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  1. Yay Gerry! Yay America! Yay World! I'm jealous...I want one of those hats. I cried too...espcially when Yo Yo Ma, etc. played the "Simple Gifts" arrangement. That was stunning!
  2. Luv

    Average Ger

    I only let certified farriers trim my horses...but if Gerry goes to farrier school and learns how, I'd gladly stare at his bulging biceps and cute butt while he does the horses' feet. And one of mine is shod...so I'd get the added bonus of watching him pound the snot out of a piece of steel with a big hammer...over and over and over and over. And it is a great time for conversation. I love my farrier...we talk about everything.
  3. Luv

    Average Ger

    I chose yard work as well. I could really put him to good use out here. Mowing, weed-eating, unloading feed, stacking hay, shoveling manure, fixing fences, clearing brush, replacing my flourescents (hope he's not afraid of heights). I guess "farm work" is more appropriate. The rest of that stuff I'd rather he did instead of me. LOL.
  4. I had to go for the Stranger's duds. Actually...just the sweater. It'd probably reach my knees. The jeans can just be in a pile on the floor. The Stranger is the best. I love him so.
  5. I think he's the same Gerry...just with more money and fame. I don't really feel sorry for him when it comes to the tabloids and 'razzi. He chooses to frequent places that he knows are "hot spots" for that kind of attention. Seems to me if he really wanted to avoid them, he would. If that's his thing....fine. But he gets no sympathy from me when his name starts popping up in the tabloids. He puts himself in that environment (a LOT)...so it comes with the territory. I just want him to put in a remarkable performance in a great film. I could care less what else he does. I mean...unless he wants to start getting involved in worthy causes and being an activist for something wonderful. That, I'd be interested in.
  6. I actually share this guy's opinion of the trailer. It is cringe-worthy, IMO. I didn't laugh a single time, more like I rolled my eyes and groaned a lot. And I know Gerry IS a talented actor...but this movie isn't going to be a testament to that fact. Arching an eyebrow while delivering cheesy lines doesn't = great acting...I don't care what you look like. I watched some of Phantom the other day for some reason. Those were the good ol' days. He really acted his butt off in that. Ah well. I still love him. I just won't be spending any of my hard-earned money on The Ugly Truth. I'll hold out for Law Abiding Citizen. I hope it's good.
  7. I can't believe Gerry keeps getting left off of this list. Every year it seems he's on the "should have been on the list" list. When will these people get a clue? LOL. They can keep Prince William...but I agree with the other two as well.
  8. Oh, don't get me wrong....there are a lot of things I like about Gerry (charm, sense of humor, crooked smile, naughty behavior, big hands, beautiful eyes, adorable laugh, etc...). And there are a lot of things I don't care one way or the other about. It's not that I dislike Gerry's choices of what he does off-screen...it's just that I really love some of the things I see other actors doing off-screen. The ones that ignore the Hollywood foolishness, don't seem to care if they are famous or not, take their daughters to the Wall-E premiere, and attend functions aimed at heightening the awareness of what is going on in Darfur....those are the kinds of actors that interest me off-screen. THAT is the kind of thing that makes them interesting and endearing. Not coming out of clubs, going to fashion shows, and attending big hotel openings. That's just run-of-the-mill "celebrity" junk. I like when actors don't DO that stuff. Makes them seem much more down-to-earth and "human". At least to me. But it's cool that Gerry does it. That's fine.
  9. You know, over the years, I've been one of the most "critical" of Gerry's fans. But, I'm still here. Gerry's personal life has absolutely no effect on whether or not I am a fan of him as an actor. I could never understand people who refused to see a movie or admit an actor has put in a great performance just because he threw a cell phone at somebody, or acted like a freak on the Oprah show, or whatever. I mean heck, I still love Michael Jackson's music and think he's one of the most amazing entertainers in the world...but I also think he's the freakiest freak in Freakytown. Just...bizarre! That having been said, it is always nice to discover an actor who also seems to have it together and is an admirable person in other aspects of his life. But different things make people admirable. I admire Jason Isaacs a lot both as an actor, and as a dedicated family man. I like that he's just a normal person when he's not working...and (as he told it once)...his life is so boring and suburban that it's fun to do exciting stuff in the roles he plays. His stories include mixing his daughter's vitamins into her scrambled eggs, and reading Little House on the Prairie to her at bedtime. What's not to love about that??? LOL. And it makes it especially endearing since he's best known as such loathesome villains as Col. Tavington and Lucius Malfoy. Gerry's off-screen life is more "celebrity" than I'd like...but it in no way would keep me from admiring and supporting him as an actor. I don't care if he's punching photographers, sleeping with two and three different people every night, and hot-rodding around LA like he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. It makes no difference as long as what he's doing on screen impresses me. And truth be known...when I watch interviews and such, I still find him extremely likable. He's smart and witty and charming. He's still Gerry! Perhaps a slightly more famous and full-of-himself Gerry...but the good heart and sharp mind are still there. For me, his work lately has left a lot to be desired. He has been in some BIG movies (300), and some cute movies (PSILY and Nim's), and some kick-arse movies (Rocknrolla)...but he hasn't really done anything of much substance. I'm still hanging on, waiting to see if he's going to prove he has the chops pull off the lead in an Oscar caliber film. I know everyone says "Oscars don't mean anything, blah blah blah..." - but you know what I mean. So, as for the "Real" Gerry...I still find him interesting. But looking cute and saying charming things while making run-of-the-mill movies isn't going to be enough for me to claim he's "my favorite actor". But I'll keep hanging around...waiting to see what he does. For whatever reason, I can't abandon him completely, LOL.
