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  1. Needs a mental Vacation!!!

  2. For you GALS that are going to do this and want a recommendation, Well have you watched INKED? That is Hart and Hunington and they are located in Vegas and it is a very CLEAN and well respected PLACE located at the Palms! Here is the link Hart and Hunington Tatoo Company MAP Zoom out a couple of times and you will see that it is Not far from the SAHARA!! Check it out! Tiff
  3. Good Day my loverly GALS!! Just a quick hello!! How are you all? I hope you are all having a GREAT GERRY DAY!!!
  4. I thought that I would drop in and say a big to all of you GALS!! It has been so long and I have MISSED YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!! A BIG THANKS TO THE DOC!!! (You know why Dr. EM!!!) I hope to get reaquainted with all of my old friends and get to know all of the new GALS!!! Hugs and Kisses to all of you Tiff
  5. Hey I am right there with ya on the Paycheck to Paycheck thing!!! It sucks when you find things out this close to the HOLIDAYS!! Hang in there! Doesn't he get HOLIDAY pay? Does he have Vacation Time that they will let him use to make the difference? Well I have a SEXY plumber myself sorry on that one!!!
  6. I want to thank all of YOU GALS for the LOVERLY Christmas CARDS!! I have had soem family things going on so I just barely sent mine So they will be a little late! SO SORRY!!! HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!!!
  7. HEY swan I like yours best!!! I think on the 12th day of Christmas Gerry would......... COME AND LIGHT MY FIRE!!!! HEHEEEE :: :: :: ::
  8. Hey GALS!! I thought that I would say HEY!! I have bee so busy with my children!!! They are having programs and Holiday open houses!! All that fun stuff you get to do at christmas!!! My baby Gia will be a year on Tuesday the 20th!! I could cry because that is my BABY!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful Holiday Season!! I may have to think on the 12 days of Christmas thing! Cheers Tiff
  9. Christmas In Heaven I see the countless Christmas trees around the world below with tiny lights like heaven's stars reflecting on the snow. The sight is so spectacular please wipe away that tear for I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year. I hear the many Christmas songs that people hold so dear but the sounds of music can't compare with the Christmas choir up here. I have no words to tell you of the joy their voices bring for it is beyond description to hear the angels sing. I know how much you miss me, I see the pain inside your heart for I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year. I can't tell you of the splendor or the peace here in this place Can you just imagine Christmas with our Savior face to face? I'll ask him to lift your spirit as I tell you of your love so then pray for one another as you lift your eyes above. Please let your hearts be joyful and let your spirit sing for I am spending Christmas in heaven and I'm walking with the King. Wanda Bencke "copyright 1998"
  10. Thank YOU!! You the QUEEN!!! YOU ROCK!!!! :rudolph: :reindeer: :snowman: :santaclaus: :tasty: :yippee: :yippee: :inlove:
  11. I love my bracelet that I got for my Anniversary!! Jason did it all by himself! I wish I had a digital camera so that I could show all of you!!!
  12. Ok that is all cool that we could get something for registering by January 30th! However I don't know about you other GALS out there but I won't have the CASH to drop until my taxes come! Most of us are barely recovering from CHRISTMAS by the end of January! Just a thought! What do you MONETARILY CHALLENGED GALS THINK? :: :dance3:
  13. I am with WEEZEE I don't think that COLD showers help. I have been taking cold showers for about 10 months straight now and all I got from those HYPOTHERMIA!!!! Good Morning GALS!! What in the WORLD happened to all of the LUSTING? I come in here and it is like a MORGE!!!! Well lets see what I can do about that!!!
  14. I HATE COMPUTERS!!!! I HATE COMPUTERS!!!! I HATE COMPUTERS!!! Ok I got that out of my system. I went to get on my computer this morning and everthing was GONE!!!! I mean GONE!! I had to set it up like I just bought it!!!! My Gerry Pics are GONE!!! My Siggys, even my e mails were wiped out!!!! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! Ok So GALS I hope you had a GREAT holiday weekend!! I was with family!! Then On Friday (leftover DAY!!) We watched the Nebraska Cornhuskers SHRED the Colorado Buffs!!! W0ot!!!!!! Have a GREAT Gerry DAY!!! I will be trying to get all my pictures back. Love and to all Tiff ::
  15. OH Sarah just let it roll off!! I have a quite naughty and cheeky 3 year old myself!! She is not perfect and she is a HANDFUL!!! I have the same problem!! Family thinks that MY children are the NAUGHTY ones!!! I think that because I am a Stay at Home MOM that they think that my children should be PERFECT!! Well Guess what? They are!!! They are PERFECT the way they are!! I do have days where I wish I could have just 5 SECONDS of peace but, they always say be careful what you wish for!! I am with Toni on this one!! Kids are fun and every one of them DIFFERENT!!! Even mine cut from the same stone but, not one of them are alike!!! Hang in there!! The tables will TURN!! Love ya!! Tiff
  16. Well as my Mom always says to me and I pass on to my daughters and sonTRUST NO ONE!!!!! It is when you are TOO trusting and let your guard down that things often happen!!! I mean we don't want to live our lives in FEAR but, if we don't think of what COULD happen then it is at that point we are our most VULNERABLE!!! Thanks Madame Angel Truly a good REMINDER of the way to think in todays society!!!
