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  1. Whooh!!! I've never seen this. It gorgeous!!!
  2. These are gorgeous!!! Now, we need people to come see them!
  3. I totally understand Swannie! I access the site from my iPad, and I don't know how to drive it from there. Can you imagine poor Erik trying to figure it out? 😂😂
  4. OMG! Someone is posting in the Lair!!! This is great. Its so quiet here now. Kinda like the cellars in our beloved Opera. I hope you figure it out soon Swannie! I'd love to see what you have. xxx
  5. Hi guys!!! My vote is for Little White Lies and Tomorrow Never Dies
  6. George and Crispy Creedy can go this week.
  7. Marty and Gus get the boot this week from me
  8. Marty and Peter (LWL) can go this week
  9. My vote this week goes to Jacko, and Peter (Little White Lies)
  10. Buhbye Chaun & Lead Sea Captain Thank Elisabeth for helming this again! THIS IS JOHNNIE'S YEAR!!! God I hate autocorrect! So sorry Elissa!
  11. *aaaaaaanndd Deb drops in* I vote with Irish.....King Leo can go! Surfs up Frosty! Ride that wave for the WIN!
  12. *blows in to stir the pot* My vote is to boot Frank and send sweet Johnnie to the Island
  13. HALLELUJAH!!!!! I just paid the first payment for Also Sally and I booked our room!!!!!!!
  14. Lemme check my bank account! ETA~ Gonna have to wait until next week. Thank you Momma and KB for the eyes on recon! I will be seeing you all in AUGUST!!!!
  15. Buh bye to Crispy Creedy! I can't believe he's STILL in the game!!
  16. I know I'm late this week. Been awfully sick...but better now. Same song: Crispy Creedy off Same Dance: Johnnie to the Island
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