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  1. The job I was going for didn't work out. But that is ok. Have you had any nibbles on any jobs in the last couple of days??
  2. HELLO to all you GALS out there in Gerryland!!!!! Hey Trix I just love your new saying....ONCE YOU GO SCOT-YOU'LL ALWAYS BE HOT!!!! That is a keeper!!! I want to extend a GREAT BIG to everyone who has dropped by the thread in the last couple of days!!!! You all are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You know I just love these emoticons!!!!!
  3. Hello ladies!!!! I am laying here in bed watching Dear Frankie and posting to you all. I have to get my butt up and get into my bath before the water turns cold but just can't pull myself away from DF. I had such a horrible time getting back into the swing of Friday night work, I was dragging butt all night. Shannon I'm glad you made your way over to GALS!!!! I wish I could make it to MO to see B&G but after my vacation I am afraid I can't take anymore days off. Well DF is just about over so I guess I'll go jump into my bath and then make my way to Wallyworld. Talk to you all soon. Kelly
  4. Well ladies I am off to shower and drop into bed......7 am comes really early for me. Are we meeting here for bonfires???
  5. One of the women that works at the paper today told me it was a gutsy color and I said that is me.....GUTSY M. GUTS. I needed a change and when I got it cut I went and looked at the color aisle at Wallyworld and chose a Strawberry Blond and I put blond streaks in the front. I've had nothing but good reviews on it so far and my hubby told me he feels like he is cheating on me with a younger and prettier woman.....I told him that is ok because it spices it up in the boudoir......
  6. We've been chit chatting about those lucious pics! I had Gerry pick me up something pretty....and I told Miklyn I asked him to get something for her, too. He just called and said he got you a little something, too Kelly! :yippee:I was thinking Holy Hell!!! But, sometimes those goofy shifts DO exist, especially with police, EMTs, and firefighters. Thats' why I asked! Miklyn's working 20 hour shifts!! LOL You would be able to see some VERY interesting things working those hours. I hope Gerry got me some Joe Malone....I am getting low. Hey did I tell you all that I got my hairs cut short and it is now red with blond streaks in it??
  7. Miklyn would be greatly missed at the bonfires. But bills come first.
  8. Did you all see the pics of Gerry shopping in (I think) Dublin?? To be able to just run into him on the street and have a normal conversation with him while he is relaxed.
  9. Cool the Police station....that could be rather interesting.
  10. Hello all. Just thought I'd drop in and say HIYA!!!! Miklyn you how is the job front going?? Any nibbles??
  11. I will definentely be on later!!! Right now I have to take my happy a$$ to the store and get some groceries. See you all soon!!!! :barebum:
  12. I'm going to have to work on a siggy and avatar for GALS. Are we going to be on here tonight??
  13. HELLO everyone!!!! I bet you can't guess who this is!!!
  14. It is a shame that we have to be labeled as something that is ugly and mallisious. I have a friend who is a fan a of rock singer and she NEVER misses a concert, even if her kids need food on the table, she will buy the tickets first. Well when she first found out about my joining a fan club for Gerry she rolled her eyes and started making comments. It hurt really bad because I have known her for over 12 years and I have always supported her and her rock star.
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