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  1. OOps...can't seem to get the 'bump' emodicon to work right, so bumping this thread back up without it....
  2. Wow...blast from the past! Love reading what the gals have posted about themselves!
  3. As an ex-bartender, ...I can only speak from the bar side...but yeah...the guys will schmooz ya, but not all of them are doing it just to stroke your ego to get ya to come back for more (although some do, poor saps)...for some guys, they really do just enjoy the response, it strokes their ego....My son (who was in his late 20's a few years ago...) worked for a summer at a baseball stadium as a bartender...and even tho he was 'required by law' to card almost everyone (even the men) he would relate to me after work how the obviously old grammas and grampas would blush, and giggle and all other forms of flattery...he loved the interaction...it made him feel good that he made them feel special. As for me...I was all business, it was just part of job(yeah, inspecting every pixel of the driver's license with a jeweler's loupe )...I'm paranoid...you never know who is a bar spy for the county lookin to fine yer back-side...
  4. Hey!!! Yeah, I know...real life, don-cha know...just like you, apparently...hope all is well! It's cold, I'm stuck inside, and, I have fios internet, finally! I really miss you, and GALS. So many changes!

  5. Hi, Delene! Definitely not my kind of movie, either...and you are right, there is nothing funny about bloodshed! I was wondering, is this film made by the same guys that made the 'Jack@ss' movies? I never saw them, but heard they were quite immature and silly. But, anyway...seeing Gerry as a pi$$ed-off, foul-mouthed little leprechaun...and that high-pitched leprechaun voice...and that little leprechaun body squirming about...yeah...I lost it (and my sip of coffee)!
  6. LOL!! The video clip with sound makes all the difference...too funny...oh, Gerry....what can I say.....
  7. I've been working so much and out of the G loop for awhile...but... this is mind-blowing! The whole concept of traditional Shakespeare speak (I LOVE Shakespeare)...and set in modern times...Gerry and Fiennes... dynamic and spectacular are almost understatements... I must see this film~soon!
  8. I'm really excited about this movie! I hope it's the kind of movie I can watch over and over and over...much like I do with POTO...
  9. May, I love me some action Gerry, also... short trimmed hair, clean shaved (with a splash of after-shave and a hint of gun-oil for heady aroma)...military garb...no garb....or just a towel now and then... ets...heISmyGspot....your siggy is.... I love watching this trailer...I live next to the runway of an Air Force Base...and these C130's take off and land almost daily...only a few hundred feet above my house! I sometimes wave to the pilots who are clearly visible...they are so young, and I pray for their safety when they go by. It doesn't look like they are going fast enough to keep them in the air...but when they fly overhead...you can feel their power as they displace the air and generate thunderous soundwaves! If one isn't accustomed to this experience...it would tend to rattle the nerves abit as the ground rumbles and the whole house shakes! Awe inspiring to say the least!
  10. I agree with with your post 100%, madd mama... and I could elaborate further, because I am an extremely politically aware & active person...but I won't, because this site is where I come to wind down from the political tension and balance my emotional outbursts. That being said...it's eerily timely these two movies...Olympus Has Fallen and the other White House one. When I saw the trailer, at first I thought of 'In the Line of Fire' with Clint Eastwood (one of my favorite films and actors)...but Die Hard (another favorite) I can see also. I'm hoping Gerry's character...and the film...have a little more meat on the bones (plot and character substance) than the run of the mill action flicks...and so far, Gerry's action movies have never disappointed me. Here's hoping for a 'block-buster' with teeth and spine and testosterone...Yeah, our guy has it covered!
