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  1. Just to let you know I finally made it over here (from facebook.) I would love to see us revive this topic and maybe have some fun with The Phantom again. I had trouble with the technology too, but at least I am here. I have tons of Gerry/POTO pics saved on my computer so if I can figure out how to, I will try to post something soon.
  2. Sending all my love and many prayers for our friend Lugerry! Thank you for the update.
  3. So very sorry to hear of this setback! Will send prayers and good thoughts as I always do when I think of you. Hugs.
  4. Short and sweet for me. Frosty goes home and Leo stays and becomes the King he is!! Thanks, Elissa, for all you do making this a fun game for us to play!! Judy
  5. I have never seen anything negative said here to be anything other than said in "jest" or to be taken terribly seriously. Just a lot of fun "playing." That being said--I ,sadly, cast my vote for Johnnie to go home. I will now, and forever, place King Leo right up there with The Phantom--at least in my heart. Long live the King!! (Or at least may he live to be here next week.) Judy
  6. Casting my vote for Creedy to go home. Love all these characters, but will go with what seems to be "the flow" this round. Judy
  7. And one by one they will continue to go home. My vote is for Sam to go home this week. Judy I vote to send Sam home this week. Feeling sad.... Judy
  8. It is way too hard to decide what to do. But.....I will vote to send home Clyde. He was terribly wronged, but he did kill people.... Johnnie Donne was fairly early in Gerry's career and he gave a superb performance of the tortured alcoholic who finds strength and love during his stint on THE JURY. (At least I HOPE he found love.) Let's give him immunity.
  9. Getting really tough, now, but I vote to send George home. I agree with what others have said that King Leo was very loving to his wife and son. He was willing to sacrifice everything to keep them and his "people" safe. Now let's keep him safe. Judy
  10. Looks like it will be Frosty or Alex to go this week. I like both, but guess I will cast my vote for Frosty to go home. As for the immunity--I think I was confused last week. My daughters are old enough to date anyone they want, but if I had to choose a very sexy but rather unsavory character for them to leave alone, it would be Terry Sheridan. He placed money and power ahead of loyalty and love. Rat.... Judy
  11. Think I will make it in time....cutting it close, as I, too often, do. Guess I will go along with voting Mike Chadway off this week. Let it be known that I do have a special affection for this character, tho. Along with several others I think King Leo would do just fine with whatever weapon he had--he is just one heck of a fighter/survivor!! So lets save him this week. Judy
  12. My vote this week: send Jack Russo home and how about having King Leo hang out at Exile Island!! I really want King Leo to win this one day--he has always been very special to me because he is so special to Gerry. Just sayin'... Judy
  13. I thought I would pop in and vote before I forget.... This week, I will vote to send home Terry Sheridan (the naughty boy) and let's keep Johnnie Donne safe on Exile Island. Judy
  14. I remembered to vote!! Send Dracula home and let's keep Johnnie safe on Exile Island. Wouldn't mind if Drac stopped by my house on his way home--I could use a little excitement!! LOL. Judy
  15. Ok, GALS, I will go along with Tullus and Stoick to be voted off this week. J.
  16. Talk about last minute( it is 7:56pm) but if it is in the timeframe, I vote off Sam and Jackie JR. WHEW!! Judy
  17. Sorry, I missed out for a couple weeks, but here I am to vote off Gus and Charles Bellamy!! Judy
  18. I am SO dumb...I came here last week and only looked at page 1. Saw I had voted, and signed out. DUH!! Anyway, I will cast my vote for Burke and Cassius this week. Judy Edited to replace my vote for Cassius (voted off last week) with Chris Kumac. So it will be Burke and Kumac for this week. Gosh, I really feel stupid, now!!
  19. The beginning of another fun adventure for the "boys." I will go along with voting off Chaun and the Lead Seaman. Until next week, Judy
  20. Looks like The Stranger is going to make it all the way! I officially vote to send Johnnie home. Not an easy decision because I love him, too. Until next game, Judy
  21. Simple choice this time--casting my vote for Sam Childers, only on the basis that the other two characters have been loved by so many of us for such a very long time. Judy
  22. I know Terry is not the nicest, but I will let him be in the game one more week.... So I cast my vote for sweet Creedy ( I guess sexy wins out over sweet, dirty old gal that I am!! Judy
  23. Ok, I think I will just" go with the flow" this week. I vote to send One Two home, and keep The Stranger on Exile Island for another week. I really like so all of these guys so it is very hard to send anyone home!! Happy Thanksgiving to all!! Judy
  24. Really hate getting rid of any of the long-time characters that most of us love. But since I have to, I will vote to send Johnnie home and to send keep The Stranger safely on Exile Island. Judy
  25. I did make it back here again this week, thanks to the link! I cast my vote for Jack R. to be eliminated, and for The Stranger to stay at Exile. I do have a very soft spot for King Leo as that part meant so much to Gerry and he "took us along" during the making of that movie. Good old days with GB fan group in Oregon.... Judy I cannot get photobucket to work for me at all. Tried all the helpful hints, etc. Does anyone know another host that I can upload siggies and such that is free or very low cost? Lost the siggy I had here in the process (awhile back) and it doesn't feel right to be here on GALS with no siggy!!
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