  10. Swannie, isn't it funny how you and I have certainly been at odds from time to time...but I think we're both fascinated with the "fandom" and why we are here. I never tire of it (much to people's chagrin at times LOL). Believe it or not, you and I are more alike than you may know. I wasn't as influenced by POTO as you were, I liked it, but for me it was just a movie version of the stage musical that I loved so much, and for me it paled in comparison. But I still liked it (enough to see it three times in the theater...which is a lot for me!). What captured my imagination and attention was Gerry himself. They day I was bored and decided to "google" him online was the day I began to really become interested in him. I think I had seen the movie twice at that point...and I decided I needed to find out who this "Gerard Butler" guy was. He was not at all what I was expecting! I was prepared for a rather exotic-looking, darker complected Frenchman! LOL! I swear! But instead I got a rough-and-tumble Scotsman who liked to be called "Gerry" and who had a law degree and a penchant for swearing. I was intriqued, and I quickly developed a crush on him. It didn't take me long to get involved in the various fan communities and start up online friendships with other Gerry admirers. Then came the great "fanfiction" discovery (I had never heard of such a thing)...and I found myself interested in writing (something I've always had an interest in). He inspired me as well...whether it was characters he had played on screen or characters based on the man himself...and I enjoyed having a creative outlet, an inspiring muse, and a way to sort of purge my romantic fantasies LOL. Having other writers joining in the fun was as much of an inspiration as Gerry himself at times...each of us urging the other to update stories and challenging one another to write better. As time has passed, however, my fascination has waned. I don't know that Gerry has really changed, but I've gotten used to him and he's no longer as interesting to me. For the most part his movies don't do much for me (Dear Frankie as the major exception). I'm still around because I guess old habits are hard to break. Gerry led me to several dear friendships...both exclusively online and some face-to-face. He led me to other interests (Diana Gabaldon's Outlander books, and the Scottish band Albannach by way of the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games). And I truly believe Gerry has led me to a deeper appreciation and love for film and actors in general. I have always loved movies and found actors/actresses and the entire film industry to be fascinating...but I think following Gerry gave me a closer look at that world and intensified my interest. I have come to appreciate the work that goes into making a movie, and the skill and talent of so many actors, writers, and directors. So while I might not be as infatuated surely...I'll always be fond of him, and he really has unknowingly affected my life quite a great deal. Gotta love him for that!
  11. Christine would have been lured back to the Phantom under his spell and he would have stolen her away. She would have remained the Phantom's prisoner, until maybe one day he came to the realization that it was cruel to force her to live a life underground against her will, and he would have set her free. Well...the entire story crumbles without Raoul. Because without him, Christine doesn't have a love interest. Without him, the Phantom does not have a reason to be jealous. Without him, the Phantom couldn't see what true love and sacrifice look like. Without him, the Phantom would not have made the decision to let Christine go. Without him, the Phantom doesn't learn what it means to be selfless and noble. And of course without him, there is no survivor to look back on the events that took place.
  12. Why are the posts always gone??? I'm KIDDING!
  13. Tru dat, tru dat. And I admire you for it. Me? I tend to speculate on everything and analyze the piss out of things. But I try not to do it here. Although, I do think it's natural for fans to do that. It might not be "right" technically...but it happens. I'm not a "mother hen" either. I do wonder and speculate (as I said), and I offer up my opinion (gets me in trouble)...but it's not like I think he's reading my "advice" and going "Ohhh she's right! My hair looks terrible!" LOL Ah well. It's all in good fun. No harm meant to anyone...least of all Gerry. DonnaKat...shut your pie hole and give me some popcorn...and chocolate. (Y'all ever dumped M&Ms into warm buttery popcorn? OMG!!)
  14. *runs in skidding sideways* Damn! I almost missed the fight...I mean fun! Fun! Okay seriously...welcome to the board. But hypocritical much? You blast people for being "mother hens" in a post that seems to be....umm...protecting him from the meanies that dare to say they are worried about him? So...wouldn't that make you a mother hen too? Kinda? Sorta? A tiny bit? If people express concern, I think it's only because they care. He can go completely bald, gain a hundred pounds and lose all of his teeth and I'd still love....um...okay that's a lie. But I still love him right now.
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