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  1. Happy Happy Birthday Merle!!! ♥

    Miss you my friend! xo

  2. Susan, I add AMEN SISTAH! to that!Driving through deforested parts of the Highlands (Glencoe, for example) one is astounded and distressed to see the bare mountains. Just rounded, bare rock ("rounded" because the wind and rain have pounded them down, as there is no forest to protect them). The groves (mostly Scots pine) are clearly visible as one drives through the area, and I believe, slowly but surely, these mountains can be rejuvenated. I am happy and proud to add 10 trees to Gerry's Grove, in honor of his upcoming 40th birthday, and to let Gerry know that his homeland is dear to our hear
  3. Judy, the Arclight Cinema does allow us in to use "the facilities," because it is a money-making venture for them!We can use the restrooms ND go to the concession stand to buy bottled water (lots of those for $4.25 each!) and ice cream bars and soft drinks, etc. PLUS there is a gift shop in the lobby where many of us bought the new Star magazine (aith Gerry and JA on the cover) as well as the new issue of Esquire with the interview with Gerry. At previous premieres at the Grauman Chinese Theatre, it was often difficult to find "facilities." Thank you, ladies, for your words of encouragement
  4. Sally, I agree with you completely! This was my first experience with Korean food. The kimchi was too hot (spicey=hot) for me but the rest was wonderful! Try the BarBQ ribs and the marinated Spencer steak.
  5. Yep, swannie, he is indeed very sweet and considerate of his fans!!I have read the posts in this thread, and agree with all the comments. Sorry it took me so long to write but I have not had access to a computer. It was very crowded in that "corral" facing the sun, and I was overcome by the heat. I arrived at the Arclight Cinema at ten a.m., planning to scope the place out before I joined my friends for lunch. Well, there was already a line forming, and I saw some of my friends. So I stopped, hoping to learn if the security folks had decided where to put us (and hope it was not across the
  6. Hi Suzanne, I was telling everyone I knew to please tell you "HI" for me at your GALS convention. Anyway, I would love to re-connect with you! This Sept it will be 2 years since TIFF! I felt we bonded on a deep level...so I will write more another time. Love, Merle

  7. MERLE!!!

    How are you my friend?

    Pm me and let me know.

    I've missed you!

    (((BIG HUGS)))

    Suzanne xoxox

  8. Richard Corliss wrote: "Leonidas (Phantom of the Opera's Gerald Butler)..." Oh WHEN WILL THESE PEOPLE LEARN TO FRICKIN' READ??! It is GerARD...those numbskulls. The reviewers can just play with themselves and think they are smart, but this movie will prove them wrong.
  9. Don't get angry Swan, just feel sorry for them (reviewrs). I mean you have to, they are obviously not firing on all cylinders, it must be so difficult to go through life without a clue. Bonnie Anne, hi honey.Yeah, the reviewers can go screw themselves (pardon the crude comment but that is how I feel). The producers of "300" can cry all the way to the bank...and and I HOPE Gerry gets a BIG cut of the earnings rather than just straight salary. His performance as King Leonidas just blew me away. Strong, yes, but when he looks at his queen and at his son, he softens with love. I would follow Ger
  10. Hi Swansong...my friend Bonnie Anne, you and I connected at GB.net more than a year ago, sharing our mutual experiences of Gerry-love. You sent me chapters of Chanson de L'ange, and I grew to deeply admire and appreciate your ability to write...whether your beautiful fiction story as well as your thoughts and feelings. Then it became evident that your talents exceeded writing along. Nathan's music with your song and your voice singing it, oh my goodness! what a voice you have!! So, reading of your GALS convention adventures brought me much joy and many tears! May you and Nathan continue
  11. verra verra kewl! Thanks to you all for this super intervidew clip!! Gerry as ROCKS!!
  12. well, as I have been struggling with very intense emotions...ones which swansong describes in such clarity that I believe she and I share the same neurons! ... and then here comes my other favorite GAL (Suzanne) - an embarassment of riches.Bonnie Anne, do you mind if I Copy and Paste what you wrote about your Gerry encounter and how you love him, and the next time someone asks me about him, I can share your thoughts?...as they are the same as my own, only I lack the talent for capturing the essence of my very strong feelings for Gerry! I promise tomorrow I will be better ~ not such a blithe
  13. Bonnie Anne, several minutes ago I read this second installment of your Gerry Encounter Story, and I am just now aware that the clock has "bonged" again, meaning I have sat here, transfixed, for 15 minutes, dwelling on what you what and what this means to you... You and I connected a LONG time ago, back when we were both newbies at GBdotnet, before there was GALS, and I felt connected to you... but life has a way of limiting our connections. For me, it is the overwhelming responsibilities which I carry. I simply do not possess the energy or the time to do all that I "want" to do, once I have
  14. Great news, Bonnie Anne! Can't wait to read it! Glad you are feeling better...but PLesee PLEEASE give us a brief heads up about this one particular photo~!! What was so darned funny?
  15. HI SUZANNE! I still luv ya, you know it, don't ya? Wanna do TIFF again, you let me know, I am THERE with ya, doll!Shame it takes something as monumental as a Gerry Sighting at the GALS convention to get me off my lazy butt, to post at GALS. By the way, I wish you had been there, sweetie. OK. Bonnie Anne - *I KNOW you're out there!! You MUST tell us, what transpired, or what was said the instant before this picture was taken??? Enquiring Minds HAVE to Know!
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