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  1. So, what you are saying is that unlike some other "stars" GB lives up to the hype?
  2. All these changes and the "indecision" with the script, roles, etc. makes me nervous about this project. When you are able to change the main direction of a script so many times, makes me question the original quality of the script/idea in the first place. Kinda like let's make Wizard of Oz, then half way through change to Gone With the Wind. Hey, they both are about weather, right?
  3. Now this sounds like the roles are the same as last announced. I am sooooo confused.
  4. Nah, if I can't have Gerry then I have the woman for him................Megan Kelly. Gorgeous, funny, brilliant (a lawyer), articulate............unfortunately, I think she just got married. Gerry, baby you missed out big time.
  5. *falls on knees, wailing and rending of cloth* Nooooooooo! Ditto. Looks like they are going for the cliched "wronged black man" again. Hasn't Denzel, et. al played this part to death? Count me disappointed.
  6. The letter should be in Scotland, but remember it took over 900 years for the Stone of Scone to be returned from England! I found it unbelievable that the English refused to give it back to Scotland until the 1990's. Talk about holding a grudge!
  7. Actually, having Lolita live with his neices is not a bad idea for a busy guy like GB. Lo gets to play with the kids, run in the Highlands and still see GB on occasion. It might be the best solution. As busy as he is and as much traveling as he does, he really doean't need a pet to worry about. JMHO.
  8. LOL my thoughts exactly. Why is he wearing a shirt on the beach? Gives us GALS a break GB.
  9. Ok, here I go again.......(I, too love these topics) I agree with just about everything that's been said. GB IS better known now than after POTO, etc., but he still hasn't reached the level of "public" recognition of a Brad Pitt or a George Clooney. However, as I have said before, part of their recognition with the general public is because of their highly (and questionable) visible private lives. If Brad Pitt had never made a movie, he would still be recognized and "famous" because of his "associations" with two very famous actresses. And let's face it, the media has been in love with both Pitt and Clooney from the get-go. One shouldn't underestimate the media bias towards certain politically "active" individuals. Will GB ever attain the level of public recognition of a Pitt or Clooney? I actually doubt it. He certainly has the talent (more, if you ask me) and the looks (still more if you ask me), but he has one fatal flaw as far as the media is concerned.......he hasn't screwed around on his wife, the law, or taken a highly visible politically stance. The media could care less about talent, but cares a LOT about personal and questionable behavior and scandal. Sorry, GB, but you just aren't screwed up enough or egotistical enough to merit that A list ranking. I know I have been one of the most vocal members regarding more media (especially print) coverage for GB. I still resent the fact that he rarely appears on the COVER of mainstream magazines like BP or GC, because it would be nice to be able to collect those mags. Guess I will just have to get over it. Now if GB and Jennifer Aniston were to become an item while filming Bounty Hunter.......................... Just kidding, but can you imagine the publicity; the headlines? "Jennifer finally forgets Brad in the muscular arms of hot Scot Gerard Butler".
  10. I confess................I, too am a desktop stalker.
  11. After the "punch-out" episode, I wonder if the paparrazi are a little fearful of an enraged highlander? They should be.
  12. I suspect he isn't going home for Christmas, since he was there fairly recently, wasn't he?
  13. Good point. Wouldn't want anything bad to happen to the big sweetie. Course, guess he won't be a big sweetie in the movie.
  14. Amen - and what's a metamale? Is like a metrosexual? Nude prison shower scene? I'm thinking that's the fantasies/wishful thinking of some of our gutter maidens down below . . . Lisa Metamale....metasexual.....same difference. About the nude shower scene....I figured if enough of us put out the mental vibes they might take root in the director's mind. I thought there was a requirement for a nude shower scene in every prison pic?
  15. I like the fact he didn't try to cover up the boo-boo with make-up like some of the metamales in Hollyweird would. BTW he looks absolutely yummy. If this is the way he is going to look in LAC then bad boy or not, he will devastate us all. Did I hear there would be a nude prison shower scene?
  16. Although I am always happy to see GB achieve these media lists, I am surprised because in moments of weakness when I have visited his page at IMDB, the snarkiness of the posts are so unrelenting and ugly that one would think he was the most hated celebrity in Hollywood.
  17. Yeah, what is it about that forearm? Its so...............................
  18. Well, after reminding everyone about PSILY being on HBO tonight, and admitting that it isn't one of my favorite GB movies, and having only seen it at the theater once (I know, bad fan, bad fan) and not owning the DVD, I watched it again on TV and enjoyed it much more than the first time I saw it. Gerry is really quite wonderful in it, not to mention unbelievably gorgeous. Why couldn't I be walking along a rode in Ireland or Scotland and meet someone like that? Did everyone notice how green his eyes appeared in those scenes? I actually thought he might be wearing green contacts. His eyes were intensely emerald. I know I'm gushing, but I just found myself really enjoying it this time and GB was at his most attractive in this movie IMO. "Kissing is a man's business." You said it, Gerry! Guess I'll go buy it tomorrow.
  19. Didn't know if it had been posted, but PSILY is on HBO tonight at 7 pm CT. It only garnered a two star rating. Not my favorite GB film, but I always have to watch him when he is on TV. Funny, huh? BTW anyone else get the notice about the demise of the Angel Fan site? Strange.
  20. Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean, would anyone here be able to stand up after watching those two on screen? Jeez Marie, they would need paramedics on call at the theaters. Still, I would be willing to risk it. Wouldn't you love to see them in a pirate movie together?..................
  21. After seeing the trailer several times, I have .............*drum roll*..........another observation The object of KH's character's affection - the surgeon - is very handsome, tall, slender, etc., in fact, "pairfect" for the heroine of a rom com, however............have you noticed what a pale, non-entity he appears next to GB's Mike, even though Mike is a chauvinist pig? Now the surgeon may turn out to be more interesting in the movie, and I believe the "twist" in the plot may be that he DOES get the girl, but GB's Mike is so dynamic and powerful that he just sucks the air out of every scene he is in. As I said in a previous post, I don't particularly care for rom coms, but boy, that trailer really does show off the power of GB's on-screen persona. I think the filmmakers should have selected another actor to play the surgeon, one with a bit more presence to be believable competition for the Butler mojo. I am not sure KH is up to the challenge either. Even in a comedy, GB just blows them off the screen, doesn't he?
  22. Just watched the trailer and that's not GB.
  23. Another great suggestion. I think he would fit the Henry II role better than Becket.
  24. Another good suggestion. I also want a remake of Roman Holiday. It would have to be updated, but he would be so good in the Greg Peck role. Ghost and Mrs. Muir is still my first choice. He would be pairfect!
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