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  1. Click on each of the printed pages, then try "Ctrl" "+" a few times, each time will enlarge the print a bit. The print is pretty blurry, but I was able to read most of the article. It's a great one.
  2. Oh, my goodness. GALS is neither the Gerry police, nor his mother. I would think if the PTB did not want onlookers, they certainly have enough budget to hire security and have a closed set. (Oh, wait a minute – GB is one of the PTB, isn’t he?) So, if any fans are bothering the Star/Producer, he would handle it – wouldn't he? And why is it any of our business what some fans want to do? Gerry could stop it, if he wanted to. Just maybe he likes the attention. A tempest in a teapot, I say. JMHO
  3. Way to go, Barb. You surely must be living right - - or something?
  4. The "sweater" is not actually a sweater. It is a zip-up cardigan jacket with traditional Fair Isle patterning on the shoulders. Fair Isle garments are made on one of the Scottish islands and popular in the UK. I have some myself. Thanks, I thought it might be something special like that.
  5. Just wondering, is the sweater a Scottish thing - or does he shop at the local used clothing store or something?
  6. There goes that GeraLD guy again, stealing GeraRd's thunder. Do you think "they" will ever get it right?
  7. I must confess I have kind of "lost that lovin' feeling" as far as Gerry is concerned and have wondered about his Peter Pan personna as of late. However, I suspect, and have for a long time, he is the same Gerry he’s been all along. The difference is that now he is well known enough the razzis have found him. I imagine he is doing and saying the same things he’s always done and said – we just know about some of it now. The Phantom mists have dissipated and we are seeing him as he is. I think this is probably the real Gerry with the mask off, no longer the Phantom, not the Stranger, not the KI
  8. Read your note and checked our small town theater. YES! It opens here today.
  9. So - O'k - you got to see him/them up close and personal - so just what does a "handler" handle???? and when and where? Inquiring minds want to know, you know? :yummy:
  10. LOL, I hope HE plays in Charlotte!! Charlotte :lmao:
  11. When I first read this article, my first thought was "Oh, this poor sad man." But, then as I thought about it, I now think "Wait a minute - this guy is an actor and a good one." Now, I think he was giving this intrusive reporter a tweak perhaps to see how far he could go and how far she would fall into it. Was he laughing at her and she didn't pick up on it? He is quite intelligent and can play any role at any time. Perhaps, this time, he was being the lonely, lost Phantom - hum - wonder where he got that?
  12. Reminds me of that old knock knock joke Orange you glad I didn't say Banana - - - oh - and that reminds me of - - - uh!
  13. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :
  14. Ha, no problem - just looking out for the "peeps"
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