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  1. Cinemacafe.netMy link Photo:Manna Kikuta keiko :kiss:/>/>
  2. Gerard Butler safely arrived at Japan. :hello:/> He already has been interviewed from some reporters. I cannot wait to see his photographs, videos, and articles. :love:/> keiko.
  3. Happy Birthday ,Gerry! May all the joy and happiness that you bring to others come back to you make you smile! Wishing you a great 43th birthday! keiko.
  4. Happy Birthday, Keiko! Hope you are having a wonderful day celebrating! :)

  5. keisann for answering this. We don't have this in our Magazine section of the Gallery - may we please add your scans? ~Barbara "Certainly." keisann.
  6. It is a photograph published in Japanese Men's magazine "Safari" . It is a August 2005 issue. He had come to Japan for the promotion of "Dear Frankie". keisann
  7. PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS GO TO YOU AND YOUR COUNTRYMEN! I'm relieved to see you were online earlier today. ;-)


  8. keisann

    GAMER in Japan

    All movies of Gerry are not necessarily released at the movie theater in Japan. Happily,"TUT" and "TBH" have already been screened. However "TGOTL" "B&G" "Shattered" have been released only on DVD. I wish "LAC" to be screened .
  9. keisann

    GAMER in Japan

    At last, the release date in Japan of "GAMER" has been decided. It is scheduled to be screened on December 3. I 'm so glad at this news. Japanese Gerry fans were looking forward to seeing this movie. Japnese official site is opening. Only the poster and the trailer are published now. Japanese official site keisann.
  10. hey there luv, need a friend?


  12. http://www.timewarp.jp/pages/guest/article...amp;cid=1597392 A part of content of article. ”Gerard who was carrying out gentleman spirit of inborn as responding to signature and handshake to fans . Because he did not forget showing his funny expression toward the cameraman even in his private time, he was wonderful gentleman.” Because I am not good at the English translation、I'm sorry if this is wrong English. keiko.
  13. Dear Gerry. November 8,nine Japanese fans congratulated your birthday. We prepared the Phantom cake by a special order. It was a wonderful cake decorated with the white mask of Pantom and the red rose flower. May all joy and happiness that you bring to us come back to you to make you smile! Happy Birthday! Gerry,we love you. keiko.
  14. Hello,GALS. The photographs and the article of Gerry were published on "Screen Plus vol.17" . The article is a content of the press conference in Japan. His smile makes me a smile. keiko. http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w289/ke...08_11020003.jpg http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w289/ke...08_11020004.jpg http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w289/ke...08_11020007.jpg http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w289/ke...08_11020008.jpg
  15. Hello,Bethy. I received the card today. It is very wonderful. When I was a child, Napoleon Solo that Robert Vaughn had performed was hero of me. Because he is performing to the television series of Britain now, I am glad. I was deeply moved . Thank you so much. keiko.
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