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  1. I did....I'm sorry I didn't get back to you I had a busy weekend. I am making a large assortment of buttons for everyone.
  2. I am off too to work on my buttons some more for the weekend. Have fun watching Gerry on Craig everyone!!!!
  3. Only Gerry could make this kind of commotion!! :funnyabove:
  4. The cameras need to be located in a better place if you ask me. They are too far away!!! They need to have cameras on a swivel so you can see different views of the red carpet. If it was Gerry I saw he was wearing the black slacks and jacket that he wore on Leno......It also could have been someone else......
  5. I'm not real sure but I think I might have just seen Gerry making his way through the crowd!!
  6. Is anyone watching the Mann's theatre web cam?? I was wondering if the cast of 300 already went through?? I was hoping to get a glimpse of......YOU KNOW WHO!!
  7. Sure......I would love to put some buttons in the basket...I'm making an assortment so I could put one of each in.
  8. That friendship can only lead to bigger and better things for Gerry. I am really happy for him. But at the same time I am sad as the end of his days of walking the streets anonimously have pretty much come to an end. Miklyn I'm just like you..I have cabin fever SO bad I could scream!!!! GERRY TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!
  9. I'm working on the buttons for this weekend as I type with one hand.
  10. Hello girls!! I got to watch Gerry at work Friday night. We were done with our first part of the work around 11pm so a bunch of us went into the news room and commandered the tv and stood and watched Gerry. It was quite funny to see the 3 newsmen sit at their computers shaking their heads as we were all ooooooing.......and .......awwwwwing.......over Gerry. My friend who is the James Dean fan had never seen him out of character before and she was quite impressed! And a friend who used to work for the paper e-mailed me to tell me she saw my man (isn't it funny how he is considered our man when others are talking about him?? )on Leno and she did not think he was handsome in a classical sense.....she did think he had ALOT of animal magnatism and she could see why I drool and go crazy for him. I am just getting SO excited about Friday!!!! :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: My hubby is also very smitten with Queen Lataifa and he thought it was funny the way she was flirting with Gerry and vise versa. The hubby and I were going to see WILD HOGS Saturday night but when we got to the theatre it was sold out... You would figure it would have been playing in 2 theatres and more than 2 times?!?! I was also looking around the lobby to see if there were any 300 posters up any where..and there wasn't one poster any where!!!!! Doug went up and asked if it was even going to be playing here and the woman told him they would not know until today if they were going to get it or not. Can you believe It?!?!?!? Our theatre really knows how to drop the ball when it comes to popular movies!!!! I will be lurking while I am working on my buttons!!!!! See you all in 4 days!!!!!! :barebum: :barebum: Kelly
  11. HIDEE HO GOOD GERRY SISTAS!!!! If any of you or or kids or friends have X-box 360 you can download two clips of 300 and all I have to say is..... HOLY MOLEY!!!!!! Talk about a WOW factor!!!! :droolpuddle: I am really excited about seeing this...especially on IMAX!!!!! I can't wait to see all you girls next weekend!! :cunning:Just heard Jay say that the man who women go crazy for...Gerard Butler on tomorrow nights show!!!!!
  12. Hello chickies!! I am getting all keyed up for next weekend!!! :bouncydrool3: Trix...I am SO proud of you!!!!! My hubby stopped smoking about 6 months ago and he has only caved about 5 times. He smoked for 19 years. I am rooting for ya chicky!!!! :hug99: Miklyn I started working with someone who knows you through the suprise party network. We were talking about side jobs the other day and she mentioned that she used to work for the suprise parties and I told her I knew someone who did that she said.....OH yeah I know who she is.....small world!! Her name is Kim. Our weather south of Chicago has been aweful!! I told my kids this morning when we pulled out of the garage to look at the rising sun because it was the last time they would see it for awhile. It has snowed, sleeted, rained, been cold, been warm and been foggy all in the span of a few days. I have to be boss tomorrow night so I won't be able to see Gerry on Leno until Saturday morning..... :bleh2: There is a tv in the newsroom...maybe if I am lucky I can sneak in there and catch some of it.... Hello to ROS, Gemmie, Stacy, Pat and everyone else out there in Gerryland!!! :yippee:
  13. .......says Gerry, to Shannon......I've got a Birthday kiss fer ya!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON!!!! I hope your day is filled with happiness!!!! Miklyn I'm glad your party was a success last night. It makes it worth the travel in the crappy weather. Trix I can't even begin to imagine what Paul went through the last day or so with all the stranded passengers at O'hare. You should be very proud of him for being so vigillant with the people who were stuck because of the weather. The airline should give him something for keeping the calm in spite of the storm. Tell Paul.......... to everyone else out there in Gerryland ....and only 12 more days until 300!!!! :bouncydrool3:
  14. PatK, Cassie and those of you who made it to the prescreen of 300.....YOU HAVE TOTALLY WHET MY APPETITE FOR THIS MOVIE!!!! I am now SO excited to see it I almost can not stand it!!!!! :tasty: It is also about time that he is back on Leno and Craig F.!! Miklyn I am glad you are feeling better. Take all your vitavigamin (for all of you who know this from the I Love Lucy show ) and get healthy. Trix I remember having to get up after a long nights work (or vise versa for the hubby) and play with the boys and keep them busy. You seem to a second and third boost of adrenalin. Tell Paul to hang in there until next week and he can forget about work for a week. Even though we have had HELL week at work this week (every year on the third week of February we have a thing called VISIONS in our paper, it is a look ahead and back at the town of Morris with TONS of inserts) we have been having a lot of fun.......well yesterday one of my co-workers said something right as I took a drink of pop and it struck SO funny that I spit my pop out I literally fell on the floor laughing after that. Now I am known as the sptitter not the swallower Well I am off to fix supper and watch American Idol. I will be lurking later. Hello to everyone out there in Gerry's World!!!!
