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  1. Cinemacafe.netMy link Photo:Manna Kikuta keiko :kiss:/>/>
  2. Gerard Butler safely arrived at Japan. :hello:/> He already has been interviewed from some reporters. I cannot wait to see his photographs, videos, and articles. :love:/> keiko.
  3. Happy Birthday ,Gerry! May all the joy and happiness that you bring to others come back to you make you smile! Wishing you a great 43th birthday! keiko.
  4. keisann for answering this. We don't have this in our Magazine section of the Gallery - may we please add your scans? ~Barbara "Certainly." keisann.
  5. It is a photograph published in Japanese Men's magazine "Safari" . It is a August 2005 issue. He had come to Japan for the promotion of "Dear Frankie". keisann
  6. keisann

    GAMER in Japan

    All movies of Gerry are not necessarily released at the movie theater in Japan. Happily,"TUT" and "TBH" have already been screened. However "TGOTL" "B&G" "Shattered" have been released only on DVD. I wish "LAC" to be screened .
  7. keisann

    GAMER in Japan

    At last, the release date in Japan of "GAMER" has been decided. It is scheduled to be screened on December 3. I 'm so glad at this news. Japanese Gerry fans were looking forward to seeing this movie. Japnese official site is opening. Only the poster and the trailer are published now. Japanese official site keisann.
  8. http://www.timewarp.jp/pages/guest/article...amp;cid=1597392 A part of content of article. ”Gerard who was carrying out gentleman spirit of inborn as responding to signature and handshake to fans . Because he did not forget showing his funny expression toward the cameraman even in his private time, he was wonderful gentleman.” Because I am not good at the English translation、I'm sorry if this is wrong English. keiko.
  9. Dear Gerry. November 8,nine Japanese fans congratulated your birthday. We prepared the Phantom cake by a special order. It was a wonderful cake decorated with the white mask of Pantom and the red rose flower. May all joy and happiness that you bring to us come back to you to make you smile! Happy Birthday! Gerry,we love you. keiko.
  10. Hello,GALS. The photographs and the article of Gerry were published on "Screen Plus vol.17" . The article is a content of the press conference in Japan. His smile makes me a smile. keiko. http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w289/ke...08_11020003.jpg http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w289/ke...08_11020004.jpg http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w289/ke...08_11020007.jpg http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w289/ke...08_11020008.jpg
  11. Hello,Bethy. I received the card today. It is very wonderful. When I was a child, Napoleon Solo that Robert Vaughn had performed was hero of me. Because he is performing to the television series of Britain now, I am glad. I was deeply moved . Thank you so much. keiko.
  12. How much did he receive a lot of interviews though he was tired in the jet lag when Gerry came to Japan? I want to express my gratitude to him. This is a photograph on "GQ JAPAN 12". Gerry says that he is writing the scenario now. Some day,Gerry will become starring of the movie by the scenario that he wrote. keiko.
  13. Fans in Japan are pleased for the article of Gerry to be published in a lot of magazines put on the market this month. These are photographs published in the FLIX December edition. It is written that he has a warm ,honest and clever personality . keiko.
  14. The wallpapers of PSIL & Gerry are here. Tsutaya online keiko.
  15. I up-loaded the video to Rapidshare now. Can you download it? keiko. RapidShare wowow 2 wmv file YESSSS! thanks! did I miss something? was there a part one to this? thanks again! http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/ind...showtopic=22428 ←part one is here keiko.
  16. I up-loaded the video to Rapidshare now. Can you download it? keiko. RapidShare wowow 2 wmv file
  17. Yes, I will post the video by the wmv format. First of all, because the re-broadcasting is broadcast on the 16th, I should make the recording succeed. keiko. Thank you. I look forward to seeing it. I added the video on October 16. It is regrettable that many of words of Gerry are cut because the programs are only five minutes. However, his words gave us impression. The interviewer admired very much about his attitude and answers. keiko. Photobucket link MEGAUPLOAD wmv file ,wowow part 2←I'm sorry. It becomes impossible to access this. Rapidshare link
  18. Yes, I will post the video by the wmv format. First of all, because the re-broadcasting is broadcast on the 16th, I should make the recording succeed. keiko.
