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  1. Happy 7th GALSversary gerardaholic66 :)

  2. It is NOT going to affect my decision to go to the UK Cony. I am not going to let a few COWARDS dictate what I do and don't do.
  3. His hair and certain camera angles he looks a teenie bit like Gerry.
  4. :yippee: CONGRATULATIONS :yippee: on your son's baseball game, PatK!!!!! Boy have I been busy!!! My son was just hired at the Jewel I work at. He had orientation today and we have been looking for a car for him to get back and forth to work in. Nothing to fancy just a good and reliable beater that will last a while and I think we might have found one. It is a 1990 Olds Cutlass, it's maroon with good looking grey leather material. The hubby is going to go and take a look at it tomorrow and see if it will cut the mustard. I also got news that I have to start checking my blood glucose everyday and I have to start taking thyroid medication. I was wondering why I hadn't been feeling quite up to par lately. Hopefully I will get myself straightened out. I also have to find time to start getting my stuff together for the UK Cony. A woman's work is never done!!!
  5. Been a while since I've posted. I am SO, SO glad all you ladies had a rockin' time in Vegas. Trixie....your pictures turned out really well. You and Paul are a very handsome couple. You two should go on that dance show that is on Fox, I can't remember the name, but I bet you two would win!!! Shannon....I will be saying prayer for you in hope that your chemo pills work out. Keep up your faith and positive attitude, those are two of the most important things to have. PatK...I hope you can get your pictures uploaded so we can see them. I just love window shopping!!! My sister and I do it all the time and we pick things and tell each other what we would do if we could afford them. Miklyn.....you looked gorgeous in Trixies pictures!!!! Have you also lost some inches?? It looks as if you have. Keep up the good work!!! HELLO to everyone else out there in Gerryland!!!!
  6. Everyone who is going to Vegas...... HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME!!!!! AND DON'T LEAVE ANY STORIES IN VEGAS...WE WANT TO KNOW.....EVERYTHING!!!!! :bouncydrool3: :barebum:
  7. Everyone who is going to Vegas...... HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME!!!!! AND DON'T LEAVE ANY STORIES IN VEGAS...WE WANT TO KNOW.....EVERYTHING!!!!! :bouncydrool3: :barebum:
  8. Kitty you did a SUPERB job on the video!!!! You are our VIDEO MISTRESS!!!!! THANK-YOU...THANK-YOU....THANK-YOU !!!
  9. Trixie....Paul is in my prayers. They will probably put him on Coumadin to thin his blood so that the the clot will disolve. Pat I had to work today so I know how you and your daughter feel. But I must say a mandatory dance practice on Memorial Day is a bit EXTREME. I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day. Even though I had to work today I had a good weekend. The kids were with the sister to help her move into her new house. You ladies are really close to VEGAS TIME!!!!!! I am excited for you all!!!! I want lots and lots and lots of pictures!!!!! Well I am off to eat some supper. Type at ya soon!!! Kelly
  10. Everybody have a very Happy Memorial Day!! Also remember our soldiers who fight for our freedom to live freely.
  11. Shannon.....I will put you in my prayers. You are a brave woman and I admire you greatly for that. I know that you will beat this. Thank you for all the well wishes for Doug and my doggie. Doug and I go to the orthopedic surgeon on Tues. to have him checked out set up a day for the surgery. I guess it is a good thing I canceled my trip to Vegas as I would have to cancel it now and risk loosing a butt load of money over it. I guess everything does happen for a reason. Cheyenne got her stitches out this morning. It is such a traumatic thing (for her and I both) because she has to be muzzled. After they were done taking the stitches out the Vet Asstistant gave her a couple of treats and she ran out and she opened up the bag to show her and Cheyenne stuck her whole nose up into it and I joked that they should have just used the treat bag as the muzzle. Paulette.....You are one busy woomun!!!! You will get a much needed get away in a couple of weeks with Vegas and then in another 8 weeks we will be heading out for our UK tour!!!! I am really excited about that!!!! We have been SO busy the last few days with graduation and confirmation cakes. Now we have Memorial Day to get through. Then we will have a lull until the 4th. I just found out yesterday that a son of one of my best friends is heading out to army bootcamp on July 9th. He is 19 and I have known him for 15 years. I feel as if one of my own sons is leaving. Deb and I both got teary eyed over the phone last night as we talked about it. We are both very scared for him as we both know in the back of our minds that he is going to be sent to Iraq after his training is all finished. Well I am off to wash my hair type at you all soon. Kelly
  12. Hello all. It looks like everyone has been out enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having. Paulette- I am really proud of Ethan!!! I SO wish I could make his graduation, but I will not be able too. I am sending a card in the mail, so tell him to be looking for it. I've been busy working lately. I've been working for some of the ladies who have had to take a day off here and there. Also the hubby got some disturbing news yesterday. He had an MRI done on Sat. and he found out that he has a torn rotator cuff. He has been in some serious pain for the past couple of weeks and I talked him into going to the doctor. He has an appointment next Tues. with an orthopedic surgeon. It looks as if he may need to have surgery. So if you all have an extra few second in the next couple of days please send a prayer his way. He is very nervous and scared. As for my muttly. She goes to get her stitches out tomorrow morning. She is all back to normal. The vet said that the lump was a tumor and it was malignent. The good is that it will not spread to her organs. The bad news is that it will likely come back in the same place and will have to be cut out again. So it sounds as if it is like a type of skin cancer. Well I am off for now. Type at you all soon. Kelly
  13. First off......how is Lanie?? Is she feeling better?? Nothing worse that having a load of yucky clothes and your washer goes on the fritz. How is Caffery now?? Cheyenne's vet put her on phenabarbitol everyday. They are going to check her system the next time I take her in to get her stitches out to see if she has enough there so she won't have another seizure. Give Lanie and Caffery a hug for me!!!
  14. I'm sorry!! I forgot to tell you PatK HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! 21 years!!!!! That is GREAT!!! Trix...Your dance was OUT OF SITE man!!!!!! You all were just GREAT!!!!
  15. Hey Pat I was thinking the same thing this afternoon when I read it. I just got home from work and boy am I bushed!!!! I got to work by myself from 5pm until 9pm. I really enjoyed it because I was busy and it made the time go by faster. I'm really getting good at writting on cakes. I must have written on at least 6 of them tonight. Type at you all soon!! Kelly
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