  15. LOLA!!!!!!!! How's it swinging girl?? I wish I could have been there Saturday night! Stacy...I live to embarrass my kids!! At Christmas time I walk down the aisle of Wallyworld and turn on all the little X-mas displays....they yell at me and tell me to stop! My girlfriend and I skipped down the main aisle of Target arm in arm one time.....my kids wouldn't even stand by me in the check out after that. Trix I forgot to ask you....how are Lanie and AJ doing?? Have any of you guys ever been to the M&M site?? You can make your own M&M in your image. It is really cool! Kelly
  16. Hello ladies!! It was such a gorgeous day outside that I took my doggie out for a walk. She was very, very happy about being able to get out and stretch her legs alittle. Trix Thank-you for sending me pictures from your party. I really wish I could have made it, but family gatherings sometimes sneak in. Miklyn I hope you feel better soon. Colds and flu are making there way around my workplace and my kids school. We just keep taking our vitamins and eating healthy. My hubby told me the other day that there are quite a few people at his work that are going to see 300 when it comes out. He is taking my boys to see 300 at our local theatre the weekend we go to IMAX. My boys told my hubby that they did not want to see this with me, because I might embarrass them!!!! ME EMBARRASS MY KIDS???.......... AS IF!!!
  17. OH POO!!!!!! Sometimes I just hate not being able to log onto a puter from work. I hope they have a replay of him walking the red carpet. Well my kids high school was the only school open in town today....there are 5 other schools including the HS in our little town.....(PRETTY CRAZY HUH??? for a small town of 18,000.) I think all the schools should have been in session today. The sun was shining the roads were clear.....OH well. 'The hubby tried for an hour this morning to start our snowblower but I think the gas line was frozen SO we had to resort to the shovel.....he did some of the friveway this am and the kids and I did the rest this afternoon. I didn't even get out of breath!!! The only thing that stopped me was I was half frozen. PatK you are right.....the working out helps when you need to do something like that. Well I am off to do some house work. Be back lurking after while. Kelly P.S. Terra are you able to come to the 300 premiere on the 9th?? If not I will see you in Indy and we are going to have some fun baby!!!!!
  18. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY To all of you out in Gerryland!!!! And a special VALENTINE to the one and only.......
  19. AWWWWW SHUCKS!!!!!.......Thanks girls for the b-day wishes. You know I wasn't really to sure of my 40's. But let me tell you all, I have had MORE fun the past year than I have ever had in my entire life. I feel more alive than I have ever felt before. I have traveled overseas with no family, I have been on an airplane more in the past year than I have ever been in my entire life. I have driven to the city of Chicago by myself for the first time in my life, I joined, not one, but 2 different fan websites in the last couple of years, something that I never thought I'd do......... and you know what???? I have LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!!!! And I owe it all to you girls, Gerry and to GB.net and GALS. Without all of you my life would be pretty darned dull!!!! THANKS AND LUV TO YOU ALL!!!!!!! Kelly
  20. Well the Super bowl is over....I am disappointed that the Bears did not win. I thought the Bears were going to kick some butt when Devin Hester ran the opening kick back for a touchdown.....I was jumping up and down and screaming when that happened. Then they started to self-destruct I just don't know......I think they should have taken Rex Grossman out and put Greise in, if you ask me. He mad SO many mistakes. But I do like Peyton Manning and the Colts so I am happy for them at least. And I guess it doesn't hurt that I won the football pool at work!!!! $200 baby!!!!!! I'm gonna take my kids to Dave and Busters next weekend for their birthday. I've never been there so I hope it's fun. Well better get to bed. 6:50am comes early.
  21. Did you ladies see this link from a tv show?? It shows Gerry doing some of his workout. You have to sit through Julian Barbery (sp?) and a commercial but it is worth it!! Gerry interview forgot to add GO BEARS.........
  22. Hi girls!! The pictures of Gerry are just luscious!!! I have the same pic as my wallpaper too.....as I am sure alot of us girls do. The mag comes out on the 6th so that is going to be my birthday present to myself. See you all tomorrow!! Kelly
  23. Hi all. Just dropping in quickly before I head off to Wallyworld to spend some moola. Trix congrats on passing your test!!!!! I had to do nails when I was in cosmetology school and it was fun. I have to agree with Pat on Gerry's article. I too feel like a momma hen sometimes. I care very much about what happens to Gerry in both his on and off screen lives. Too many people have had a really ruff time coping with Hollywoods lifestyle. I want him to exceed in his career. WE LOVE YA GERRY..... I got a very special suprise from my boss today, for my birthday. She got me one of the official t-shirts that the Bears wore in the locker room after they won against the Saints. She is a wonderful boss, I have never worked for anyone quite like her, she is very fair and listens to what we have to say and if we have a suggestion that is worth using she tries hard to utilize it in our everyday work. GO BEARS!!!!!!!!
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