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  1. Happy Birthday Jo, missing you Galfriend,


    Anna X

  2. OKey, my question for the young gerry...... 'This movie is about a young girl and her very active imagination. As a child were you creative? Did you have an overactive imagination? and if so what did you dream up!!!? ' Har Har..gals I am sure u have a number of answers for him!! Har HAR
  3. Hi Gals. I have been off the internet a wee while and haven't been on the website properly in the last 6mths or more. My dad hadn't been well at the end of last year and things were a bit bad. I was feeling a bit down at christmas and what brought a lovely smile to my face was all the lovely christmas cards i received from you guys. It really really touched me and I just wanted to say a huge thanks. U have no idea how lovely it was to get those cards from across the water near and far to Belfast. I now have my laptop linked again to the internet and I am back.... Jo xxxx
  4. I didn't see him at it nor in any of the mags...pity he'd have added a certain flavour to the event. hmmmm! yum. it was worthless without him. I am surprised 300 didn't get for graphics...
  5. He's prob catchn some zzzzzzz and chiln at home...havn lazy mornings and late nights...or staying lateup to 3am... ...or plan'n 2 take me shopping for those real nice strappy shoes I real liked!!!!!
  6. As well as sexy and passionate, I'd expect Ger's woman to have a heart and be compassionate...and something of a humanitarian.... If couple..must be good sex! J xxx
  7. Betts - am delighted too. My brother in Law wants to go (hes into action and 'male' movies) and so am going again with him.... long may it run here! Jo x
  8. Ger I want to send you a 'U rock' message....just to tell you that you inspire me. I love your creativity, your strength, your heart....and your passion. You have an amazing energy...and the emotion that you can express with those gorgeous sexy eyes of yours...could create a dictionary in itself. Its the 'Juice' Ger! I love also that you give your heart to so many, that you are down to earth and that you walk in your own shoes. So you get my 'U rock!' I also want to tell you that I loved 300...and it is going down very well over here...especially with the men. I know some that have been to see it a number of times. j x x x
  9. Anna and Co I SAW IT!!!!! I was away down at Barretstown (Hole in the Wall Gang) Ireland when it was released....and am just back! I have just seen it today and I LOVED IT. It took me a while to get into it...but I am going back with my brother in Law tomorrow to see it and I am looking forward. I though Gerard did an amazing job....and I loved his acting in it. notto mention the bedside scene..that was better than the moonlit scene. I think Ger did us very proud. People in work also were away to see it over the weekend...and I was able to point to my Gerard corner in work and say ' Yes it is Gerard...to their amazement!'. They hadn't connected...I am looking forward to hearing what they thought. Well done Gerry and well done to the producers...it hit my celtic heart and passion and Gerry ...you had me with those eyes. You can express a thousand words that do not exist through those eyes.... Here's looking forward to tmrw...before I head back to Barretstown for the Easter Camps.... Jo xxx
  10. Anna chick...thanks for making me have laugh. I loved it!!!!! Long live Snake McButt! LOL!


  11. No I have loved hearing all the snip bits about it...ESPECIALLY THE BUTT SCENE!!! LOL!! We await!!!!!! Luv Jo xxx
  12. Greyeyegoddess Many many thanks...you've just made my day. I was thinking mths...can deal with a few weeks!!! I have got some friends (non butler fans) all queued up to go.... Jo
  13. Okay - I am dying here with all this talk of 300....AND NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE IT!!!!! AHHHHHH!!! Has anybody idea when due for release in UK / Ireland.....???????? Jo x
  14. Anna, I just want to say - you have a heart of Gold. Thank you for thinking of me...it is now being passed around my friends (but with strict instructions to come back to me). Thank you for thinking of me. Speak soon - your Irish Friend. Jo xxx
  15. Dear Jo,

    so glad to see you back here,

    'You make me laugh and make me smile

    You ease my troubles for a while

    When clouds are thick and skies are gray

    You put some sunshine in my day'

    Anna x

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