  11. Yes...yes....YES!!! (and I don't smoke!!!)Seriously...it's about time and it looks good!
  12. OMG...he's The Bond...I mean...The Bomb... I hope one of our talented siggy makers is jump'n on this
  13. 300_LawAbidingCitizens - Ray AbandonThought- Steph or Stephanie Adelheid (well that's my name...) Allie_luvs_GB~Alexis almadenannie - Annemarie Amiee- Amy-(Used a different spelling due to all those Amy's out there) andismom - Lois Anna ~ Anna wave.gif annette79-Annette annieday – ANDREA aqcheryl - cheryl lol Aussie_Stace - Stacey [or Stace] B-elle ***** It's for Bénédicte L (my name) .. Ah, it's the new of the day. Thank you for the idea, it was difficult to follow all the names Babycakes333....Jacqueline BaileyS - Bailey, Bailes, Bay, Bay Bay Ballerina ~ Elizabeth~ bamms - Leslie Barb444 - Barb (my, how creative!) I'm Babs to good friends or Babszilla (when my evil twin appears....) becozy-Barbara or Barb but I answer to becozy or 'cozy, too! beejay - Barbara Beowulfs Jewel - Jewels Bermos - Sherrell (pronounced Cheryl) Bluejay - Karen BlueJean - Bonnie (lotsa' Bonnies!) bonnieboo98 - Bonnie ButlersBabe--Joanne CactusJack - Larry Cassey1228 - Cassey or Cass smile.gif Catwoman = Catherine Celtiberic Queen - Mary John aka Maria João chachababy- Peggy Charliwantz - Charli Constance - well, that IS my real name, but everyone here calls me Connie 'cause you're FRIENDS!! CrashingWavee- Frances, Frankie, doesn't matter [: Crimson - Dane (I do prefer being called the former, however) Cybrsal -Sally or Sal (Henri-etta to you, Jane) dairyqueen- Tanya Daredevil (DD) - Sandra or Sam discoveringme - Jill, Jilly, even Jillybean on occassion! dlsmilad~ Dina DLSPBS - PAT (FROM CHICAGO ) I FEEL LIKE I AM GIVING OUT MY SECRET CODE !!! Donnie - Dana (pronounced more like "Donna") Dragon Slayer, DSlayer or DS - Marg Drooling Moron - Tony Eliza1013 - I prefer Elisabetha (The s is an sh sound and the th is a hard t with a very faint h), but Eliza is ok too. fksmtu - FERAH Flesh - Brittany, Britt (I prefer Flesh though... it's grown on me... Okay, pun intended!) ForbesGirl - Kathy Framolamdu - Moira - aka Super Mo to her friends galpal2008-Deborah but I always go by Deb to my friends. wasn't there a "gblover1" right about here or was I seeing things? GBPhanatic - Delene or just D or Dee. Gerry Duty - Jeanette or J GerrysJewel - Barbra gerrystheman - Louise from Lovers Lane (yes really!) gindolin-Gin Good Sport- Bill (Elissa's better half) GreenEyes - Danielle Gypsy - Loni heISmyGspot - Spot/Spotty or Holly. (I instinctively answer to B*tch, too) HighlandHeather - Faye Hodari - DANIELLE IListen - Liana Irish - Sue Isaboo - Gerry (oohhh, I mean Sandra) heheee Island Girl - CHARLOTTE Izzabeta- Kayla(but you can call me Izza if you want) Jo A. Quin= Jeana (pronounced Gina) (I could have sworn I'd already done this) JustCallMeTracy- Tracy in other words or actually the same words just call me Tracy kimmy67-Kim Carter kittypro - Pat (but everyone calls me kitty - too many Pats!) Knight Phantom - Deb KUBRA - Kübra Kyriem - Simona Lady Elissa-Elissa LadyScot-Andrea (On-Dray-Uh, not to be confused with An-dree-uh). Gerry can call me his. laxmom - MaryLee Lish ~ Alisha or Lish. Either really... Lucia Victoria, my friends call me Vickie or Victoria (Victoria is my last name, and people get confused and think is my middle name is funny) lugerry - Barbara (aka also answer to Lu when among Gerry's fans) (Susan S. I know copied kat) Music of the Night 72 - Tammy Luvi - Julia May-Debbie MissAmanda - Amanda, Mandy either will do Mommaduck - Judy MoniqueD - Dina (name derived from the sequel of POTO, "when darkness brings the dawn") Midnight Diva - Diane or Di MissSilverWolff - Amber or Hayden (Silver) mrs_one_two - Kira NordicGirl - Eva Mari Oggy - real name Dawn Ogg - Oggy is the nickname given to me by classmates in high school and it has stuck with me. Paisleyscot - Cheryl pamelajane-Pam or PammieJ Perrin- Perrin, Per, Pervin, or Mrs. Butler (my real name is Cristy but no one wants to use it and I probably won't answer to it in here) Phanphorlife - Alison phllygrl65-Chrissy, Chris or Christine(reserved