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  1. Very interesting comparison. I have always thought that MC,s voice was a little tight and high. I remember him in Hello Dolly (yes, I am that old!) and never thought he was that good of a singer or actor. I think GB was miles better, not only in voice quality (more of a baritone than tenor, which I prefer) but much more emotional in his singing. The critics were way out of line on Phantom. It was and is a fantastic film and still my favorite GB movie. Now if we want to talk trained BARITONE singer who I adore, let's talk about Bryn Terfel...........................As some critic said "a voice in a billion". Love him, love him.
  2. Please try to pay attention next time.........there WILL be a test.
  3. Again, critics can say anything they want about the "construction" of a film, including acting, writing, directing, etc., but an actor's personality and looks have nothing to do with the film. Now I guess one could legitimately question the film's casting, but that wasn't what happened here. I didn't mean to run the topic off the road, after all I started it, but I just had to comment on that review. OK, let's get back to GB's choice of an American accent......................
  4. Potato-faced????? Russell Crowe with LESS charm??? I didn't know it was possible to have less charm than Russell Crowe? Great actor, but charming? WTF is wrong with this idiot? Boy, I am glad I didn't read that review sooner. My blood pressure just went through the roof! Potato-faced? Is he blind or just f**king mean? I don't care whether a critic likes or dislikes a movie, but personal attacks on actors are NEVER ok and IMO demonstrate the lack of professionalism on the part of this a**hole. Sorry for the language, but this is an outrageous review.
  5. Thanks, I never even considered your points. I think you are absolutely right. I mean Mike as an American certainly works for me and I think GB's accent was dead on. Could be we sometimes think we hear the Scottish accent because we know his voice so well. I bet the general public never hears anything but American.
  6. I think I read or heard an interview with GB where he says he had to talk the producers/writers into letting him have an American accent in TUT. Apparently, they were going to let him keep his natural Scottish accent! Now considering how much discussion has taken place on this board about how we always want TPTB to let GB use his charming accent, I thought it strange that Gerry actually petitioned to use an American accent. Do you think he was right? Would the character of Mike have been as successful as a Scot? How do you think the character would have been different?
  7. I don't think Burns is going to happen with GB. I have been hearing rumors that someone else is being considered for the role, another Scotsman. Have no knowledge whether this is true, but I find even the possibility upsetting. Oh no! This can't be! That's Gerry's role! I thought that Evil Twins had already acquired the rights to the screenplay! This is upsetting! D There may be no truth to this rumor, but when I heard it I was shocked that things had progressed so far as to consider replacing GB in the role. In truth the other actor is younger and VERY bankable as they say. Of course, so is GB these days so I don't know what to think. I do think that there is a limited amount of time for this film to get made WITH GB as Burns. I do know that even if Evil Twins produced it I would NOT watch anyone else play Burns but GB. Sorry, just can't do it even to support his company. JMHO
  8. I don't think Burns is going to happen with GB. I have been hearing rumors that someone else is being considered for the role, another Scotsman. Have no knowledge whether this is true, but I find even the possibility upsetting.
  9. I am surprised at the comments about a "gut" on GB. WHAT GUT? The scene in the jello showed an ab as flat as a table top. The movie scenes whether he was wearing a shirt or suit showed NO GUT. Being from the South I guess I have a different perspective on what constitutes a gut. I don't think GB has ever had a gut like I understand the term from looking at most of the guys in my neighborhood. Now THOSE are guts. As I mentioned in my review of TUT, GB makes all the other men in the movie seem somehow ........lacking......in presence, strength, etc. no matter how handsome they may be. GB is like a force of nature.....................without a GUT!!
  10. I just got back from TUT and have a few non-spoiler comments; Did I laugh? Oh yes, frequently and hard. The audience was not large, but seemed to enjoy the film. I will say that I do have to agree with some of the critics. IMO the script was weak and could have been, in the right hands, an updated version of Cyrano, with a twist, and brilliant. I felt the script lacked finesse and wit overall. In otherwords, I wished it had given people more to think AND laugh about. Katherine Hiegle is a talented actress, but the script gave her very little opportunity to expand her range. I found her's a one-note performance. The supporting cast was ........ok. The married couple were just annoying, IMO, not funny. Now about Gerry.......................... Although he has excellent comic timing, he seemed almost too big for the part. By that I mean his physical/emotional presence on screen is so enormous everyone else seems an afterthought. I think there is a reason why 300 became his breakthrough film beyond the physical - the role fit his epic presence like a glove and makes me think that "epic" roles will remain his best film destiny. That is not to say he can't do other film genres and be successful, but I think Gerry himself knows that in reality he is cast in the heroic/historical mold. Not many contemporary actors can convincingly fill this slot, no matter how authentically you costume them. I was particularly struck by the contrast between the actor who played the surgeon and Gerry. Now, the actor (whose name escapes me) was perfectly adequate in a rather thankless role, similar to that of Roaul in POTO. He was very handsome, great body, etc........but, and this was probably intentional by the script writers, he is so uninteresting, boring, one-dimensional when compared to Gerry/Mike, that it struck me as way too much of a contrast to be meaningful, not to mention realistically competitive. The fault isn't the actor, but that GB's presence is overwhelming. He needs an an equally strong actor to give balance, and that has simply not happened yet. As I sat there and watched this silly, but entertaining film, I wondered whether either of the "in-the-can" GB films to come will meet the challenge. I kinda think not.
