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  1. I noticed it too! It sounds like what Lady Don Juan and I call "Whiskey and Cigarettes". We usually use it to reference a type of singing voice, but it fully applies here. A good ol' fashioned ear fecking for sure!!!!
  2. Too bad they didn't get any pics of him actually up on a wave. But there is no such thing as too many pictures of 'wet Gerry'!
  3. Old yum indeed!!! I had forgotten about this little gem. Thanks for bumping it up Barb!
  4. "Rock" ... "pack" ... potaytuh, potahtah What they said! Oh my...GAL down!
  5. Nice to see the 'Team' avis being used My vote to boot this week is for Milo. Bye bye! Please send my sweet to Exile
  6. Buh bye to the (IMO) worst parts Gerry has played: Milo and George *stands my ground for the flying tomatoes*
  7. I was just thinking the same thing Barb! Super sexy and polished one night and the next, rumpled casual. That's our Gerry!
  8. Back from Canada safe and sound! My votes this week are for Crispy Creedy Milo
  9. I was wondering if Gerry was in California watching the epic surfing happening this week. Thanks Barb for posting these. It's times like this that I miss living in LA. Surf like this doesn't come along very often.
  10. But...but...but...what about the US? We'd buy Boss BOTTLED, we'd wanna meet Gerry!
  11. Capt. Chuck and Crispy Creedy Se ya when I get back from Canada!
  12. Wanna get in on the ground floor of a mythical/fantasy RP? PM me :)

  13. Oh my goodness !!! Makes me thirsty! I know what I'm watching tonight.... Barb
  14. My votes this week are for Gus and Crispy Creedy
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