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  1. Hello ladies!!! I just finished watching THE DESCENT....very scary!!!!! My aunt moved to downtown Chicago when she turned 18....she lived in the country up until then. I used to love to visit her when I was young. Going to Chicago was a big thing every weekend for me.
  2. Gemmie......My sister and her hubby have been looking forever, it seems. Just when they think they've found the right house something happens and it falls through. They were looking at one a couple of months ago and even started the paper work to take to the realtor to start the procedings and when hubby went to show it to a friend they walked into the living room and there was a stream of water flowing down one of the walls from the rain. Needless to say they backed out VERY quickly. They have gotten rid of quite a few realtors too. My hubby and I were very, very fortunate, we found the house we wanted right away. We looked at 4 and decided on the first one we looked at. It wasn't even on the market yet. Just take your time and find something YOU like. Don't let anyone push you into something you don't want. I know it takes time but it will pay off for you in the end. We had a meeting at my work about a week before Christmas and we found out we will be going to an all AM paper. At first we were all worried that we would loose our jobs to automation but the few of us that have been there for along time will be able to stay on and work the machine and there will be other jobs to do to get the machine ready....in the end we will be getting a raise in pay for machine operators and we will pretty much get to pick and choose our own hours. I was really worried because I don't want to have to start over again. I want to stay where I am as I am going to be 41 and I am getting to old to have to start over again. Most employers want someone young. Well the way things are now I will get to stay and take on even more responsibility. I haven't gotten a chance to listen or read Gerry's letter from this site, but I did get to listen to the one over on .net and as I have said many times to my uneducated Gerry friends.......HE IS THE MOST GENEROUS, WONDERFUL, HANDSOME, KIND, LOVING MAN I HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF OBSSESING OVER. :dance: What a beautiful thing for him to do for us. VERY CLASSY......VERY CLASSY INDEED!!
  3. Hello there ladies. I couldn't believe how hard it was for me to get my happy :barebum: a$$ out of bed this morning and get ready for work. I could have used another day or two off. The floats in the Rose Parade were just beautiful!!! I especially liked the ones with the Star Wars theme. The storm troopers were awesome. They showed George Lucas in the audience as they were going by too. Someday I would like to be there for the parade. I bet the air is filled with sweet and wonderful smells. Has anyone made any life betterment plans for the new year?? I hate to call them resolutions because it seems when someone makes one, it is pretty much forgotten with in a week. I have made a betterment plan to get back on track with my weight loss and exercise regime. They kind of got sidetracked over the holidays and I put on a couple of pounds. I am going to make myself some big colorful signs to put around the house for encouragment. The biggest ones are going to go on the refridgerator and pantry, then one by the bathroom mirror and one by my bedside so that it greets me every morning. The hubby and I went and saw NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM on Saturday night. We really liked it. It was weird not having the boys around all weekend. The house felt so empty and quiet. Cheyenne really missed them alot, she loves to follow them around and be one of the pack, she pretty much just laid in her bed and sulked the whole time. I asked the hubby if this is what it will feel like once they move out. OMG I was outside this afternoon and there have been 5 squirrels in our tree the last day or so and they have been chasing each other up and down the tree. Well today one of my son's and I were watching them and two of them started !!!!!!!! My son's eyes got real wide and he yelled...Are they doing what I think they're doing?!?!?!? I shook my head yes and I thought he was going to fall on the ground laughing!!!! They do that as fast as they run!!!!! Well I will be lurking about.
  4. Well my kids just left with my sister and they won't be back until Tuesday....... :dance: :dance2: :yippee: The drawback??.......I have to go back to work tonight!!!! :angry2: :grrr2: :bleh2: But after tonight I don't have to go back until Tuesday morning. Just in case I'm not able to make on to post this weekend, I want to wish all of you a..... SAFE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
  5. I just saw the new trailer on the tele for Hillary Swanks new movie Freedom Writers, it looks pretty good, I may just give it a try. What are everybodies plans for New Years Eve?? I for one am kind of miffed that the Bears/Packers game was changed to a night game. I was wanting to watch the game on Sunday afternoon and then maybe go out and celebrate the coming of the new year, but now the hubby and I are going to stay home, order take away and watch the game on the tv.....Oh well at least we won't be out on the road with all the amatuer drivers. Well I am off to lurk awhile. See you all soon!! Kelly
  6. It is SO refreshing to see you all posting again!!! I was having very big GT's from not being on the site and seeing you all posting. I am going to live it up this New Year's Eve. My sister is taking my kids on Friday and not bringing them back until Tuesday afternoon. So needless to say the hubby and I are going to get some much needed together time..... :ripoffclothes: My kids had a really good Christmas. My hubby and I really pulled off a good one on my kids. We told them we couldn't afford to get them the video game system they wanted but I found a really good deal on-line that I couldn't pass up so when it arrived I wrapped it up in a huge box and slapped Doug's name on it. Well on Christmas morning he started asking what was in the box and that he didn't ask for anything that big and that he wasn't going to open it......well you know how kids are.....they just couldn't leave it wrapped up. When they opened it I wish I could have had a video camera to record the look on their faces, they were really suprised!! Well I am off to shower and bed. I hope to see you all on the boards soon and I can't wait until the coming year!!!!
