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    I am an avid movie fan. I love thrillers, action, comedy, romantic, musical and epics. I adore reading. I enjoy reading poetry as well as writing poetry. <br />The performing arts. The live stage is where it is. <br />I love photography, music that moves me , and hanging out with friends ...sharing wonderful ,intelligent conversations over a nice cup of (yepper you guessed it) coffee. <br />I am crazy about the cello...swoon! nothing more lovely. <br />Yo Yo Ma rules!

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  1. hiya Lorie,

    dropping by quickly , to say, hello! I hope you are well. I left you a message on myspace. Huggles!

  2. Hmm, not sure how to take the article. I say allow peeps to be the way they are. If they want to fall all over themselves, so be it! As long as they aren't hurting anyone. That is what it is all about. Free expression. Have a nice day!
  3. Hey woman! stopping by quickly to check out the news on 300. Take care!

  4. Heya! figuring all this stuff out!

    Luv ya! Hugs

    thanks for the siggy and I made an avvy out of it too! I had to match you know! LOL Jen

  5. Great pics! Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time in the premiere shots. Thank you for posting them.
  6. Hello friend, I hope you are well. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your acknowledgement of my graphic work here on gals. You are truly a giving person. Your talent is extraordinary! I love it. Everyone is supportive! I wish I could be on the board a little more but, life gets in the way. I am thinking of you all in my heart. Once again thank you bethy! Thank you to admin and to all the lovely GALS. Take good care of you. May all your wishes come true! love Zezzzzzzzzzzzzzzer
  7. Thank you for that info! Sounds great!
  8. Hello sweet gals, I wasn't fortunate enough to attend the leno show. I will however, say something on jph's behalf. I know her, and will confirm, she is not the stalker type. She is fun-loving, silly, sweet, and kind. She was too excited to meet Gerry, and was concerned for his time with the fans. I know this because, I was on the phone with her while she was outside Leno. Thank you , for your understanding. Hugs to you all! ZEZE
  9. *out in the cold once again* I am very happy for all who were able to meet Gerry , and those who sat in on the show. Bravo to you! Many hugs , and may all your wishes come true! ZEZE
  10. Hey woman! just stopping by to bug ya. Hee hee! Hope all is well. Tootles

  11. Isabella Riley, and I would like to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas , and a Happy New Year.
  12. Gerry! Happy Birthday! I hope your day is filled with lovely fun, happiness, and lots of great pressies! I hope you surround yourself with loved ones, and great friends. Stay healthy, happy , and kind. God bless you! Love , Paula Suzette
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