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  1. I booked at the hotel without the code. They just give me a discount I can't turn down. I have the value card. Sandra
  2. I'm thinking about joining the limo crowd, but is there any transport planned from the hotel to the movie? Sandra
  3. I would love to see these costumes. So, count me in. Mommaduck, I hope you and your girls can make it this year. Sandra
  4. Susan, I would love to join you all for dinner Thurs. My plane gets in 12ish. So I should be able to make it with no problem. Thank you for doing this for us. I still have to decide what to wear for the whole trip. I can't believe I still need to decide. Oh well, there's always my 300 t-shirt collection. See you all soon. Sandra :yippee:
  5. Susan, I just traded to Thursday. I think you are amazing to deal with these people. I don't think they were even going to call me. Just let me show up on Sunday... :boink: :boink: I was staying an extra day to see Phantom. I am so disgusted with their whole operation. I want to warn everyone if you want something to drink, they want $5. (for water). They just don't seem to care about any customer service. It's weird, because we are repeat people. But, they just don't care. Strange way to do business. I went in March and the show was wonderful, but it's hard to give these guys more $
  6. Please add heathcliffesmom to the list... :yippee:
  7. Just paypal'd my balance...Finally got my room too!
  8. Abrock, Are you sure, you just aren't tired from staying up too late talking about Gerry to Heathcliffes mom? Oh wait, that was six days ago. This is interesting, first post here( I think).Well it's been a while at least. Sandra
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