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  1. I will be doing the goody bags for the Phantom Pheast again this year. If anyone has anything they would like to contribute just send me a PM. Getting excited and have of ideas! Just need the funds, so I'm starting early.
  2. Two weeks from tonight is Phantom!! Can't wait!! Veejer
  3. "I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it. Oh yeah!" Now this song is going to be stuck in my head all day. 2 1/2 weeks to go!!! I think the goody bags will be great! Just running out of time to get stuff done! Can't wait to see everyone! Veejer
  4. I will be there! I posted this on the other forum, but I wanted to get the word out that I'm making the goody bags for the Pheast attendees. If you would like to contribute, please PM me. Thanks! Veejer
  5. I will be there and the Pheast! I posted this on the other forum, but I wanted to get the word out that I'm making the goody bags for the Pheast attendees. If you would like to contribute, please PM me. Thanks! Veejer
  6. I have some items to donate for the raffle. Susan, I've already emailed you about it. I'm sorry I have to miss another convention. Crossing my fingers for next year! Veejer
  7. I just looked at the article and it says Gerard so I don't know if he changed it or it was transcribed wrong on the thread? I'm not really sure how the article was posted. Veejer
  8. These dates are better for me because it's a better excuse as a birthday present to myself. I just hope my employment becomes permanent or extended or I won't have a job after I come back (it's set to expire June 30th). Veejer
  9. Maybe we should be writing to Jerry Bruckheimer to put Gerry in one of his movies! They don't call him "Mr. Blockbuser" for nothing! He's the one who suggested Keira Knightley to Antoine Fuqua (director of King's Arthur) just after POTC: Black Pearl finished filming (another Bruckheimer production of course). Bruckheimer's movies do make money. Guy Ritchie has a cult following, but his movies aren't to everyone's tastes. I know a lot of people don't "get" british films like his. Veejer
  10. I'm already saving up to be there next year! Veejer
  11. Count me in for 1. Thanks, Veejer
  12. You mean "hold firmly"!!! Veejer
  13. It's Sister Sledge...I think. Veejer
  14. veejer

    VEGAS Here we come!

    NO!! I can't go either!! I will be graduating from UCLA that weekend!!! :fook: : :bonk: I think I'm going to cry! Graduations are a week earlier this school year! Veejer
  15. veejer

    Next Vegas Con

    I was thinking about what everyone is saying about other events during the day. Instead of making it part of the convention itself (which involves more planning), there could be a bulleting board perhaps near the wall of attendees where anyone can put a note either looking to join others for lunch, shopping, sightseeing, etc. or to invite others to such activities. We have similar notice boards where I used to work for carpoolers and we have one on campus for people looking for roommates with a board next to it for those to advertise a room/place for rent. This can be very informal. Office supply stores have this very thin board that can be mounted on a wall or other board, and it's surface has a post-it like adhesive so all anyone needs to leave a note is a piece of paper! If someone will be arriving early or leaving later for the convention, perhaps they could be "in charge" of this board for others in the same situation to have something to do with fellow GALs. That's my two cents for now. Veejer
  16. veejer

    Next Vegas Con

    I'm sorry that I missed out on all the fun! Someday I will make it to a convention!! Unfortunately, finances and timing were not in my favor. This is final exam week for me, so I am swamped with papers (I usually don't have in-class exams) during this time. I like the idea of the message board, and I'm not sure of the original post about it, but there could be a photo of the person on the envelope or above it so that everyone can get used to faces and names for when everyone is all together. Susan~Sporran - Hopefully next year I will be able to help out more. Although, I will be graduating (crossing fingers) then! Veejer
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