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    Theatre(Costumes, Hair, M/U in particular)<br />Movies(Especially Gerry's)<br />Fairies<br />All kinds of music<br />I love stories, and people with stories<br />Finding fun things to do in new cities<br />and of course...obsessing over Gerry!;><br />--So a little more about me(just cause)...I have been working Professionally in Theatre and Opera since I graduated from college. I left the national tour of Cats to be home with my family. Well my newly morphed family. My mother died almost two and half years ago sort of suddenly from heart failure. So we miss we, but we go on and we adjust. My big brother got married recently and his wife has also lost close family members. So we have created a new family together. My dad, step-dad, bro, new sis, and mom-in-law. Reconecting with family and friends has become my new past time. All my goals in life have always centered on family(my current one and hopely my future one). Oh and I noticed Gerry in Drac, but fell madly in love with Creedy and have managed to stay that way ever since. Yeah GALS!

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  1. Have a Wonderful Birthday!

  2. Just wanted to say hi. I don't see you around any more which makes me sad. I hope everything is well with you.



  3. Hi, Ally!

    It was great meeting you and Junior in Vegas! Travel safely :-)


  4. I have to say that the tilted kilt sounds perfect. I can get online at my friends house here in vegas, so I'll check back tonight to see if there is offical game plan. And a HUGE thank you to Jenn and whoever else was involved in setting me up with a ticket. Cause I sure can't seem to find where it was discussed. But then I haven't really had a lot of time to look around. We'll have cable/internet at my apt before the end of summer I believe. I'll see everyone tomorrow! love ally
  5. Hello my long lost GALS! I am so glad I stopped by work today just to use the computer. My roommate and are waiting till the fall before we get cable/internet. And my job doesn't really have any down time when I can pop online. So what I really wanted to say is that my friend that I am crashing with on weds night and thurs night has to work, so it would be great if could join my gutter gals at the chippies show. I've already sent out a pm in search of a available ticket. But in case that one is already taken, please keep my in mind for any other tickets. Feel free to PM me if you
  6. Allyyyyyyyyy! Welcome back! I missed you. *hugs* Stop by chat and say hi.



  7. So I guess this would be the place to mention that I have a friend who plays keyboards in the Las Vegas Phantom. I'm so freaking proud of her. I'm planning on going early for the con so I spend some time with her.
  8. Ok, I know...I really fell off the face of the earth this time. So here we go...there was day job and opera which meant no sleep, there was the week when my internet wasn't working, i've stated looking into apts so a lot of my online time goes to that right now, oh and last week was tech for another opera. It was very, um, special. It opened on Sat, Final dress was on thurs. Guess when the costumes arrived from Argentinia?! (Three were so many reasons for this I can't even begin, we decided that the show was cursed) So we got the costumes on Thursday morning at 9:30am. Isn't that fun. D
  9. Hello Gals!! Great big Hugs for swannie, Kristine, and Bethy! Day by day ladies, day by day. Holly~Congrats on your sister wanting to move close by. Mousie~Too Freakin' Funny! So let's see. One of my good friends is gonna come over and hang tomorrow night. A good old fashioned sleepover. My step-dad's b-day is Sat. So Gotta bake a cake and wrap presents. I wonder where my brother finally decided on for dinner. Guess I'll find out Sat. OH! And so I was at the mall buying Jerry's (My step-dad) presents, and stoped in the Torrid. OMG, what a sale. So I bought $300 worth of real
  10. Hello all you Beautiful Gals Another day, another couple of bucks. I'm acutally productive in my own life this week. Cleaning the house, finishing projects. Granted the fact that I have friend coming to spend the night on friday, might have pushed that all along. Good thing too, the dust bunnies were turning into dust kitties. Celine~Girl, you know I am so jealous. Here's hoping your phone rings. And I'm glad to hear your back is feeling better. Jenn~Good to see you! HUGS for you!!!!!!!!!! Just cause I love you. Spotty~ Thanks for the heads up. I will definately book my room t
  11. Hi Susan...Junior is enjoying the chair he purchased in Toranto, and patiently waiting for me to knit him his sweater. He is getting a little tired of wearing just a bathrobe and a towel. I tell him how sexy he looks, but I think he's finally on to me. He knows I've been to busy to give him proper attention. Soon though. Soon. love ally
  12. Just saying Hi...HI! Not much going on with me. I think I'm almost rested up from the summer I've had. Granted It's now October, so it was a long summer. Good night all. love ya to bits, ally
  13. Howdy! So it looks like for the time being I am NOT going back on the road. The guy they aren't happy with has two weeks to shape up or ship out. It also gives them a little more time to find a full time replacement. Fine with me. Cause clearly there is reason I stopped touring. Like getting to sleep in my own bed everynight. So Sorry Spot, that means no Tulsa at the moment. So i think I will spend today trying to catch up in the gutter and maybe watching a Our Beloved Gerry on dvd. But which one? Hmmmmm? Love to each and everyone of you, and wishing you a Gerry-filled afterno
  14. Hello One and All! I'm back from Chattanooga and Joseph is offically opened. Am I done with the show, you ask? Why of course not!! I'll I want is a week off. Is that too much to ask. It seems it is. I have to get things organized at the shop, and make sure that all the stuff we want to make gets done. It's more fine tuning than anything else. Since the show runs for a year, I think we have time. And I am also waiting to find out if I have to go and join CATs for a while. There are some issues with one of the staff. A position I used to hold and can easily fill for a short time. B
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