  11. Critics are going to savage this film, but what else is new? It may still make some money, although it will be up against G-Force which looks really funny and is being promoted out the wahzoo. Of course, each film will appeal to a different audience, so both may do well.
  12. How many corners does he have to go around? KH hasn't had a blockbuster film like 300, yet in the article, GB is mentioned as an after thought. If the film is a hit SHE will get the credit, just like JF will get the credit for LAC, just watch.
  13. State your honestly felt opinions. I know of no one who is saying you shouldn't. But be prepared to receive rebuttal. I never post anything that I don't hope for a response. Zack is but one of a large audience. Some might say that mature women (and I am one) who join a movie star's fansite are exhibiting "the expression of a less than mature personality." I wouldn't agree nor would I assume that those who don't agree with me are some how lacking. Well, at least I wouldn't put it in print. Ouch! Now I have to act mature and turn in my membership in GALS. Guess its only fair and probably long overdue.
  14. I thought so, but guess I better just sit on my opinion from now on. No problem.
  15. You know, as I read your very insightful review I was thinking that Zack's love of movie violence is the expression of a less than mature personality. I use to teach middle school, so I am well versed in the likes of 15 year old boys who tend to love movie violence and gore. Seems to have something to do with being a "man", or what they think that means. At this point in my life I have little patience for the gleeful discussion of movie violence or for those who appreciate it. I am not particulary squeamish, but bored, profoundly bored by the increasing level of gratutious violence in movies. I suspect Game will also not be my cup of tea and I may decide to once again give it a pass, even though it stars my favorite actor. "GB, get busy with Burns, ASAP. I need a Butler fix, just not Game."
  16. Once again, Swannie you articulate exactly how I feel. I have no time for the relativism of much contemporary thinking and I certainly don't want to see a film that celebrates it. There ARE some truths beyond human perspective and some things that ARE bad and wrong, regardless of how the PC-obsessed media wants to spin it.
  17. Totally with you on this. I have never been a fan of superhero films. Guess its a generation thing, although I adore sci fi - go figure. I hope Watchmen is a huge success, because I like Zack, just think I will wait and go the On Demand route. Now if GB had starred........................all bets are off, baby.
  18. Apparently and surprisingly, the crititcs seem more enchanted with the film than the general public, which came as quite a surprise to me when I read the reviews. I thought the viewers' reviews would be off the charts, but they are very mixed and less than enthusiastic. I think Zack did a fantastic job in 300, but have to admit that the comic book hero scene is not of interest to me, and I will likely not pay full price to see this. I know this may be perceived as lack of support for Zack and thus GB, but today's economy I just can't justify the expenditure. Now I feel guilty and something of a traitor.
  19. IMO Gerry is the only lion in the group. Ok, maybe Hugh could be included.
  20. Those peoples' minds are with a very singular and political agenda. 300 didn't stand a chance in Hollywood, no matter how great it was and who played Leonidas. It simply was seen by the Hollywood elite as politically "incorrect", or at least that's the way it was interpreted. JMHO, 'natch.
  21. I'm afraid that you might be right. I have thought from the beginning that Jamie Foxx might be the "star" and the GB part a supporting role. I hate this idea, personally, but I guess Gerry is ok with it and probably considers it a plus that his production company managed to snare as Oscar winner like Foxx.
  22. I sure hope this doesn't push Burns back further. He needs to do Burns before anything else. However, he is busy! I was checking up on the "activities" of some other better-known actors than GB and they are not making nearly the number of films that GB has slated.
  23. I have a question for those of you who watch rom coms. Is the assigning of an R rating to TUT unusual for a rom com? I admit I haven't watched enough of them to know. Are most of them PG 13? I just wondered if the R rating might increase or decrease box office for the film.
  24. I do wonder where this puts the Bounty Hunter project in terms of filming schedule. Think it will go forward ahead of Burns?
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