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  1. Put me down for two tix for '07! I love Vegas! Come on Celticgirl...lets party!!!
  2. Just stopped by to gush on Bethy for my wonderful Trading Card! Girl you rock my sox! The pic you chose was even better than mine! I love it I love it!!! Can you tell that I love it?
  3. I must agree. Gerry's private life is none of our business. He will tell us in his own time, what he wants us to know. Kudos to Dr. Em and her staff for stopping this now.
  4. Just thought I'd pop in real quick and say hello! "I'm Deb, Gerry's Knight Phantom and I have an incurable case of GALS. I am not looking for a cure. I am perfectly happy being ill!" My hubby doesn't get it. My 8 yr old daughter does! I look forward to many happy posts here.
  5. Good point about how Gerry gets so much mail these days. But I do think that a mass mailing (arriving in one container) might be cool. I mean, really, just think...a whole box of people telling you that your voice moved them...how cool is that? I will be getting my postcard today! And telling all of my sisters who may not know about this.
  6. May I please request Knight Phantom? Thanks muches!
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