  17. I want to wish all of my GALS a wonderful FRIDAY and a PLEASANT weekend to come!!!! I myself have a lot of plans! Must get ready for Thanksgiving DINNER! I make it every year and I LOVE IT!!! I can say that I have a lot to be THANKFUL for this year. I have my health, and NOW I have wonderful GALS!!! Stef, Dr. Em, Jenni, Sarah, Carrie(hope you are well!), Susan, Barb, Bethy,Beanie, Abrock, Lish, Suze, Linda, Dawn, Perrin(Erik is yours for the Holiday!!), Chris(well I may have to have a potty break), Toni,Zany(whereever you are!), Risa, Mish, Aussierose, Rush, Sofie, Roaul,Kimber, Football Princess and to anyone that I may have forgotten to mention!!!! You GALS all make my DAY!!!!!! You guys ROCK!!!! Have a GREAT GERRY DAY AND WEEKEND!!!! Tiff
  18. Hello GALS!! How are you all this COLD morning? Sorry to hear the you are sick Bethy, Feel Better LOVE!! Well Sarah, I am right with you there. Lola has been vomiting and all that Yucky stuff since Saturday!!! It landed us a trip to the ER!! We took her last night and we were there for quite awhile!! She hasn't been able to keep anything in so they had to start an IV and get her Hydrated!! We came home about 2:00 this morning!! They took x-rays blood work and urine and all was clear so they are not quite sure what is wrong with her. She is hyping up on POPSICLES right now and 7 UP.!! She is managing to keep that down. I hope so or the DOC said we will have to ADMIT her. YIKES!! She is so good though she just let them do what they needed to do!! She didn't even cry when they inserted the IV!!! What was even funnier is that there was a Teenage girl there and she was crying becasue she did not want to get poked by the needle and next door is Lola who is 3 and she just turned and said OUCH!!! Funny how sometimes the older we get the BIGGER babies we become!!! Susan, Bethy, and Barb so glad to hear you had a GOOD time!! Love and Hugs to you all Tiff
  19. Well Lish you want to talk about middle I am more in the MIDDLE than all of you. I live in Nebraska!! How about you all come HERE!!! HEHEHEE!! Yeah right!!!! Well I do have SCOTTSBLUFF with GERRY's FACE IN THE SIDE!!! HEHEHEHE!!!!! Hey Lish, Where in Iowa, I could maybe drive to Lincoln or Omaha and meet you there?
  20. OK I though that this TOPIC might be fun. I saw it over on the OTHER Website. Where did you come up with your Childrens names? Or if you don't have children What do you think you MIGHT name them? Ok I will start, Ciara Joei(Ciara with the S sound Like Sierra)- Ciara is from a perfume that I used to wear. I loved it and I thought that it was a beautiful. Joei is from My DAD!! He died a year before she was born. She was supposed to be a BOY!! But the ultrasound was WRONG so we decided to keep Joey and just change the y to an i. Derek Richard- Derek was the first name that POPPED in my head after he was born! We had spent four months trying to come up with a BOYS name and not one we could agree on. Richard is his Jason's last name, we used is for Derek's Middle name. A tradition AMONG Spanish/Mexican families. Lola Maria- Lola is from my Aunt,her name is Delores but, we called her LOLA!! Maria is from my Maternal Grandma Mary. Gia Nicole-Gia is from a Movie that I seen when I was little called "Bueno Sera Mrs. Campbell" The girls name in the movie was Gia ( with the J sound). I just fell in love with that name. Nicole, well it just went with Gia. So now you tell us how you decided to name your children!! Or what you might name your Children. ::
  21. GOOD MORNING GALS!!!! TGIF FOR SURE!!!!! Susan, Bethy, Barb, and all of the NYC GALS!! HAVE FUN!! SARAH!! BIG HUG FOR YOU!!!! TO ALL THE REST OF YOU GALS!! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!! Love, and Tiff
  22. Well My GALS!! I am off for the night!! Now that Sofie has found SONGS for me! I should be spitting out that MAREK Screensaver sometime tomorrow!!! GOOD NIGHT, See you all in the AM!!!! Tiff
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