  7. Thank goodness the holidays are basically over!!!!!! I have been SO busy at work and with the kids I have been passing myself as I am heading home. My sister is giving my a much needed break this coming weekend, she is picking up the kids on Friday and she isn't bringing them home until Tuesday. My grandma also went to the eye doctor and we found out why she is pulling out in front of trucks, she has a cataract growing in her eye. The only problem is that it can not be removed yet, so the doctor is restricting her driving to day time only. My aunt, sister and I made her promise that she will stick to it and if she doesn't we will take her driving priveledges away. I told her she should only drive around the town she lives in (Coal City) and if she needs to come to Morris I will come and get her if I can or someone from the Church will take her. At least we now know what is wrong. I feel better about it now. I have a feeling that 2007 is going to be the year of GERRY !!!!! I am having alot of vibes that are all heading in that direction. I can't wait to start the traveling and gathering!!!!! I am getting SO SO antsy for a GOOD roadtrip!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and got everything you wished for!!! (My husband locked our car and house keys in the house on Sunday!!!! We had to break into our own house on Christmas eve!!!! My son had to crawl through our bathroom window to go and unlock the door. See you all soon!!!! Kelly
  8. Good morning to everyone....... I have been MIA for a few days. Pat I am sorry I did not make it to the dinner on Sunday. We had to cancel out on my hubby's x-mas party also. My grandmother has been having a ruff time the last few days. On Saturday morning she was on her way to Morris and she pulled out in front of a semi truck. The truck did not hit her full on but it did side swipe her and knock her off the road. She was not hurt but she was pretty shaken up. I have been having trouble sleeping the last couple of nights as I have been worried about her. My sister and my aunt and I have been discussing the idea of telling her she can no longer drive and we just know it will hurt her very, very badly because she still wants to be her own person. But after Saturday I, for one, can not see her behind the wheel of a car anymore. She could have been killed. I just wish that she would move to Morris so I could take her where she wanted to go. But she is a very strong willed woman and she does not was to loose her independence. Hopefully she will listen to us and then maybe she will think about making a move to one of the senior apartment buildings that are here in Morris. I would love to be closer to her and be able to take her where she wants to go. Pat again I am sorry that I did not make it to the dinner. I will see you all in March for 300. If I am not on before Christmas.......You all have a good holiday. Kelly
  9. Hellllllllo ladies!! I am felling SOOOO much better. I bought some of the zicam that you were talking about Pat and I am stuffing it down my son and hubby's throats so hopefully they will not get sick. I have finished half of my Christmas cards and am sending them out in the am....I WANT TO LET YOU ALL KNOW THAT THEY ARE WRITTEN IN GAELIC AND THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION IS WRITTEN AT THE BOTTOM. I thought that the Gaelic was kind of pretty when it was finished and so I decided on that card to send to all of you. Gemmie...OOOOOO girl......You be workin' !!!!!!! :dance: Lumberjack man sounds SEXAY!!!!!! I've read the airplane sex part in THE DARK HIGHLANDER and I can't figure out how they DO IT either in those narrow seats. But it sure is good for some HAWT reading!!!!! Pat...I'm sorry your daughter had a set back. My doctor told me that the flu is REALLY BAD this year, and with all the mild weather we are in for a bad, bad season. I hope she feels better soon. Trix I hope you get your MOJO back soon. It sounds like your immune system is out of whack. If your body says rest then you probably should so you don't get sick. Take care girl!! Well you all take care and I will type at you all soon. Kelly
  10. Hey all. I see everyone must be busy with Holiday stuff. Paulette I can't wait til March when 300 comes out!!! It's going to be GREAT!!! Trix It's always a challenge to try and hide the gifts form the kids. I have resorted to some very sneaky tactics in the past. Pat I love all the old Christmas shows!!!! I had them on VHS and they were watched SO much that they don't work anymore. I will have to buy them on DVD. I've been down and out with flu since Sunday morning. I burst a vessel in my eye and now I look like I was punched in the eye, the white is all red and it's all swollen around the outside. I tried going to work this morning but I only lasted about 2 hours and I went home. And my son came home today from school hugging the toilet. I'm afraid it's going to spread through my whole family very quickly. I've recieved quite a few of the Christmas cards and I love them all!!!!! Very creative!! :tree2: To everyone who has had a birthday in the last few days.... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Well I am off to veg on the couch. See you all sson!! Kelly
  11. Heather I'm glad someone could find it for you without a watermark. I have finally finished my x-mas cards and am printing them out as I type to you. I had one all made up and then I had another idea and after I made it I liked it better so the second one I made is going to be the one. I hope you all like it!! Milkyn... that is aweful that no one showed up for that woman's party . That is always my BIG fear....that I throw a party and no one comes. At least you got some business thrown your way. Well I am almost done printing so I will be on tomorrow night......My cards will be in the mail this weekend.
