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  1. Wanna get in on the ground floor of a mythical/fantasy RP? PM me :)

  2. One week until VEGAS Baby!!!

  3. So glad to have my avi back!

  4. is waitting patiently for 2013 Con tickets to go on sale..... *paces and smokes*

  5. I sorely miss my EM must haves! Good to see you; even if it is only on occasion! xxx

  6. Just wanted to say.....Love ya Wooman!!! xxx

  7. hi my mommy im glad to have you as a mommy and to be a gal!

  8. hi my baby! Welcome to GALS! love mom

  9. Ili, you and I are kindred spirits in that we love the same two men. How cool is that!! I can't wait to see you in Vegas!!!

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