understatement. HH
  14. Interesting and ironic as I came across this post while watching "Braveheart". This letter of Wallace's belongs in Scotland. Hope it finds it's way home. HH
  15. Any of you East Cost Gals get hit by this latest ice storm that came in last Thursday and knocked out power for a good part of NY, Mass and NH? Just got my power back early Sunday morning. Hope you all are warm and comfy.
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