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  1. You know that's my favorite picture. Mine too. Its almost unseemly to be that handsome and sexy.
  2. And yet this is the man who People Magazine refuses to make The Sexiest Man Alive, or even put him in the top ten of the 50 Sexiest Men.
  3. Just got back from seeing LAC and wow, was that a ride! The pacing of the film I consider one of its strong points, though I agree a bit more background, character development would have been beneficial to the plot and sympathy factor for the characters. However, the action was very well paced. I literally, along with the rest of the audience, jumped out of my seat at a certain scene....well, actually, a couple of scenes. That doesn't happen too often. Some really good performances from the supporting cast as well. Unlike some, I thought Jamie Fox did an outstanding job as the prosecutor. I am not a Fox fan, but I thought he was just the right amount of cool, smart, remote character called for. I thought GB did an excellent job, though still not IMO at the Phantom level. I think I needed additional material on his character, background, etc. to really empathize with him like I wanted to, even though he was a murdering maniac! He did have some moments that tore at the heart, but I think the frantic pace of the film and the chills and thrills overwhelmed his character a bit. As for the critics..........................even with some plot holes you could drive a truck through......there is no way in hell this movie deserved the negative reviews it recieved or a C- grade.
  4. How very sad that a piece of drek like Couples Retreat could beat out LAC and the Blair Witch wannabe beat it with only 769 screens. WTF? I'm done. This is just too sad.
  5. Wait until you see him on the Bonnie Hunt Show. THEN you really will be done.
  6. I am surprised no one has started a topic on the show as yet, so I will. GB was really funny and looked amazing. He was clean shaven which was a bit of a surprise, but a nice one. I loved the bit about his Scottish accent and how he has trouble pronouncing "murdered" in American. A totally fun appearance and another great story about his band days and the Edinburgh Fringe! He really was a very bad boy, charming, but naughty. He does sing, so hang on to your hats. I am not a fan of Fallon, but I have to say this was one of GB's best appearances.
  7. LOL Talk about your ultimate chick magnet!! Not that GB needs any help in that department. I have never been big on dressing up dogs, but I suspect this was mostly a photo op and because some friends had it made for Lolita. It certainly made me smile after the depression I was feeling after reading some of the LAC reviews.
  8. I have suspected from the get-go that the critics were going to crucify this film for the very comparisons they are making. I haven't seen the film, but I certainly will, though maybe not day one. I just hope that the bad reviews (and there are a lot more coming, believe me) won't have too much influence on the BO or the public's response to the film. When I heard the screenings received a 95% rating I become concerned about the critics. Usually that kind of public response virtually guarantees a negative critical reception. Remember most critics love the edgy, off-beat, anti-......whatever. Any film that even vaguely reminds them of another film will usually be savaged. I also believe that some actors are virtually critic-proof. I won't name names, because we all know who they are. They can make s**t and the critics will waste good ink (or cyberspace!) telling the great unwashed public what they should see and appreciate. I think that GB has yet (maybe never will) become a critical favorite. The critics want to pigeon-hole him as just another "action" star. The snarky commentary by what's his name (I wiped it quickly from my memory) about how GB is overexposed and should hire another publicist is the popular critical POV. The best thing for my blood pressure right now is NOT to read any more reviews, but hope for the best. I would so hate for GB's first produced film to be both a critical and financial failure. This is part of the problem with getting too close to someone like GB, caring too much about what happens to his career. Its hard not to with such an engaging guy, but it is hard on the nervous system......
  9. Mine too!!! I love Hugh, I saw that movie 10 times!!! I even have the "Someone like you" DVD, with Hugh and Ashley Judd!! Oooo that's my other Hugh favorite. I would love to see Ashley make a movie with GB. Double Jeopardy is another favorite movie of mine. Ashley kicks butt in that movie.
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