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  1. Does anyone know what day they tape this? I want to go.
  2. My sister and I are trying to get a website off the ground. It is dedicated to ships. We (actually ME.. she is working on the Mulder/Scully page)have started working on the Christine and Phantom ship and have gotten 110 videos off youtube onto our playlist. (I am beginning to think it was a blessing that they don't let you go back more than 2 years). But do any of you have other websites to recommend that have videos. And any live journals. We are also looking for Fan-fic NOT found on Fanfic.net. Our goal is to try and be comprehensive so later on we will look for artwork, avatars, and screen
  3. I posted this in updates but I want to repeat myself :: . Don't let what happened in Vegas stay in Vegas. Please share everything with us parched ones. Let us know everthing also on GBNet all you who are members. We are dying for details :hugsandsnogs: . Ember
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