only for my Mom) Phoenixgirl - Lisa Pilar - Leontine ("Leo") Poppy - Linda RedDragoness - Char ReggieNY11 - Regina or Reggie Rendita - Ren or Brenda. Rendita's OK, my sister calls me that sometimes RezzRN - Naoma Sally66 - Sally or my friends and family call me Sal. I am use to Sal, Sally sounds so official or I am in trouble! My Nanna was only one who got away with calling me my full name (Sally-Ann)! Sapphyre - Anne (I'll respond to either) sbchild04 - Sarah SC*Indy*Girl - Racheal or Rae Seumus O'Seaghdha - real name is Kurt, but I much prefer to be called Seumus (pronounced like Shay' mus). Shamrocked - Diane Shieldmaiden- Sarah, but I usually go by Eowyn on forums. Whichever makes you happy. Shirsan-Sandy Shirubya - Sílvia or Silvi smile.gif solen - Şölen Songbird - Katie SouthernGirl28 - April Spencerjames7~~Pamela~~~most likely the only deaf gal Susan~Sporran - SUSAN (well, duh) but I answer to Sporran as well when among Gerry fans. Swansong -Swannie (Bonnie Anne) Tap - Tapitha (pronounced like Tabitha but with a P) Texas Gramma - Suzie (Not to be confused with Sue or Susan or Suzanne or Suz or Susie Darlin') Whew! TheBlonde - Kristine, K, KB tigs7495 - MICHELLE Tmpttneyes~ Lisa Touchmetrustme - Libby tpo82 - tiff or tpo usually. Tiffany usually when I haven't responded to anything else...lol VeroZero - Veronica :-) Wendy Muir- Wendy or WendyM zanyzombie - Suzanne (Spot's note: She answers to Zany, too! Trust me!) Trouble - Debrasue
  14. Wishing you Peace, Joy, Strength... And Love that Endures Forever and Ever! Happy 32nd Anniversary, Swannie and Bill!
  15. Congratulations again to Jon & Gerry.....just bumping this thread back up to the board.....
  16. OK...More dangerous, long, luscious....you get the picture...
  17. This is wonderful news....I've seen (and read about) some of the other docs that we're being considered...and they all seemed very good....it must've been difficult trying to choose the best!...Congratulations Jon & Gerry! Thanks blondesquaw! Wow! 6 awards....!
  18. Hey!!!! Pilar...Up Here!...I didn't want to bump blondesquaw's Wrath of Gods Thread... Yep, Pilar... no one does that confident, audacious Don Juan Stride like G...... he's got that soooo down....... he stops you dead in your tracks... like a dear caught in the bright glare of the headlights coming straight at it!!!!! Prepare yourself for an earth shattering... bridge combusting collision!
  19. Wowza!!!....Thanks Dawn! & DonnaKat!.....those are sooooooooo cool!
  20. Ohhhhh Yeah.....that's the one!!!! And you had him all along....does he keep his stethescope warm?....That way he knows that he's the reason for your goosebumps & shivers....and not the cold , hard ,steel....uhmmm..stethescope!
  21. Sorry...that turned into a strange double post....guess I'll go find a picture to put here then........ These shoulders are intoxicating........mesmerizing....... nice , broad, square, shoulders....
  22. It's so strange...but even his stare thru the camera lens is penetrating...those are usually the pics I avoid...they give me shivers...kinda unsettling for me to lose control like that...so if a photo can do that...i'd rather not find out what the real stare would do....and yes....he's the only person (and I've never met him) who has ever ellicited any type of reaction from me....and that was thru his Phantom!...
  23. Hey Swann! You know the swollen glands in your neck could be from whatever you came down with a week or so ago...remember...you started to feel better then all of a sudden you started feeling ill again..and getting chills... I do think you've come down with something...hope the Doc can take care of it tomorrow!...Are you getting enough rest tonight?....Where's Dr. G when we need him???? (I know someone has thart pic!) I think G is the only person in the universe I wouldn't be able to return the penetrating stare...I don't know how you composed yourself , Swann...I don't think I could have.....and I don't want to find out , either.........I'm a coward, I know........
  24. I love that pic Pilar! One of my Faves!........~sigh~
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