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  1. Ive been around, waiting for things to pick up in here. Looks like it has today!!! YAY!!!
  2. Chaun and the captain. Did I make it?
  3. My husband thinks Gerry is pretty cool. My cousin Clark who passed away in January thought Gerry was awesome. I miss our talks about his acting abilities and roles. He was really the only one in my family who got it.
  4. I loved the convention I went to in 2008. Wild live to make it to 10 year. May have to start saving money.
  5. Issy! Hi! Here are my Littles. Hope this works... http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y29/eriksdarkrose/family/20131203_191226.jpg
  6. Oh, Irish, Brayan is doing awesome! He's been diagnosed with asthma and adhd recently, not surprising given his preemie status. He's doing well on needs. A thriving 6 year old monkey! I've also acquired 3 more children through marriage. Andrew(14) and the twins Brett and Cassie (11). They are a lot of fun. My husband Dan and I met online about 5 years ago and has a phantom ish wedding in 2011. When I remember how, I'll post some pics.
  7. The prodigal daughter. I am come home. Life got WAY in the way, things were crazy, but when I needed friends to fall back on, I came back here. Didn't realize how much I missed you guys till just now.
  8. Praying for you and your family, Suzie... I found out today that my efforts were not totally is vain. He is in ICU in Des Moines but is not doing well. I sure hope he turns the corner and is ok. Went to Pizza Hut with Brayan and one of the servers was there yesterday. (Was it just yesterday?) She told the manager what had happened and I think half the people in the resturant! It was a bit embarrassing... I was only doing my job.
  9. I saved someone's life today. He collapsed in a thrift store ang there was a CNA and myself there at the time. The Lord put us there today. We did CPR until the ambulance arrived. Got an update that they stabilized him and he was going to the big hospital in Des Moines by chopper. I hope he's ok!!! My adrenaline rush hasnt subsided yet.
  10. Well, it's been forever since I've posted... Life got hectic and it just calmed down a bit. Lets see, where do I start? Brayan started Preschool a couple of weeks ago. He loves it and is learning about circles, lines, and the color red. He's caught up with kids his age which is amazing considering 3 years ago he weighed 2 lbs 7 oz. I graduated and passed boards. I'm an RN now. I just got an 'as needed' position as an independant contractor giving flu shots and workplace screenings. I'm still looking for a more permanent full-time position, but it's something! I've applied for over 120 jobs to date. Dan. I met Dan on a book forum a just after Vegas 2 years ago. We met the following August and he moved to Iowa from Washington and we are happier than I could ever have imagined. We're planning on getting married on 07/09/11. We're having a 'Phantom' wedding with lots of red and black (no white, thanks) and the reception will be a masquerade ball. He's all in. Never would have imagined the kind of man who would consent to such a thing. I'm so lucky to have finally found someone who treats me with such love and respect. In January he was awarded full custody of his 3 children. His ex wife was doing drugs and neglecting them badly. They all needed dental surgery for extensive cavities and decay of their teeth. Dan has gotten them all fixed up and is a wonderful father, and Brayan loves him too. Andrew is 11 and Brett and Cassie are 7 year old twins. They're great kids and get along *pretty* well with the crazy toddler that is Brayan. Well, I hope to be around more these days. If I could figure out how to make the forum load right on my mobile, we'd be set!!! I've missed you guys so much. Keeping up on Facebook and Twitter just arent the same. *big hugs all around*
  11. Sue: B2 is SOOOO big!!! Suzie: I LOVE the Hairy cow! I'm not scared of him... I'm scared of most cows but he's cute! Thanks for the congrats, guys. Things are finally falling into place.
  12. Now THERE is a passing boards gift!!! Mmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmmmm!!!
  13. I'm an LPN!!! Passed boards! My ex and I also sold our house!!! It's been SUCH a great day. The boy is in bed, gonna take my Dan to bed before something bad happens to ruin it! Wow. Lots of exclamation points in there.
  14. Saying prayers for all the troops, especially in light of tomorrow being 9/11. Took my LPN boards today... Think I failed. That's exciting, right? My brain is SO fried!!!
  15. Just popping in again. We've been taking care of a kitten that Brayan has named 'Cookie'. She's 5 weeks old, weaned, and very warm on my lap right now. lol School sucks, never have enough ME time anymore and sometimes I think Brayan wonders if he still has a momma. At least I'm done at noon for 2 days a week.
  16. Howdy yall... Finally made it back on here. Seems like there is always so much to do everywhere else... school, home, mommy duties... Anyhoo... Checking in to see what's going on. Heard on my LOCAL radio station some buzz about Gerry and Jen. They kept calling him Gary though. I wanted to scream "GERRY!!! LIKE JERRY!!! UGH!" But I have a 2 year old sceaming at me to go outside, so I gotta run. HUGS!!!
  17. Yay!!! I'm so happy for you, Barbara!!! Congrats! Did he smell heavenly???
  18. Just a quick run-through... Gotta go pick up Brayan at his Dad's tonight. Just wanted to shout a quick HI!!!!
  19. Wow, Swannie!!! I need to grab that CD! Brayan came running in to dance it it too. He loves music. And he was exposed to MOTN in utero. Well... Now I'll have to watch POTO when I get home from dropping him at his dad's.
  20. Well, he is a bit of a handfull, Sue. Keeps me running. We're about to have a bath. Grandma gave him mini pancakes with syrup today. It all ended up in his hair.
  21. Ugh, Sue... Brayan was ON the table the other day. Turn you head for ONE minute... It's scary when they start climbing on things. Cute pic, though. He's absolutely adorable!!
  22. Hehehe... I found that Avi LOOOONG ago. Back when I first joined GALS. I generally rotate them, but that one has stuck around.
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