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  1. Thanks, Shan! Good to see that Gerry had a sense of humor about the suspenders incident! Irene
  2. Hi gals! On the 12th floor already! I concur with what Cassie said. Ooops, gotta get back to training! Hugs, Irene
  3. Hi gals! Quick hi to you all on this cloudy, cold, rainy day! I'm on break from training, so just wanted to stop by and say hi. Alas, I don't think I will be able to catch up on all the posts---cali girls are just too quick for me! Bella - good to see you! How funny that you and Nancy lived on the same street! Sarah! That's all I have time for. Love you all, later! Irene
  4. Hi gals! Just wanted to pop in and say good night and good day tomorrow. I'll be in training most of the day so I won't be able to pop in (well, maybe I can still sneak in here, hehe). I went to Borders and still couldn't find the magazine, aaargh. Good for you, Spak! Very cute pics of your cat and doggie! I sympathize with all the math-challenged sisters in here--it took me a lot of practice just to bring my SAT math score up back in high school. But once I got to college, I didn't have to take math anymore--whew! I'm still trying to figure out what use geometry has to everyday life.... Anyway, I love you all, and I think that pic of Gerry on the rings is fantastic! Sweet dreams, ladies! Hugs, Irene
  5. Quick good morning to you all! I was surprised when I went to the news stand this morning that they didn't have Men's Health magazine yet. They told me they probably wouldn't get it until later this week---aaargh! I'll have to go try the bookstore at lunch time! I saw my Scottish co-worker J, who usually works in a different office, and told her about Gerry being on the front cover of the magazine. She was really excited because her husband has a subscription to the mag, but that it probably wouldn't arrive until two weeks later because it's mailed to her house. Her Scottish accent was pair-fect (probably because she's also married to a Scotsman), and she's always a ray of sunshine with her blonde hair and red cheeks. So anyway, I hope you are all staying toasty, wherever you are! Hugs to all, Irene
  6. Swannie - beautiful!! Nathan is so talented! Irene
  7. We'll miss you Amy! I hope it won't take until August for you to get internet. In the meantime, as DawnS said, can you get access at work, or the library, or anywhere in your new town at all? Beachie - good to see you! Spak - can't wait to see your mini-zoo! Irene
  8. Good morning, GALS! Driving through and this morning. I skipped the Superbowl completely (doesn't sound like I missed much of anything) and went to the beach with hubby and baby instead. (Yes, I'm sorry to my northern sisters, but it was warm enough here to go to the beach yesterday.) Anna - Well wishes to you too! I hope you've had a grrreat day! Suz - I will be praying for your aunt and your family. Swannie - What a wonderful party it sounds like you had! I'm glad you got to have fun. Thank you for sharing about your play--what a wonderful dream you were able to fulfill. You never know--maybe some day those props will come in handy again. If not, maybe you could donate them to a theater group that needs them. Hugs to all who are feeling :bleh2: Irene
  9. Hi gals! Bethy - thanks for the mopboy buffet! Yum! Susan - :funnyabove: :funnyabove: Keep singing it, Spartan Tart! Anna - I will definitely have to visit Wiltshire and the other town you mentioned, teehee. I hope there aren't too many casualties around here today from those magazine pics! But I can predict with all certainty that we gals are gonna have a great weekend! Hugs, Irene
  10. Wow, been gone a day and three pages already! Welcome to all the Zany, Trixie, and all the gals from distant lands! CaliKat - Yes, I'm the same Lady Trueword who posts on Fanfiction.net. Thanks for reading my story! My husband really doesn't want me to buy Men's Health mag, but after seeing those pics of Gerry, how can a girl resist? (Besides, I'm curious to see what the abs workout looks like). Trixie - I didn't know you used to live in CA! I moved here from the Midwest, which is why I post in the GMCL thread sometimes. Now I have two more threads other than the SC to keep up with. Oy! A lot of you are mentioning places I've become familiar with, such as Norwalk, La Mirada, etc. Currently I live near downtown, but we're looking to move to the South Bay area, and we're considering somewhere from San Pedro all the way to La Mirada. If anyone has any advice on which cities are more family-oriented, please let me know. My husband doesn't want our baby growing up in this "concrete jungle" as he calls it. I hope everybody has a good weekend! I can't wait to meet a lot of you on 3/10! Hugs Irene