  19. The latter half of his interview on "wowow" of Japan was aired. English sentences were published on the site of wowow. I recorded the program. However, I has failed in it because I made a mistake in the setting of time. Because I record the re-broadcasting, I will up-load the video later. keiko. I added the video on October 16. Photobucket link Rapidshare wowow wmv file wowow " +What do you think about the ideal way of loving in your idea? Gerard Butler(G):Ideal way of loving? Um...(laughs) I love that I certainly become the irony of...the voice of "how to have an ideal relationship". If I knew how to have an ideal relationship, I would be married with children. (laughs) I'm probably the wrong person to ask. But I think that...what was the question? How to be loving? I think that a lot of that comes from what you see in Jerry is to get out of your own head for a second and really see the beauty in the other person that you have and not to try to change them, not to try to make them do the things that you want and be the person that you want and to appreciate them as their own entity...own kind of...it's a flower and just to....to really try and love and appreciate and encourage them. Because from that comes this incredible energy I think that the pays back times ten. + Yeah. So, I heard that you studied law in college and started to work in law firm, but one day your coworker told you that there must be other things that you really wanna do so you decided to pursue your acting career in spite of loosing job and getting financial problem what made you aspire to become an actor? G:Well, it was happening long before anybody at the law firm mentioned...um at actual fact, when he mentioned that at the law firm, because they were saying, that it wasn't going to work as a lawyer. Because I was crazy. They were kind of saying "Look, we can see that your soul and your heart it's not here. It lies somewhere our there, so go and follow your dreams." So it wasn't a suggestion, it was more like "Bye-bye" (Burst outs laughing) And my dreams of being an actor way way back when I was 9, 10, 11 and it would come back every couple of years very powerfully. It came back very powerfully when I was 15. Actually I had a dream, this crazy dream when I was living in a kind of a fantasy world and I woke up and going "This is it! I have to do this. I have to be an actor" and it went away and came back but it just never really left me so...he I am. + You've worked with so many people and you have so many opportunities and experiences. So among the people that you've worked with or met, who has given you the most memorable advice? G:Um...who's given me the most memorable advice...wow, that's a good question. Um...probably...you know, if it's everybody in my life, it would be my mother. And it was actually when that transition from law to acting. It was big deal to...my family had for years thought I was gonna be a lawyer. And she just wrote me this beautiful note when I suddenly moved down to London and knew everybody was very disappointed and she wrote me this note that just said "No matter what you do, no matter where you end up, I'll always be proud of you". And it's not just a piece of advise, it wasn't just a note saying, it just made me realize that as long as you do, you follow your truth, then you can't do any wrong. Whether it works out or not, who's to say what is success and what is not. As long as you follow your truth and you're brave or...even if you're not brave, even if you're too scarred, that' ok. Everything is ok. I can't remember who told me this but was somebody who apparently was dying and he was on his deathbed. And he said, "If only if I had known that everything was gonna be ok. All that worry and all the anxiety and it's true because everything is ok. It's just...you know, nothing means anything until it goes up to our brains. And then make it a problem. Everything until then it's just information. So, it was always good for me to remind myself of that. Cause I go, "No! How come! How dare they!" so who cares. + So, finally, this show called "Cinema Voice" will end after 7 years of broadcasting. G:Oh... + It will be great if you can give a message for the viewers. G:Am I the last guest? + Yeah. G:No! Not the last guest! I'll be the last guest on the show? + So, finally, this show called "Cinema Voice" will end after 7 years of broadcasting. G:Yeah. + Really? Wow... G:(To the camera) Hi, WOWOW viewers! I'm Gerard Butler and um...I hope you've enjoyed the last 7 years of watching Cinema Voice. I'm very honored to be the last guest to introduce a movie. Also very sad. I'm just been informed this and I think it's very sad. (sniffs) Anyway, My movie is "P.S. I love you". And I hope you'll enjoy it and I hope you had a great 7 years."
  20. I up-loaded the wmv file now. Can you see this? MEGAUPLOAD wmv file keiko.
  21. Hello! GALS. I recorded this program in VHS, moved it to DVD, and saved data in the personal computer. I'm sorry,the image is wavering . Photobucket link MEGAUPLOAD mp4file keiko.
  22. The interview of Gerry was broadcast on "wowow" of Japanese TV. The content was published in the site of "wowow". wowow online ← Please click the part of the interview (English) . This is the first half. The latter half will be broadcast soon. keiko. 10/10 ,added the video Photobucket link MEGAUPLOAD mp4file MEGAUPLOAD wmv file
  23. The interview article in Japan of Gerry appeared in "Movie Star November 2008". Because I cannot translate it into English, I put only the photographs here. keiko.
  24. Hello,GALS. The photographs and the articles on Gerry were published in some movie mags. Most articles are articles about "P.S.I Love You". The articles and the photographs when Gerry came to Japan will be published next month. ←Cut 10 ←FLIX 11 ←Roadshow 11 ↓Screen 11 keisann.
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