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  1. I kept an open mind, but I liked the book better, too Anna. I missed the parts when Holly was with her family and such. They changed things a LOT. But William? I thought he was a TOTAL hottie. Must have been too busy that night to remember Holly. It's a little strange. Betts, good to see you around here too!!! Everyone has such great siggies!!! Mine IS beautiful. Linda (Givemeabeach) made it and I snatched it up. I'm the resident "princess" for those who don't know me. I have a bit of a 'thing' for fairytales.
  2. Anna! I was just thinking of you. You ARE still here. I've been out of the loop for a while and was wondering what was going on across the water with you and your wonderful hubby and beautiful grand-babies. Swannie, I'm so sorry about Nathan. I can tell you though, after finally finding the man who makes me whole, he will find his perfect someone someday. Dan had to wait longer than me... He's 35. He had a bad marriage in his past as well and I think that's part of what makes us so great together. We have similar pasts and have been through the same crap. We 'get' eachother in a way I hadn't found anywhere else than Vegas last year. He was the one who said the other day, "When have you been on that Gerry site? Don't they probably miss you?" So I thought before break was over (Monday... ugh) I should pop back and say hi... Anyway... I won't be around TOO much, but I'll be here. Much love... Lugerry... Nancy... Sue... HI!!!
  3. Happy New Year, all. Dan and I will be putting the boy to bed about 9 and probably playing Guitar Hero until Midnight. Might take Brayan out to dinner tonight. It's been a while and it's SO nice to be out of preemie lockdown this year!
  4. Well, I was there last year and had a BLAST!!!! The new squeeze and I are planning on attending this year if we can keep bills down long enough to save the money. June 27 will be our 1 year anniversary of the night we met... so I think Vegas is a perfect place to celebrate. We might have to skip out early and watch the midnight Bellagio fountain show from the observation deck of the Paris Eiffel Tower... I need my Vegas moment. Missed it last year with that awful kisser guy who pinned me up against the pop machine.
  5. Lish

    Las Vegas Suites

    Well, Dan and I are planning on coming, but we won't likely be sharing a room with anyone...
  6. Thanks, ladies. He actually suggested that WE come to Vegas this year, so when I get my financial aid refund check next term, I'll be registering both of us. He is tolerant (almost supportive) of my Gerry infatuation. He's watched Phantom with me and didn't make fun of a single thing. Actually cried. I think we're headed for Dear Frankie one weekend. Anyone want a pic?? And remember this guy? He's RUNNING and talking now. No stopping him!
  7. Ok... so let me start by saying I'm alive. I got super busy with life and was AWOL for a while. Nursing school, The boy, the puppy... and I got a new man. He is in face, the sweetest, most wonderful being on this planet. I met him on another forum for an author I've come to enjoy and we started out chatting about divorce, as he recently became single as well. Things progressed and he visited in August. (He's from Washington originally) He moved here the end of September. We plan on getting married June 2010. Anyhoo... Here I am.
  8. I know, Mel... I thought it was insane. But I ended up in a much better place.
  9. Yes, it was definately X-tina. You're right, Melly. Ah, GALS is 3!!! Seems like yesterday I joined Phantomfans.net and they kicked a bunch of us off for gushing over Gerry. Then I joined GB.net and went into the GALS thread. Then I joined GALS and I've not left since. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
  10. So I just went to MartinDelaney.net to see if it was up yet. The little graphic says 'Martin Delaney Coming Soon'. My arse hit the gutter so fast I didn't have time to breathe!!! So I seem to have a minor secondary crush. Oh yes, I do.
  11. SUE!!!! I'm so happy for you and your Daniel!! Sounds like the prognosis could be very favorable! I'm doing a little happy dance!!!!
  12. Sending up prayers right now!!! Poor Sue... Poor Dan! Love, you Gal. Hope everything turns out ok.
  13. I know. Beachie is a genius, I tell you! And the butterfly bubbles dazzle me. I love new siggy day!!! I need to change mine more often.
  14. Oh, Lordamercy... Betts! Your siggy!!!! *faint* I just wanted to show off my new one. Beachie is a genius!!! Truly! Sue, you and Dan are still in my thoughts and prayers... Love ya!
  15. Oh good lord. I'd even settle for Patrick recreating the DD dance with me... But Gerry and the DF dance??? Are ya tryin to kill me?!?!
  16. It totally looks like he's looking down Baby's dress. I Looooooooooooove Dirty Dancing!! And I love you GALS!!!
  17. PIL!!! I like your new siggy! I love Erik. I do, I do.
  18. Yes, Susan. That's the one. He was very nice tonight and had impeccable manners. Not pushy or anything. And cuddly. I like cuddly.
  19. Ok... my date went REALLY REALLY REALLY well!!! He's calling me tomorrow. I think I like him. I'll have to see him again to find out for sure.
  20. FRANNIE! Dang it, don't stop posting... I love ya! And your manips are beautiful!!!
  21. Bella, you owe me a keyboard. Your siggy ruined mine. Drool shorted it out! LOL WELCOME TO THE MADNESS!!!!
  22. Oh, Lord!!! Anna, that's priceless! Actually sounds like a date with my ex! Found out that he wasn't the guy I remembered from Highschool. Funny how you omit those aspects when you have a crush... He turned out to be an alcoholic and I drove him to dinner in his truch because he'd lost his license for drunk driving. Oi vey...
  23. Yeesh! Tornadoes in Cali and earthquakes in the midwest!!! That's just freaky. Thanks for that, Anna... I'm being careful. Promise.
  24. I was with Wendy. I thought... What guy? I missed him the first time. Had to go back and look.
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