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    So. Cal, but someday TX or AZ!
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    I have many interests, but since I inherited my Dad's business 3 years ago, not much time for anything else! That's not a complaint, since this is welfare state CA and jobs are hard to find otherwise. I also maintain a small colony of abandoned,stray & orphaned cats/kittens, most spayed and neutered now, but strays always find their way in...which means kittens I must socialize and try to find homes for which is also time-consuming,but worth the effort

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    United States
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    Erik's Maiden of the Mirrors Gal

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  1. Ha ha ha..."GERALD...GERALD...!!" It's GERARD...silly...G E R A R D ! GB & Brad Cooper...yes, Two Handsome Cuties for sure....
  2. OK...for some odd reason, PayPal took a long time to 'verify' my bank account...so I re-entered the info...it verified, so everything should be OK now....PayPal statement says one thing, my online bank statement says another....crazy....
  3. I just sent something via PayPal...this is my first time, so I hope I did it correctly...
  4. Hi, everyone! Longtime, no see....but here's something kinda fun trending on twitter RIGHT NOW #MentionSomeoneHandsome I, of course, took time out to proudly display our favourite guy as our favourite Phantom... Love Ya's....
  5. Delene... Believe me when I say...so many of us here have been through this...and to see another one of us experiencing such loss...we not only know what you feel, but grieve also with you...I have a little Corgie /Chihuhua mix sleeping under my desk keeping my feet warm right now...my heart is broken for you...I do feel your pain...the most unbearable sadness.
  6. I didn't see the show with Gerry as guest...and I appreciate off-beat humor...but will never condone insulting, offensive and hateful swipes...especially against children, no matter whose they are.
  7. Very artistic, especially beautiful when viewed bigger!
  8. Hello, Patricia! Just wanted to let you know I keep your daughters in my thoughts and prayers daily...especially when I visit here at GALS...I have a daughter, and now daughter in laws I worry about constantly, and they aren't in bad health...so I hope our prayers comfort you and heal your daughters...I would be a total basket case! Love, In Jesus Name...Debra

  9. Thanks for the updates! I suppose I can tolerate Letterman...only long enough to support Gerry...
  10. I don't always pay $75,000 to kiss a Haggis... But when I do, it's for a good cause. Stay charitable my friends.
  11. Excellent! Initially I was impressed because it sounded alot like one of Hans Zimmer's or Clint Mansell's creations (I love their work!), so out of curiosity and a need to know, I checked out wikipedia and IMBD...turns out the score is by Trevor Morris, who has worked extensively with Zimmer. Morris has a pretty impressive list of movie music to his credit ...The Tutors, Pillars of the Earth, Vikings and The Borgias as well as scoring electronic style music for several popular video games...also, I noticed, that Gerry is one of the producers of this movie...awesome!
  12. How sweet is 'Tiffany's Dad! I'm assuming that's who the gentleman is posing with Gerry...and, yes...that IS AWESOME about the GALS watermark...actually, it's AWESOME that you noticed that, becozy!
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