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  1. Raoul did his signature hair flip and said, "BOY OH NO YOU DIEN'T!" He proceeded to....
  2. First of all I'd like to say that I would rather keep my both my breasts. I'm already lacking as it is. hah! Am I the only one who can't keep up with these damned Evas?!
  3. he would get both some how! 3's a party right?
  4. He made a quick mental list of the pros and cons of giving her a second chance. Those being...
  5. =/ Who HASN'T she been linked with? I thought I read in one of the latest issues of People that she was "done with the celebrity circle" so to speak. Maybe she meant only super high profile?
  6. Viva Glam

    Lucky Sweet 16.

    :pant2: Sweet lord that's a fantastic picture. Stunning even! And that is one very lucky girl (I'm assuming she isn't a tart/GAL...YET.)
  7. But the problem was locating which one of her houses to check, and that damned pretty boy Paris Lastis was in the way.
  8. This model, of course, couldn't be any other model. It had to be the perfect one, but what would be perfect for Erik?
  9. Would it be a model, a common girl, anothee singer; or perhaps...a mongoose?
  10. But this hiding place must be able to inspire him now that his inspiration was gone.
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