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  1. Thanks for all you continue to do in order to bring photos, videos, etc. for members to share.
  2. Thanks to our Russian sisters and also to Barb for bringing these and so many other items for us all to share.
  3. The text says broad striped red and white shirt, whereas the photos used in the article show a blue check shirt. Old photos?
  4. Thanks for everything, Barb. It's a sterling effort at such a busy time.
  5. Thank you Barb. Hopefully the Region 2 dvd will be released before too much longer. The movie wasn't shown in the UK at all so the dvd will be the first opportunity for UK/European fans to see the film.
  6. Could the image pleased be converted into a clickable thumbnail? Thanks.
  7. I'm afraid that this is another video that will not play for me. It seems to be restricted to the US. Is there any possibility that it might be put into multimedia please ... or put onto the GALS Y/T channel? Thanks.
  8. Thanks, Barb. There's a video interview with this one too. Will this be placed into multimedia for download, please? When clicking the link to read the written interview on the site, if one scrolls down the video is there. Thanks.
  9. Thanks, Barb. It seems that regional restrictions are affecting a few of these PFK interviews.
  10. It now says that the video clip is unavailable.
  11. Unfortunately these won't work for me. Will they be made available as downloads in due course? Thanks.
  12. Thank you Stuart, Barb and Abrock. Your efforts are much appreciated.
  13. If Antoine Fuqua was with Gerry in Turkey, Gerry may be looking at him to direct this film as well. Erik's Ebony Eyes According to the article a Brazilian director has already been signed.
  14. Hello everyone .... I'm a bit late to the party, but I hope that you're all having a good time. I've not been able to catch any of the Ustream broadcasts so is there any chance that there will be downloadable clips of Sam's speech and DeborahGG's talk at some point? It's about the only way that I'll be able to catch up.
  15. Foreign box office figures are now starting to appear at Box Office Mojo: http://boxofficemojo.com/movies/?page=intl&id=machinegunpreacher.htm The North American box office figures have not been updated since the middle of October.
  16. Cheryl, I can't hear any sound at all. Do you think you could please check it out? Thanks.
  17. As this doesn't seem to be visible outside the UK perhaps consideration could be given to it being put into multimedia at some point. Thanks.
  18. It seems to me that an interview to do with MGP must still be waiting to be broadcast.
  19. I understand that it's also listed in the forthcoming movies on the website for the UK Odeon nationwide chain. It looks as though the UK can maybe hope for a much wider distribution.
  20. Thanks Barb. It's always interesting to see the movie process at work.
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