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  1. Mel - :funnyabove: But you looked great! Happy hump day everyone! Keep up the hugging and laughing! Another drive through this morning! Hugs Irene
  2. Dayna, you raised a very good topic. Often I read the news and it is so discouraging, because those who believe in integrity are treated like weirdos. When it comes to morals and ethics, the current attitude is that it's all relative. Unfortunately I have come across those who would crush others in their way, even in church. I am so sorry that you are going through these trials right now. But they will pass and I am confident that you will be better when you come out of them. Thank you for creating this place, where we can safely express our hearts and give to each other. Big hugs Irene
  3. Driving through on a beautiful Tuesday! It seems time is running away from me these days! Alice and all the girls up in NoCal, I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see your pics and read your stories! Breeze! Welcome to GALS! Swannie - That's great news about Nathan! I am happy for you and for your family. Elissa - take care--I hope your eyes feel better soon. Frannie - hang in there. Great job on Sue's siggy! That's great that you plan to go to Scotland! Poppy - good to see you! Hugs to Sue, Jenn, Susan, Bethy, Jill, Carolyn, Erica, DawnS, Marcia, Nancy, Cat, Suz, and all the gals! Irene
  4. I agree! Poor Gerry, he can't even take a break and be a regular-looking guy for once without someone telling him he's fat. What if he decided he didn't want to be stick-thin anymore? People should mind their own business. I wonder if those rude people who told him he was fat were chunky themselves? Anyway, I hope he doesn't care too much what they say, and just stays himself! Irene
  5. Thanks, Perrin! That is the correct new year greeting. I will post a pic of Jonathan in his Chinese outfit in the SC later. Hugs!

  6. Hi gals! Monday drive-through! I've been seeing billboards for 300 everywhere I go--at bus stops, on top of buildings, you name it. It is very surreal after having seen these on the internet for so long. But Gerry looks good! We had a busy weekend, first with a Chinese New Year celebration, where I dressed the baby up in a traditional outfit (will post pics later), and then yesterday was the Daytona 500. My husband made the best burgers ever! The race was a disappointment but the food was not! Some quick hi's - Elissa - congratulations on your daughter's job! I was also a journalism major, so I wish her all the best! Susan - I think I caught the commercial where he says, "it's gonna be a wild night" at the end. Sounds like your boys had pairfect weather for a party! Cat - happy Monday night! Libby - you are hilarious! Hope you have a place somewhere to stash that billboard! Cassie - my hubby would probably react the same way too! Fran - I am like you, I could have stayed in bed later. Also, sorry it is taking me so long to return mail to you. I will send you a package this week, I promise. Hi to Alice, Betts, Marcia, Dawn, Bethy, Suz, Erica, Swannie, Helen, Jackie, and Perr. Sorry if I missed anyone. Hugs, Irene
  7. Hey gals! Dashes through the support center and does a victory dance after filing taxes! Welcome, Theresa! Make yourself comfy. Mousie - glad you're feeling a little better. Swannie - I hope you have sweet dreams about Bill tonight! Hugs and kisses, Irene
  8. Rushes into new floor of SC before hubby drags me off to dinner--thanks for the pics, ladies! I am feeling better already. Sue - Congratulations on your grandson! :dance: Alice - thanks for the article. Gerry has a big following, indeed! Isabella - what a sweet valentine. :mopboyerik: Congratulations on your daughter's win. Elissa - Good to see you! Fran - Thanks, I hope you like it. Hyperventilating is very appropriate for a Gerry fan. All right, have fun in chat tonight, gals. Sorry I won't be able to join you. Hugs! Irene
  9. Hi gals! I'm enjoying all the new pics, videos and interviews with Gerry. Is it just me or do his eyes stand out a lot more these day? I'm still fighting (and winning) over a cold, so I can't wait to take it easy on the weekend. Pilar - I'm sorry your co-worker didn't like POTO. Then again, my husband didn't sympathize with Erik, either. He said, IHO Erik was a psycho and a criminal. Oh, well. Erica - Proud auntie, I'm glad your nephew made it! I hope he wins! Swannie - Thanks for the invite. I went and checked it out and your site is coming along nicely! All right, time to make another siggy. With all the new pics out there, I should be able to come up with something. Hugs to you all (from a distance--don't want you to catch any germs) Irene