  11. Happy Friday, gals! You gals have me It's sunny here in LA today but I so did not want to get out of bed. Sigh.... Fran - have you tried Amazon.uk? They might have the CD you are looking for. Your new siggy is hilarious! But it's not entirely honest--you're not a little old lady! How did you get grandma to dance like that? :dance: Carolyn - Be prepared for a tug o'war with your son! Gotta strengthen those arm muscles! Cassie - Wow, what a refund! I think the most I ever got was $1,000. Try not to blow it all. DawnS - Yes, I think they need to invent "invisible" Christmas lights that will only be visible when they are lit! But then, if you put them in storage, you may be searching for them for a long time! Anna - You painted such a serene picture for me. I am thinking of spring, my lady! Glad you are enjoying your books and Josh. And "Gerrymality" ought to be added to the dictionary! I have started to read Pride and Prejudice again and am getting somewhat familiar with all the -shires. Hertfordshire, Derbyshire, the Lake District... Isn't Stonehenge in Wiltshire? This appeared as a trivia contest question and I guessed it right, lol. Elissa - congratulations on the raise! Try not to wear those mall people out! Erica - I sympathize on the high school song. Even though 10 years from now they might play it in the grocery store or mall again. One of my faves has been played recently, "Forever Young" by Alphaville. Hugs to Dawn, Spak, Alison, Peggy, Mousie, Susan, Swan, Mel, Nancy, Holly, Suz, Kristine, Jenn, Alice, Amy, and the rest of you! Irene
  12. Bella - the Phantom, of course! And that's why I am writing a fan fiction about him! Irene
  13. Cool place, Susan! Thanks for opening it up! Debrasue - you were born in San Pedro? That was the first place my husband and I visited when we came out to LA almost three years ago! And it's still on one of our favorites. We stayed at the hostel across from the Korean Bell. Hubby and I are looking to move near there somewhere. Irene
  14. Hi gals! Happy February! It's the day before Friday, which is always good. Spak! Welcome to gals! You have a very interesting nickname. And I love your pic of a yawning cat! My nickname before I got married, incidentally, was "Kitty", because I could meow in such a way as to get my cat to respond. Personally, I don't like Daniel Radcliffe baring himself for Equus. Yeah, I'm on the side of the parents who are protesting. And the play, indeed, has a bizarre story that is not to my tastes. But back to Gerry - I can't wait to see the Men's Health mag when it comes out! I'll have to find a way to get it, though. I told hubby and he already hates men's mags, having Gerry on the front cover probably doesn't help. Fran - 52 lbs! Good for you! Susan - Take care of yourself, superbusy wonder woman! I'm looking forward to seeing you in March! Hugs to everyone who is not feeling well. I love you all! Irene
  15. Swannie, I figured he would mention it. I just wasn't brave enough to directly ask the questions, hehe. Irene
  16. Wow, I'm gone a couple of hours and look what happens! Gerry looks delicious on that cover! And those rings! He is truly the lord of those rings, hehe. Thanks, Stef, you wonder woman!
  17. Wow, Stef, this is awesome! Way to go, WB! My question for Gerry: which scene did you enjoy shooting the most and why? Thanks, Dayna! Irene
  18. Good morning, gals! Hump day! I had to get up early for a meeting... grrrr. DawnS - sorry you have bronchitis. I hope you feel better soon! Erica - I'm sorry things did not work out with Jason. But it's good that you were true to yourself. I hope he appreciates that. Nancy - So you would leave us for a husband, huh? As my single girlfriend once said, "after two years of marriage, my friends come back". Cassie - great photo manip! Lish - congratulations! There is nothing like hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time. My husband and I were bowled over when we heard it. It made our baby seem so much more real to us. Hugs to everyone who is not feeling well. I hope you get a ray of sunshine in your day today. Irene
  19. Sue, I can relate. My hubby was also pretty jealous of Gerry and the GALS when I first started out. He got tired of hearing about it so I toned down how much I told him. But also I decided to limit the amount of time I spent on GALS, and try to spend time on the other sites on the weekends. Like everyone else said, give your husband some time to get used to it, and also balance your time. Don't neglect him and don't stay up so late, girl, unless you're a night owl who can't sleep! Plan your times with your husband so he'll be happier. I found out my husband really likes it when I give him massages, or just touch him in general, so now I do that to relax him and he is much more lenient about me spending time on the computer. Maybe there's something your husband likes that you can do for him too. Enough of my $0.02. I hope it all works out for you. Betts - I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. Big hugs to you! Hugs, Irene
  20. Thanks, Swannie and Barb! Out of all the articles, I like this one the most so far. I'm glad the reporters were patient with him--teehee. Good to know that he is getting back in shape. Whenever he gets married his wife's going to have to be a calming influence on him, someone to keep things balanced and orderly, that's for sure. I hope it doesn't drive her too crazy. Anyway, I always loved how real he was. I don't think he should spend more money on therapies that aren't going to help him quit smoking. He'll do it when he wants to. Hmmm... maybe a lifelong acting role as a non-smoker would help?
  21. Well, I think the crickets, are gone, Mel. Thanks for the visual, though! Chirp! Amy - good to see you back! After all this time I finally learn your name! I hope Stef can fix your forum problems. Alice - Sorry you got a booboo, ouch!
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