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  1. Just got back from seeing LAC and wow, was that a ride! The pacing of the film I consider one of its strong points, though I agree a bit more background, character development would have been beneficial to the plot and sympathy factor for the characters. However, the action was very well paced. I literally, along with the rest of the audience, jumped out of my seat at a certain scene....well, actually, a couple of scenes. That doesn't happen too often. Some really good performances from the supporting cast as well. Unlike some, I thought Jamie Fox did an outstanding job as the prosecutor. I am not a Fox fan, but I thought he was just the right amount of cool, smart, remote character called for. I thought GB did an excellent job, though still not IMO at the Phantom level. :kisswink: I think I needed additional material on his character, background, etc. to really empathize with him like I wanted to, even though he was a murdering maniac! He did have some moments that tore at the heart, but I think the frantic pace of the film and the chills and thrills overwhelmed his character a bit. As for the critics..........................even with some plot holes you could drive a truck through......there is no way in hell this movie deserved the negative reviews it recieved or a C- grade.

  2. Here are the early box office estimates which are subject to change. Where the Wild Things Are will be number 1 of course. Some of the earlier projections had LAC at only opening at $10,000,000 so these figures are a bit more encouraging. I am going to see LAC again tomorrow to keep the cash flowing into the box office. Plus I want to clear up a few plot points.


    Universal's holdover comedy Couples Retreat should come in #2 for the weekend with $20M from 3,009 plays. Paramount's Paranormal Activity should hit #3 with high teens as it goes into wider release on 760 screens. At #4, Overture's Law Abiding Citizen starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler could open to mid-teens from 2,889 venues. And Sony's low-budget reboot Stepfather on 2,734 dates might debut to $12M and #5.

    How very sad that a piece of drek like Couples Retreat could beat out LAC and the Blair Witch wannabe beat it with only 769 screens. WTF? I'm done. This is just too sad.

  3. I am surprised no one has started a topic on the show as yet, so I will. GB was really funny and looked amazing. He was clean shaven which was a bit of a surprise, but a nice one. I loved the bit about his Scottish accent and how he has trouble pronouncing "murdered" in American. A totally fun appearance and another great story about his band days and the Edinburgh Fringe! He really was a very bad boy, charming, but naughty. :kisswink: He does sing, so hang on to your hats. I am not a fan of Fallon, but I have to say this was one of GB's best appearances. :kiss:

  4. I don't think there is anything wrong with dressing your pet. Obviously

    Lolita doesn't mind. It was cold in New Mexico when he was filming

    gamer, so she probably appreciated the leather coat.

    I love a man that isn't afraid to show his love for an animal. I think it

    is just one more of Gerry's great attributes.

    I'm sorry is Scottish people would think he soft for this type of thing.

    I think it only shows his strength that he isn't afraid to do what he

    wants to do where his little girl is concerned.

    I think really loving his dog is so strong and caring.

    Love him absolutely,


    LOL Talk about your ultimate chick magnet!! Not that GB needs any help in that department. :kisswink: I have never been big on dressing up dogs, but I suspect this was mostly a photo op and because some friends had it made for Lolita. It certainly made me smile after the depression I was feeling after reading some of the LAC reviews. :tantrum:

  5. Sadly, I have read several VERY nasty reviews this morning. I haven't seen the film yet, but based on audience screenings, it looks like the critics are not seeing the same film. I am very disappointed. It's still early in the game. I really hope we start to see some positive reviews come up soon.

    I have suspected from the get-go that the critics were going to crucify this film for the very comparisons they are making. I haven't seen the film, but I certainly will, though maybe not day one. I just hope that the bad reviews (and there are a lot more coming, believe me) won't have too much influence on the BO or the public's response to the film. When I heard the screenings received a 95% rating I become concerned about the critics. Usually that kind of public response virtually guarantees a negative critical reception. Remember most critics love the edgy, off-beat, anti-......whatever. Any film that even vaguely reminds them of another film will usually be savaged. I also believe that some actors are virtually critic-proof. I won't name names, because we all know who they are. They can make s**t and the critics will waste good ink (or cyberspace!) telling the great unwashed public what they should see and appreciate. I think that GB has yet (maybe never will) become a critical favorite. The critics want to pigeon-hole him as just another "action" star. The snarky commentary by what's his name (I wiped it quickly from my memory) about how GB is overexposed and should hire another publicist is the popular critical POV. The best thing for my blood pressure right now is NOT to read any more reviews, but hope for the best. I would so hate for GB's first produced film to be both a critical and financial failure. This is part of the problem with getting too close to someone like GB, caring too much about what happens to his career. Its hard not to with such an engaging guy, but it is hard on the nervous system...... :bonk:

  6. My guilty pleasure in the rom com category is Kate and Leopold. Next to the G man, Hugh is the MAN! :kisswink:

    Mine too!!! I love Hugh, I saw that movie 10 times!!! I even have the "Someone like you" DVD, with Hugh and Ashley Judd!!

    Oooo that's my other Hugh favorite. I would love to see Ashley make a movie with GB. Double Jeopardy is another favorite movie of mine. Ashley kicks butt in that movie. :kisswink:

  7. I think critics are generally dismissive of rom-coms as they say.

    And the reality is not everyone wants action thrillers all the time.

    Frankly this is a great date movie - if your date agrees too much with GB's character you might need to give him the boot, bwah.

    It will also be making the chick flick list this year - my friends are overdue for a chick flick night and you can only watch Bridget Jones and Pride and Prejudice so many times. Always good to have eye candy in the chick flick.

    Of course the opposite often happens, the critics love a movie but the audience doesn't, esp a lot of indie films, an area to Mr. Butler is treading into. Of course the indie films suffer because either they haven't got the money for promotion or can't get onto enough screens.