  12. Hi Heather, I found the pic for you and I pmed it to you. It has a photomark on it so I hope you can use it. Kelly
  13. He can jingle my bells anytime!!!! Yeah it sounds cool. My sister and I are going X-mas shopping this Saturday and she found this cool Irish resturant in Frankfurt called Galway Tribes Pub and Resturant. I looked it up on line and it looks really cool. Here is the site: Galway Tribes Pub and Resturant
  14. I liked that one Trix....or you could put The place where Gerry jingles our bells.
  15. Hello out there.......it has been WWAAAAAY to quiet on here lately. Anywhoo I was perusing the internet as I usually do when I am on down time and there is no one on the site and I ran across this article on Yahoo I thought you all would find interesting. Anthropology and Archeaology The statue of King Leonidas is quite spectacular......hopefully the exhibit will come to Chicago.
  16. Heather....I'm sorry I forgot to wish you a happy birthday. SO HERE IT IS.......... :snow: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
  17. Good evening ladies....I am FINALLY able to post after a LONG, LONG weekend. First of all I would like to say that I am SO glad that Pat and her family are ok. It must have been very scary for you and your children. I guess all this snow was a true miracle. I am looking at it with a whole new outlook now that it saved a friends life. Shannon you are in my prayers. Please try and keep us updated. We worry about our GMCL family members. :hug99: Hello to all my girls !!! I am really LOVING all the new and original siggies out there. I had a very memorable weekend....Our power went down on Friday at work and we all scrambling to get the paper out in time. I went to my employee X-mas party last night and our editor had to actually skip down to the bar in a ballet tutu, wings and a tiara and get some people drinks We all were kidding that he probably would keep the outfit and wear it for his wife.... And today I spent the whole afternoof cleaning mold off the bottom of my bedroom walls. We couldn't figure out why everyone in my house was feeling so aweful, we checked the whole house and finally found the mold. We are running a dehumidifier now as we have been having problems with moisture. So now we are getting a couple of exhaust fans to put in the ceiling of the bathroom and the side wall of the kitchen. I was talking to my girlfriend who's son went to Iraq a month ago and she talked to him the other day and he told her that he and some other were on patrol and they come across two men Iraqie civillians that had been shot and one was still alive.....his mates wanted to leave him but her son would not.....well they loaded the man onto their truck and as her son was speeding to the hospital the man was moaning and talking in Iraqie and he put his arm in back and the man held on to him all the way to the hospital. The actually lived......we are SO, SO proud of Adam and what he did. He stood to his pricipals and saved a mans life. As Linda was telling me the story the hair on the back of my neck stood up on the back of my neck. Linda said she cried as he told her......It is a very, very moving story. Well I am off to finish my supper (Swiss steak, mashed taters and green beans). I will see you all very soon. Kelly
  18. Hi Cassie, What neck of the Chitown burbs are you from?? I am south of Joliet...from Morris.
  19. I would like to get some snow. I want to go out and have a snowfort build a snowman and have a snowball fight.
  20. Are any of you getting snow in your neck of the woods??? Down here in corn country it isn't doing nothing but blowing wind and the wet sidewalks are icing up.
  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRIX!!!!! :yippee: :yippee: I bet you wouldn't mind alittle :bottom: from Gerry on your special day.
  22. I guess I should get my butt in gear and get ready for bed. I have to be up at 6 am :boink: tomorrow morning. So I am off to make my lunch, shower and hit the hay. Have a good and wonderful Gerry filled evening.....
  23. PHhhhhhuuuuu.....I just finished designing my Christmas card. Now all I have to do is get some stronger paper than the typing paper I have, some envelopes and I will be all set. I hope you like it...I kept it tame as I know some have younger kids at home. :dancingsanta: :sleigh2: :snow: :grinch: :snowman2: :lights: I am REALLY digging these new holiday emoticons!!!! :dance:
  24. Miklyn - I'm having total brain farts on ideas for the Christmas cards. I have no idea what to do. I will have to try that tomorrow. I do get REALLY burned out after I ride the bike for a long time and I don't get as much time on the weights as I would like too. Thanks for the tip!!! Thanks for the kudo on my siggy....I love yours too!!!! I would LOVE to get that gift under my tree on Christmas morning.
  25. Hi Gemmie....I work for our local newspaper and we have TONS of ads and fliers that go into the paper at this time of year. I guess you could say I kind of work for the retail business, making sure they get the customers to their stores. Hi Trix....I too hate when someone stares at me while I'm working out. I went to the gym today for the first time since last Monday and I rode the exercise bike 7 and half miles, the treadmill a 1/4 of a mile to cool down and then some weights. Hi Miklyn.....I got the e-mail with the addy's for the x-mas cards. Thanks! Stacy and all my other GMCL buddies!!!! I'm going to be lurking.
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