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    Interests: Reading, Writing, Singing, Directing, Dancing, Gymnastics, Figure Skating, Olympics, Diving, Kids, Walking, Computers, Christian/Spiritual.<br /><br />Celebrities I am interested in: Gerry, Josh Groban, Kristin Kreuk, Michelle Kwan, Enya, U2, Steven Spielberg, Hugh Jackman, Emmy Rossum, Zhang Ziyi, David Duchovny, and royalty

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  1. Happy 7th GALSversary Irene <3

  2. Great pics! Gerry looks a lot happier and at ease, and I am so glad to see his family with him!
  3. Thanks for the transcript, KT! I'm so glad to know that GB quit smoking and took a few moments to talk to all of the fan sites. I hope he gets some rest over the holidays and feels better soon!
  4. Yep, you go, Abigail! And I'm glad Gerry had the decency to cooperate with his co-star. Good for him.
  5. Wow! I think this is one of the best costumes I've seen him in! Lol, I love how his co-star nearly bankrupted him with the swear jar!
  6. Great pic! He looks happy to take a picture with her. Another fan with a nice hubby.
  7. Hi, it's been awhile, but I finally have another chapter up in my story. Thanks for reading! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3103809/11/Don...ak_of_the_Night
  8. Hey Simone, if you go by LA, make sure to let me know! Thanks for the well wishes and have a great day yourself!

  9. Thanks for the well wishes, Jenn! I love your moderator nickname! Creedy lives!

  10. Happy Birthday Sweet Irene!!



  11. lol, Frenchy. I can't wait to see this movie, either. I think the picture doesn't do him justice. I heard that he looks much better in the movie.
  12. Wow, Sam! Great drawing! Keep it up! Hugs, Irene
  13. In case it hasn't been posted before, I thought you all might like to take a peek inside Gerry's New York apartment. It is a little bare, but beautiful! Click below: Gerry's Living Space in New York
  14. Great idea, Barb! Please count me in! Irene
  15. Thanks, Stef! Congratulations, Gerry! Love the hair!
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