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  1. LOL Exactly. Or the woman who was ask what was Hitler's first name. Her answer was Tom. Tom Hitler. Yeah, one has to wonder about the state of education in the U.S., but the target demographics.
  2. If these rumors of romance are true, I for one would NOT be upset. I think JA is pretty classy and they do make one purdy couple.
  3. Now that's the way to treat a wayward ex-wife.
  4. LOL--I think I know how Gerry felt looking for 300 in that Top Movies to Watch list--from the Esquire interview... I surely thought #1,,, scrolled down and was shocked to see someone else sitting in Gerry's spot! Then I thought, well he's definitely in the top five!! Nothing there either! But alas.... there he was in all his ______(fill in the blank with preferred adjective). I am slightly disappointed a bunch of baby faces where ranking in the top 10. Maybe I'm just getting old? I certainly don't think so! Hmm,, do I smell a conspiracy or is that the leftovers I have failed to put away???? Well,, those dishes aren't going to wash themselves... Have a lovely evening ladies! These mags are slanted to their demographic which is between 12 and 25. I left that demographic centuries ago.
  5. I hate the fact that I know this, but that picture of Brad Pitt is from the one where he grew old backwards. I didn't see it, but I recognize the pic. I love how they use an old POTC pic for Orlando Bloom, though. If you notice the movies are listed, the current and future. It's all about plugging the movies; has nothing to do with actual ranking on a list. If the list is about who has a movie coming out what is Orly doing on the list? He hasn't made a movie in ages it seems. Interesting.
  6. So very true!!! Just when will they ever get it right? NEVER, because they refuse to hire a GAL for their staff.
  7. At least he made the list. Although certainly one of the handsomest men ever, he misses out on many lists because he just isn't high profile enough. Looks like that may be changing.
  8. I KNOW!!! That smirk is just so..... HOT!!!! I'm about to ~Tap~ Wouldn't ya just love to have him give you that "smirk" and then say something totally jerky so you could slap his face and then have make up sex? D
  9. Looks like they have taken it down or we overwhelmed the link! BTW your siggy is great! Slowly he turns.........
  10. Can you imagine the water cooler discussions this movie is going to inspire? Unfortunately, this movie can only end one way and it ain't good for GB's character.
  11. Oh boy, this is going to be quite a movie. I assume everyone has noticed the range of emotions that GB demonstrates in just that short clip? Holy moly, hang onto your hats (and hearts) ladies. I think this one might be big. That scene where he says almost on the verge of tears, "The jury is gonna believe me" and then the look on his face.............freaking brilliant. I almost cried at that 30 second scene!
  12. Well, if they wanted an ordinary man they probably should have picked another actor. Those pictures emphasize that GB is anything but ordinary. Now if they used one of those pics for a movie poster............................... can you imagine the promotion?
  13. I am speechless at the beauty of this man. Again, how can People magazine NOT make him the sexiest man alive? To answer your question......he will convince us by sheer acting talent. Personally, I can't wait.
  14. Here, here! Although I enjoy anything Gerry is in, I too would like to see him do more movies of a romantic nature but not necessarily with the comedy factor. As funny and lovable as Gerry is, he's best when he's moody, broody and passionate! I could just eat him up! Literally and figuratively! Is that wrong? D Absolutely! I have been watching the trailers for The Time Traveler's Wife with Eric Bana. It looks so romantic. Why can't GB make a movie like that? I have to admit I am disappointed that Bounty looks like another variation of a rom com. I thought it was going to be serious/adventure kind of movie. Guess not. Wonder if GB was even considered for the part of the time traveler. I suspect that he and Eric Bana would be in competition for some parts. Now, don't get me wrong, I think GB is slowly making his way up the A list ladder, but I really do want him to get more meaty, romantic roles that seem to be going to other actors. If he loses Burns to another Scot (as rumored) I will just die.
  15. If you think the critics hated TUT you should read the reviews for G.I. Joe. Yikes!
  16. Xan

    Heir apparent?

    ITA I hope he never gets pigeon holed, but I was just thinking that there really is no one in his age bracket that covers all the bases the way he does. Surely, Hollywood will finally notice.
  17. All the talk about GB's new films, especially Gamer, and the numerous mentions of him as an A lister got me thinking whether he hasn't become the heir apparent to the action hero crown. I mean my beloved Harrison Ford has more or less retired, Stallone's gone, Arnold is the govenator, I mean who else is there but GB to play the bigger than life heroes? I know he can do more than convincingly wield a sword, but I just don't think there is anyone in films today who can be so convincing as a man of action. I mean when I see this guy on screen (even in TUT), he completely convinces me that he is capable of doing heroic deeds and having armies follow him into battle. He is also completely convincing as someone with a heart and a first rate mind. Yeah, the whole package. There just isn't anyone else that has this combination of talents. I think within the next couple of years he is going to put Pitt, Cruise, and Clooney in the shade. He might even finally convince People magazine to make him the sexiest man alive.
  18. Its a shame they couldn't have found a more attractive couple to represent the film. I don't know how either one of them has managed to have a career in film with those faces.
  19. Can we expect that some kind person will copy this interview for us? Pretty please.
  20. You and me both. Wow, that is one beautiful picture of a beautiful man. That suit!!! Fits his trim body like a glove. I don't think I have ever seen him look handsomer. I try not to download so many pictures, but I may have to have this one. Thanks Swannie.
  21. ITA! He looks scrumptious in that grey T shirt. Those who think he is fat should see these pictures. Slim, tanned, gorgeous, and don't get me started on the luck of that woman. She is touching him in places most of us only dream about.........................
  22. I think she was referring to the girls around the pool who circled him like sharks! Well, yeah.
  23. When the interviewer said she remembered him swimming IN THE NUDE I almost spit out my morning coffee...... She then corrected her comment and said he wore swiiming trucks or a speedo. Very funny interview. I am not sure what I would do if I ever saw GB swimming nude......probably drown?
  24. Thinking about that salsa dance.............. How much would we like to see GB tango? The tango is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.
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