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  1. back Christine! I really missed you.I am sorry you have been feeling so badly.I can only imagine the pain you have from FM.I have chronic pain also and it's no fun I know.Sure hope you're feeling better. Peggy
  2. I haven't been feeling well but I had to log on to vote! good luck Swannie and Frannie! ((HUGS)) Peggy
  3. to all my Gals and Pals.Just dropping by to say hi and wish everyone a Happy and safe week-end. Peggy
  4. It's been awhile since I've been in the SC.I read it all the time but haven't posted much.I really haven't had anything to post.But today I became a Great Gramma for the third rime.My Granddaughter, Amanda gave birth to an 8lb 3oz baby girl this morning.Her name is Payton Renee.Below are her first pictures, they are clickable. Hugs, Peggy
  5. Sue and Elissa, I hope you're feeling much better.I'm doing better, My INR (my cumadin lever) has stayed 2.6 for 2 weeks now so I have to go back in 2 weeks and check it again and if it holds at that I only have to go once a month. It really takes a lot out of me this every week business, at first it was twice a week.That was a real pain but it had to be done and I lived through it so guess I shouldn't complain.Maybe now I can get back to Gals more regular. Big hugs to those who need them and those who don't as well..... Peggy
  6. Suz, hi how you doin? I'm much better, thanks.Just trying to get my cumadin adjusted.Still a little weak from being in that hospital twice in a weeks time but each day is a little better. I'm so glad Teeny is ok now. BTW Congratulations on becoming a Mod!!! Hugs and Love, Peggy
  7. I just watched that vid for the 3rd time :heat: :heat: Where's Bethy with her hose when you need her? Peggy
  8. OMG that vid is :heat: The things he does with his mouth, I was watching as he was dancing and the cute things he was doing, wow. Thanks so much for sharing that video. Peggy
  9. Just want to wish everyone a Blessed New Year.I hope all your hopes and dreams are answered. Peggy
  10. Anna, it's so good to see you posting again!!! I really do miss you when you're not around.So glad your eyes are getting better.Take care sweetie. Great Big Peggy
  11. Suzie, I'm still around, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.Thanks to you and Nancy for asking.I sure hope you get over that nasty cold real soon.I know how you feel, my allergies and asthma have been raising havoc with me for awhile now. Cassie, you could never be a bad mother.As Sue said just be careful when he gets older and bats those gorgeous eyes at the girls singing Sex Bomb. From what I remember from Cullens pictures, he is one beautiful boy. Swannie, I'm sorry you're having problems.I hope they get worked out soon. Big hugs to those who need them and those who don't as well........ Peggy
  12. My prayers continue to go out to our Brave men and women who are fighting for our freedom. Peggy
  13. Suzie, thank you so much for the update on our sweet Anna.We do miss her and I wonder about her all the time.Please let her know she's in my thoughts and prayers.You have a phantastic week-end sweetie. Peggy
  14. I'm watching Bonnie right now and she just got the text and said Oh my God it's Gerard Butler and showed it to the camera.The message read What r u doing 2 night.When it buzzed the second time she started singing Let it please be him oh dear lord it must be him. Then she asked are you guys messing with me.She's hysterical.But I do believe she's been bitten by the Gerry bug.(minds out of the gutter) Peggy
  15. I voted in all 3 categories as well and I agree with the others, it wasn't easy.The Gals all did a great job. Peggy
  16. Voted!! Not so easy, great work everyone!!! Good Luck to you all. Peggy
  17. I voted It was no easy task as all stories are so good!! Good Luck everyone. Peggy
  18. Voted! It wasn't all that easy either, all the drawings are so very good. Peggy
  19. Sue, it's so good to see you back posting.We all missed you so much. Your little guys are beautiful and so is your little Bonnie.B2 is getting so big! Suzie, love seeing your vacation pictures from England and Scotland, that's as close as I'll ever get.My granddaughter is moving to Scotland next month.She leaves on Oct 13th to fly off to Scotland, her and her friend are moving there.We're going to miss her like crazy, I know her mom is gonna be lost without her here.At least her brother is still here. Big hugs to those who need them and those who don't as well..... Peggy
  20. I knew you would pass that test, I don't know why I just had a feeling. Good job, congratulations! Cassie, I hope it's nothing serious and that you start to feel better real soon. Big hugs to those who need them and those who don'r as well..... Peggy
  21. Suzie, I 'm so sorry about your grandsons friend.I will say a prayer for him and his family and all those brave men and women who are fighting for our freedom.I have to say though that I'm glad your grandson is ok. Lish, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. My house is so lonely and quiet.Fran left to go home today and my mom went with her to spend some time, I miss them already. They left at 9 this morning and should be getting home soon, it's 11 pm now but they hit a lot of traffic. Big hugs to those who need them and those who don't as well...... SGD Peggy
  22. to all the new members to Gals! Frannie spoke with Sue on the phone today and Sue asked her to give you all her love.Fran went shopping with her daughter and asked me to relay the message.Sue's been staying with Bryan and of course spending lots of time with B2.She hasn't had her computer with her and when she gets home and she's ready she'll be back.She wanted you all to know her new grandson was born on Sept. 4th weighing in at 8lbs 2ozs with long platinum blond hair.She's anxious to go home to her own home but Bryan doesn't want her to leave, he's worried about her, which is understandable.She says she's doing ok but everyday something will remind her of Dan'l and she'll start to cry.She wants to thank everyone for their prayers and support, and she loves you all. Peggy
  23. I'll be saying an extra prayer for you and the teacher tonight April.Sure hope it all works out alright. Peggy
  24. I totally agree with Lisa, Sam deserved exactly what he got.Sarah left him high and dry 7 years earlier for what she thought was a better life and when it all came crashing down she ran home and destroyed Sam's marriage, not cool.I know she was dying and of course I felt bad for that but she had no right to be so self centered that she just took someone else's husband.But that's JMO Peggy
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