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  1. Gerry will also be appearing on Good Morning America on Oct. 12th.
  2. Thanks Brenda and Kathy! It's a great interview but I really don't like the heavy beard...he has such a gorgeous face!
  3. Does anyone else think that Gerry's voice sounds different? It sounds a lot lower and rougher to me than usual. Wonder if his throat injury in OHF has anything to do with it? It's very sexy however!
  4. Barb, they have been removed from YouTube by the person who posted the video. Not before I had seen it though...very sexy!
  5. Didn't Halli also go to India with Gerry? No one has said definitively that this is Nobu girl...the pic is very hard to make out.
  6. Thank you Barb and Stuart! I was very glad to coordinate this campaign on behalf of Gerry's fans! I have a picture of me with Gerry's Stone the last time I visited Scotland. It was a very generous effort on the part of Gerry's fans to honor him!
  7. I don't think anyone knows for sure Kathleen. I was looking for a phone number to call the show but there wasn't one. According to the site the tickets have been sold out a long time, but I heard of some fans getting them. I know in the past I got into the show thinking Gerry was taping and he had already taped it previously. You just never know. There's a possibility of standing outside of the Today show when he's on or waiting to see him when he arrives for the Seth Myers Show. Sorry I can't help more...
  8. If Gerry is appearing on the 13th, there is no taping that day. The 12th is the last day they will tape until June 23rd. They will probably double up on the 12th.
  9. .This definitely is an old article which has been regurgitated. I've read this before and in more than one article .
  10. Actually Gerry used to have a classic Jaguar that he kept garaged in the UK. I don't know if he still has it though.
  11. Where does it say that Gerry is going to host this event? I didn't see it in the article.
  12. Delene, I have to laugh when I see your siggy. I own that shirt and the boxers that he wore with it!
  13. It would be great but I'm not holding my breath. How many projects has Gerry been attached to and most of them have not come to fruition? I would like to see him make at least another film this year. I think they would have to make major changes in the lead character according to the video I saw.
  14. Evidently it has been widely criticized for mixing business with pleasure, politicos with celebrities. There are lots of other parties going on too, making it a glitzy weekend in DC.
  15. I think he's been invited because of OHF. It was very well received in DC.
  16. I love this review! Gerry gets asked some really good and different questions instead of the same old, same old. I was happy to read this...thanks!
  17. He's still doing all his own stunts even after everything that has happened to him...I know in CM though he didn't do all his own stunts. OHF is very physical...he seems to enjoy bragging about all his injuries. I do worry for him...
  18. Isn't this the exact same article from another Australian publication from about 2 1/2 weeks ago? It has the exact same wording...
  19. If you read very carefully, Gerry did not say he would be ringing the bell for NYE in Comrie. He was telling all about it. Some tabloid picked it up and said he would be in Comrie for NYE...all he really did was talk about it. A couple of times he has gone to Miami for NYE or perhaps some place more exotic this New Year's.
  20. This family has endured way too much. I am glad Abella surgery was successful. She's the little girl who appears in the trailer who talks about her sister who died. Not too far from the truth.
  21. Thanks Stuart...I loved listening you read all the birthday wishes to Gerry in your Scottish accent! It was fun for us too, hearing all of them.
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