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  1. Maybe we will get some print coverage (mag covers) out of this film. I want to see GB on the cover of Vanity Fair.
  2. If that was the case I might even go as high as $310! You GALS kill me.
  3. Don't suppose you would care to clarify what you mean by "close-to R rated" poster? GB shiirtless perhaps, or ...................shirtless in bed..............or................
  4. At last he will be able to speak with a Scottish accent! What do you want to bet that someone complains about the authenticity of the accent.
  5. I'm in to. Count me in. Course, one of my investment requirements is a kiss from the G man! What'd you think?
  6. Nope, just letting the ol' mind wander. IMO GB was made to play this role. I mean, if William Wallace is out, then the next best Scotsman to play is Burns.
  7. Brooding Gerry.....poetry speaking Gerry (in a Scottish accent)........love-making Gerry (big time!).......floppy shirt-wearing Gerry...........boots-wearing Gerry........
  8. I'd be right there with you! The ultimate fantasy for me. Regardless whether he ever plays Jamie, he is always who I see when I picture Jamie Fraser in my head.
  9. LOL. Yeah, I'm verklempt too! I just hope its not a false report, getting our hopes up for nothing. Guess it won't be official until we hear it from the G man himself. Dearest Gerry, I promise to never ask anything of you again, if you will just do this film.
  10. Sorry, I didn't know it had already been posted. I just got so excited! Come to think about it, I think I posted this in the wrong forum too. Yikes, I have lost it.
  11. I was hoping it would be done by Burns' birthday this year, but I will take whatever I can get as long as it gets made and GB is the star. I have got every part of my body crossed that can be crossed. I need to see GB in one of those pirate shirts like he wore in Phantom.
  12. I just read a notice that Burns is to start filming this year starring.......................James McAvoy!!! JUST KIDDING! The Times Online says it stars..................Gerard Butler!!!! Could it be true? I got so excited when I read this. Apparently, the money is in place. Oh, I so hope this is true.
  13. Isn't he just delish? I was wondering when someone would comment. The charcoal grey sweater and jeans make a great look for him. The one where he is standing is wonderful. My God, he looks so trim and fit and tall.........so tall.
  14. Sorry ladies, but its my fault. He just looked so handsome I had to run my fingers through his hair and it got messed up. I offered to fix it, but he was in such a hurry.
  15. Xan

    Botox: Yes or no?

    The time may come when all this might not be necessary. Apparently, in The Curious Case of Ben Button, CGI was used extensively to age AND youthen (is that a word) Brad Pitt. I imagine that wrinkles on actors in the movies, unless they are needed for age, will be a thing of the past. Now if I could somehow get a walk-around version. I had a professional photo taken recently and the photographer had the most amazing software to alter the digital images once taken. He could move my eyes, etc. I told him if he could make me look like Michelle Pfeiffer we had a deal!
  16. Xan

    Botox: Yes or no?

    Hey, I went to school with Farrah........you think YOU were under pressure. Even when she tried to look "casual" she was gorgeous. Use to be followed by an entourage of love-struck guys. The rest of us might as well have been wallpaper.
  17. Well, see with that chest hair you could create your own Gerry clone! I wonder how that works? That would make a great scifi/comedy/romance movie! Obsessed woman fan of an actor gets his DNA from a hair and somehow it accidently gets exposed to some weird chemical and the next morning when she awakens, there's the whole man in her kitchen! Of course, he has nothing on and is trying to figure out how to make coffee when she enters the kitchen and he just turns to her with nothing but that big smile and says in that lovely voice and accent of his, "good morning, love, how do you work this thing?' Woman runs back in to bedroom, slamming the door in disbelief. She then gathers her wits about her and grabs a towel (could be yellow) and goes back in and hands it to him. He then says, "what am I suppose to do with that?" She then has to wrap it around him herself, trying hard not to "look". Then he says to her, "so, after we have a cup of coffee, what would you like to do? I'm all yours!" The possibilities are endless! Kind of a "weird science" for grown up ladies! Think I should write a new screen play for Gerry to star in? What do ya think? D LOL Well, that pretty well fleshes (he-he) out my fantasy.
  18. Well, see with that chest hair you could create your own Gerry clone!
  19. That's good to know that HJNTIY isn't going to be competition.
  20. I have already posted this on GB.Net, so I apologize for the repeat, but it could be because of the similarities between TUT and "He's Just Not That Into You." Have you seen the previews? It also has some high-powered actresses. Maybe they didn't think it could compete.
  21. That is so self-indulgent and self-referential. Who cares what he "really" looks like. I remain stunned at the egoistic and lint-in-the-navel self-absortion of some "stars". But, as you observe, he is getting yet more publicity for it (as if he needed more) and accolades for being "so real".
  22. Probably all we would have seen were them checking each other out as to who is the thinnest and who wore what. Either that or they would be watching the "miracle" couple - Brangelina.
  23. Now WHY aren't there pictures of him dancing? I want to see that gorgeous man dance. Wonder who he asked? Would you have heart failure if he walked up to you looking like God's original sin and ask for a dance? $^%, to be young, thin, beautiful, rich and famous. (See, there are way too many deficiencies in that list for me to qualify ..............)
  24. Should have been #1. The other guys ahead of him couldn't hold a candle to him last night. All you have to do is compare those photos. There wasn't a handsomer man anywhere, or a better dressed one.
  25. Wow, that is the most handsome Gerry has been since.............yesterday? He did look scrumptious. In a room full of the handsomest men in the world, he really outshown them all. Cruise, Pitt, 'forgetaboutit' Gerry Butler out handsomed them all. I STILL say he would have made the best Bond ever. And those eyes............................
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