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  1. I doubt anyone would "challenge" GB's masculinity because he is carrying a man-bag or a purse, for that matter. As Dr. Phil says. he would open up a big ol' can of Leonidas' whup-a** on em.
  2. I wonder if Jay will mention the "nekked" scene in the movie? I bet either he does, or Ferguson does. I remember the audience's response to the famous Dressed to Kilt scene. They both like to tease GB and make him laugh.
  3. Good point. I had forgotten about Training Day. Love Denzel...........
  4. The same thing happened to Harrison Ford. He was so much the hero in the public's mind that when he tried to break the mold and play villians or less than heroic characters, the movies bombed. After Han Solo and Indiana Jones it become impossible to believe him as anything less than heroic. GB may ultimately have the same problem.
  5. This is what I have thought from the beginning, that the Clyde role was the supporting role, jucier, maybe, more of a challenge, but a supporting role nonetheless. I don't blame GB for taking it, but ultimately, with few exceptions (Hannibal Lector) the Academy rarely gives Oscars to these types of films or roles. He could luck out, but I doubt it. IMO the Oscars, like a lot of critics have become superfluous to the success of movies or actors. Yes, sometimes it can generate a bit more interest and a few more offers, but it can also amount to zilch, as has been the case with quite a few Oscar-winning actors who have virtually faded into obscurity.
  6. I know my opinion on the article was in the minority when I wrote it, but I really didn't like the article (the original) and thought it bordered on the snide and disrespectful to send a reporter (who must have been living under a rock) who had basically never heard of GB. How cute. How clever. How superior. Why am I not surprised that they would then take cheap shots at GB's fans and their enthusiasm for him.
  7. There is something else at play, which is often overlooked when discussing GB's film choices. He is now in competition with some pretty heavy hitters in the "leading man" category - Pitt, Clooney, Cruise, et.al. There is also Russell Crowe, Eric Bana, Clive Owen and Daniel Craig. I suspect they are all after the same limited excellent scripts and the A-listers like Pitt and Clooney get first dibs. Of course, not everyone is suited to every script, but I suspect the "high" drama/romances go to the "proven" money-makers like Pitt and Clooney if they want the part. As much as I like Tom Hanks, I have always thought he was wrong for the Robert Langham role in Da Vinci Code. I bet there were a lot of other actors better suited to the role who lost out because of Hanks' influence as a powerhouse in Hollywood. He wanted that role and he got it. He is also good friends with Ron Howard. I am not trying to excuse GB's choices, but we need to consider the fact that he is in an age group that has some really powerful actors in it (35-50) and the competition must be fierce. I haven't been happy with all his film choices. Indeed, I haven't even seen his films recently. He is a great actor, but like all actors needs some good material. I think the article was snarkey and is the type of writing that reveals more about the author than the subject. Its an attempt (a poor one) to be clever, cutting-edge, witty. Of course, it is none of these, simply snarkey and witless. Lots of cheap shots, not much insight. JMHO natch. It is the equivalent of the a sound bite. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. Just one small yank on those belt loops and ....................
  9. This picture has messed me up totally!!! It doesn't look like he's wearing a thing, what is thatsexy %&%&%4 area in the pelvic region called it looks so oooooh!!! The perfect inny belly button...gray temples, ahhh all of him, my heart is about to explode.This is my new screen saver Damn Boy Although I initially was concerned when he and Jamie changed parts, I now see the wisdom in his decision. Just think, we wouldn't have that great near 'nekked' pic to admire. I know this is a superficial observation, but hey..............I'm superficial.
  10. You do know, of course, that he's not wearing a thing under those jeans.
  11. I know that I shouldn't visit IMDB GB board, but I do from time to time to be sure I don't miss anything. I also check on other actors at IMDB as well for upcoming info on movies, etc. What I notice is that no other actor's board has so many haters. I am curious as to the reason for this. I mean, as far as I know GB seems like a pretty good guy, especially when compared to some others I could name. The degree of vitriol against him is surprising to me. It seems more than just the occasional troll. Color me puzzled and angry. BTW I never make a reply since it seems to only increase the hateful comments.
  12. FX station is playing Gamer trailers every few minutes! A Few Good Men and Gamer - wow!
  13. Thanks. I didn't mean to nag, but I have become so accustomed to coming here and seeing those beautiful pictures, that I "panic" when things don't go as expected. You all do a phenomenal job as you know and we all appreciate it. (Can I speak for the group?)
  14. Also on GB.Net as well. Now THAT is strange. I contacted them about the problem, but no answer as yet. I still have stretch screen AND code. I WANT MY PURDY PICTURES BACK.
  15. Ditto. Together with his screen name, Milo, it makes him seem like a real hick. Maybe that's the character and I do like the "size" of the shirt - nice and small to show off his *ahem* assets (those arms!!), but otherwise it is NOT a flattering shirt. Apparently, we do get to see him in a tux at some point. What is also strange is that Jennifer has been seen in several different outfits during the time GB is still wearing that same shirt. If they are on-the-run, where is SHE getting the new clothes while he has to wear the same old shirt.
  16. Same here, but I have a PC. Totally puzzled.
  17. Same here. Everything seems right-shifted as well. Why would both GALS and GB.Net both have the same problem?
  18. That must be it! LOL. Just glad to know it isn't some crazy thing I have done. GB.Net is the same, which is really odd.
  19. Sorry, if this is the wrong place for this, but the configuration of the board seems to have changed on my computer. To the left where all those great pictures of GB use to be is now nothing but text, i.e. web addresses. What's happened? Can someone computer knowledgeable tell me if I have done something? It wasn't this way this morning. Help!
  20. Is anyone working on removing the printing across the images. Purdy please.
  21. Love that picture. Here's another one from the same photoshoot...I think. http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr273/P...do/Gerard/A.jpg Can someone explain to me again why I cannot have this man? Do you want me to throw a fit? I will, you know, I will.
  22. THAT face and form came in 6th? WTF! Will he never be #1? I really cannot think of a single man who comes even close to him in looks, not to mention intellect and personality. I mean, really people!
  23. only 14????? they need to see an optometrist for new glasses!!!! Brain transplant wouldn't hurt either.
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