    May I suggest for your Chic Flick Night, "The Wedding Date" with Deborah Messing & Dermot Mulroney. IMO, it has all the desired elements for a great chick flick. My group has about worn out the copy we have. lol

    The Divine Miss S :rose:

    My guilty pleasure in the rom com category is Kate and Leopold. Next to the G man, Hugh is the MAN! :kisswink:

  8. That's very cool! I love Wossy! And it's great that it's a UK show we can actually watch here in the States (albeit a week after) on BBC America. I wonder if Graham Norton could get him too. THAT would be a howl!

    Graham Norton's show is the one I want him to be on. It is hilarious. I watch it every Saturday on BBC America. He is outrageous, so GB should be a hoot on that show. I love the way Norton always involves the audience in his nonsence.

  9. What a peevish, snarky, mean-spirited article. :tantrum: Obviously, he thinks GB doesn't deserve to share the spotlight with Mr. A-List himself - Brad Pitt. Talk about over-exposure!! One can't pick up a tabloid without seeing Brangelina displayed. Articles like this (as if it really needs saying) hold zero credibility. No effort is made to really critique Gerry's films , just take pot shots at him because he has had a productive year and is being sought after by the press. Newsflash! He didn't have to sneak into the A-List club through the backdoor, he walk right in the front and took his proper place as the new star. Move over Clooney, Pitt, and Cruise, time to make room for some new talent! This so-called journalist isn't worth zip, thought I let his venom upset my morning coffee. I'm calmer now. :kisswink:

  10. I have to say, I don't think I have ever seen Gerry looking handsomer. The taupe colored shirt and black suit was gorgeous and fit him to perfection. Some mensware designer really should hire him to be their "celebrity" model. I also loved that Jay called him one of the biggest movie stars in the world. The audience's reaction was excellent, especially when the clip of POTO was shown. I am also glad they included a clip of TUT. :kisswink:

  11. :funnyup: You go, Xan! :lol:

    I don't feel that Jamie was disrespectful or slighting Gerry in any way. When he first mentioned Gerard Butler, with no apparent crowd response, he further prodded the audience (for applause and recognition I think) by saying something like 'you know, from the movie "300"?'

    I mean, it was Jamie's time on Leno. When Gerry has his time, do we want him to talk the whole time about Jamie Foxx? No, we'll want it to be about GERRY! So I say give each man his due. :)

    Right, I didn't mean to imply that he was being disrespectful to Gerry, I was just summarizing the two times that Gerry was mentioned on the show.

    And Xan, I agree with you that he would become a household name if he dated someone high profile or did something else to secure him a spot in the tabloids for weeks... Then again, I don't think Gerry would want to become well known for something like that... and if he did, he wouldn't really be the guy that we all love. I think we appreciate how he can be so amazing and talented and still manage to keep it real and fly somewhat under the radar as a result. :)


    Well, of course, I don't think Gerry would do that to gain "Pitt" level recognition, nor would I be here on this site if he did. But bascially that's how many in the "biz" get that kind of name recognition. IMO they are celebrities first, actors second. Now Pitt has managed to maintain a substantial acting career, but I do believe that his acting career really took off when he married Aniston, then dumped her for the world's most beautiful woman. Let's face it, they would all have become famous (infamous?) whether they were actors or not. My previous post was an exercise in frustration and my usual Irish sarcasm. I meant NO slight to the G-man at all.

  12. I was so disappointed that when Jamie said "Gerard Butler" you could have heard a pin drop.


    I have always said that if he would just do something salacious, like stealing Angelino Jolie from Brad Pitt, he would become a household name like................well, Brad Pitt. He's as handsome, funnier, smarter, and a better actor IMO, but he just refuses to get involved with a high profile woman. "GB, honey, if you want the Leno audience to scream your name every time its mentioned, call me. I got some ideas." :kisswink:

  13. Great pic .. but he doesn't look confused. :lol: Great that he's here already!! :wuv:


    Gerard Butler looks confused as he feeds a parking meter in Beverly Hills, California on October 2, 2009. Oh maybe he's not in the mood for some parking action.

    Gerard Butler looks handsome and hot (I mean, so hot) wearing a nice blue polo, and paired it with a nice shades while his one ear holds the headset of his mobile phone. Who's on the line Gerard? :)

    If you didn't know or recognize Gerry at all, don't you think that if you saw a guy on the street who looked like that he would make you take a second look? :kisswink:

  14. I didn't realize that scene wasn't in the DVD. It's been used in so many GB videos on Youtube that I guess that's where I've seen it too many times to admit to. LOL. I'm still going to watch closely next time I play Tomb Raider.

    Speaking of Tomb Raider, have you seen the alternate ending? I liked it way better than the one they finally chose. He still dies, but it's a nicer death. If there is such a thing. And IMO it made Lara more human too.

    I strongly disliked the alternate ending! I felt like it was an artificially "happy" ending, and not at all in keeping with the interactions of the two characters throughout the movie. I like the one that they chose, where you find out that Terry is just the same selfish guy that he always was. While his first betrayal didn't involve Lara explicitly, it involved an implicit choice of money over her. It just seemed consistent that he would do so again. Terry spends the whole movie trying to redeem himself to Lara... it makes her seem like the bad guy because she consistently distrusts him. But, in the ending on the theatrical version you see that she was right all along, and that he wasn't worthy of redemption.

    It fit so much better than the alternate, in my opinion.


    I have to agree with you here. Terry was bad to the bone, but I think I might have let him off with a warning...................... :kisswink: He would be a hard man to kill. Too HAWT to waste.

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