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  1. Gerry is also scheduled to appear live on the local news station's(WGN/channel 9)morning show some time between 4am and 9am. Hollywood types usually appear after 7:30am but I'm going to record the whole thing to be sure!
  2. Eva Mari-you don't know me but I've read alot of your posts as we joined Gals about the same time. I rarely post but wanted to express my sympathies to all of Norway. Your country seems like it should be the last place that hate of this magnitude should exist. Not only is Norway a beautiful place but the people are so kind and welcoming. We so enjoyed our time there and felt like we were honored guests-I'll never forget. And I will be back for after visiting the Resistance Museum I know the people of Norway will not bow to this act of hate but will rise above it. Norway will not allow those young people die in vain. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Norway. God bless you all.
  3. I am soooo hoping this will be the movie that makes all the snide critics eat their words. I want to read about how they underrated Gerry before this film. I want to read how they are looking forward to his next project-whatever it may be!!! I want to read that he is being offered really good scripts in the future. Keeping my fingers crossed!!
  4. I was really liking the full beard-much more flattering than the scruff-JMO! The scruff looks like he got up too late to shave but the beard looked like he was committed to a beard! Is the woman in the red dress maybe Joeley Richardson-it looks like her?? She is stunning.
  5. Try washing it with mild soap and water and dry with a very soft towel. It's worked for me!
  6. Does Gerry have a new asst? The man next to him seems to be carrying Gerry's ID.
  7. As soon as he started singing I figured there must be a Gal or Tart on the SNL staff. There had to be someone whose wish is for more Gerry singing don't you think? I don't mind the usual scruff he wears but he looked so much younger tonight!
  8. I know I saw Mrs Brown before I saw POTO but don't remember being drawn to Gerry. I know exactly when he drew me in in POTO however!!! Went to see POTO because I adored the stage version and saw it several times(almost everyone I love got to go see it with me for "their" birthday!) When the Phantom was leading Christine down the passageway I was hooked. I know I caught my breath and said to my husband "I WILL buy this when it comes out on DVD." Turns out I bought several and gave those as gifts too!! PS Like many of you, I had never looked up any actor or sought out websites about them till I saw him in POTO.
  9. Is this show from NYC or was it taped when he was in LA? We should enjoy all these appearances as he will probably be flying under the radar for a while!!
  10. It seems to me that while the reviewer found fault with the script/story and possibly the directing and editing, everything said about Gerry's performance is really positive. It sounds like the critic feels Gerry makes the film worth watching. It is certainly better than some of the reviews making the rounds lately. I saw one today and the writer hadn't even seen the film but decided to quote only the negative things he had read!!
  11. Bonnie may be Butlerized. I watched her show today and David Allen Grier asked her more than once about what went on with Gerry Butler. All she said was that Gerry would be on later in the week. When DAG asked her again she didn't answer!! Should be interesting.
  12. Well, I, for one am going strictly for the story (and Gerry's nakedness is just an integral part of the story isn't it?) Anyone want to buy a bridge???
  13. Anyone here that would turn him down wearing this tee?? Think not!!
  14. This was a fascinating comparison. I always loved MC on the Broadway soundtrack and listened over and over since I first saw the play back in the 80's. Hearing them so close together I now realize that I love Gerry's interpretations even more in some ways so now will have to download Gerry to my Ipod!! Thanks for showing me the light!
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