  10. Wow! His eyes are really standing out lately!
  11. Drive through hello! I came down with something going around the office and had been blowing my nose a lot for the last 24 hours. It's so lovely to read all the wonderful Valentine things your hubbies did. And seeing all the new Gerry pics, too! Star - welcome back! Erica - I will pray for your nephew's trip. Hugs to all! Irene
  12. Congratulations, Amanda!! Have a good and blessed pregnancy! Hugs, Irene
  13. Just drivin' through - happy Valentine's Day, you funny GALS! :funnyabove: Snap - hey, good to see you! and boob-squishing hug! Jen - Congratulations on your first paid gig! Break a leg! I you all have a great day filled with hearts, roses and chocolates! to those not feeling well. Irene
  14. Hi Gals--just wanted to give you all an afternoon I am feeling a bit blue today--got the sniffles, but it's nothing big, compared to what some of you gals are going through. I've had to deal with an odious person at work this past week. It's a good thing he is not in my office! Have you ever met anybody who was polite and softspoken but absolutely did not know how to deal with people? This person had begun to make subtle accusations against me and another co-worker, basically accusing us of lying, when we did give him an honest answer (it just didn't happen to be the answer he wanted). When I pointed this out to him on the phone, he was silent. Then later he messaged me and apologized for not being "clear" and for "confusing" me. It's a good thing I have my supervisor's support. We are going to have a talk with his boss. Mousie - I'm sorry you're having a flare-up again! I hope you feel better soon. Fran - I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope those doctors figure things out soon. Swannie - I'm so glad Nathan is enjoying himself. And good for you for working on your writing! Carolyn - stay warm, woman! Suz - I'm sorry your family isn't more supportive of your decision of a home. If you've done all the inspections and it checks out fine, then they should respect your decision. Hugs to you all, you gals have always cheered me up with your empathy and kindness. GALS are the nicest! Irene
  15. Thanks for the article, Sharon! Irene
  16. Whoa! Only gone a day and look at this place! I had to wade through almost four pages! I love all of the magazine stories, and I'll have to read Susan's 300 sneak peak story. I listened to the phone call with Gerry and I guess we must have asked him some hard questions, because he had to think awhile before answering some of them! Thanks, Dayna! Nancy - good for you that you got to go! Erica - kudos to you! Jedi - my pal, good to see you here! Betts - you're in my prayers. Hugs to all the gals, I'm sorry if I didn't name you. Have a wonderful week! Irene
  17. Thanks, Perr and Stef! You gals are the best! Irene
  18. Thanks for the report, Susan! And thank you, RR!
  19. Hi gals! Happy Friday to you all! Just stopping by to wish you a great day! Amy - we'll miss you! Come back soon! Cat - thanks for the compliment! Marcia - good to see you! How wonderful that you're going to see Scotland! I just saw yet another travel show last night that went through the highlands! I'd love to see them myself! Fran - what a wonderful sight! Swannie - Thanks for the pics! Hugs to you all! Irene
  20. Stef-- thank you! He looked great there , and was humble, as usual. Irene
  21. Lovely idea, Bethy! Too bad I can't be there. But I bet the class is gonna be a blast! Irene
  22. Good evening, GALS! Yikes, I didn't realize it was that late already! Mousie and Pilar, I still haven't been able to find the magazine! Like Susan said, for some reason the SoCal area is late on them. Cat - good to see you haven't turned into a pilar of salt, lol. I'm glad your family is doing okay. Elisa - I hope your eye gets better soon. That is no fun at all. Fran - Thank you for the pressie--I got it today. I will keep your health in my prayers. Carolyn - an explosion? Not good. I hope your son wasn't too badly affected by it. Erica - on two months! Good for you, girl! We're all really proud of your achievement. Hugs to Anna, Lish, Leslie, Jill, Bethy, Susan, Swan, Barb, Bella, Cassie, Mel, Suz, Jenn, Kristine, Lori, Perr, and all! Irene
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