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  1. Hey xmargx!!! Glad you found the Lair!!! If you have the time...you can skim thru the first few threads...we have really evolved during the past month...we're still new..but the threads go by fast!

  2. Hello Lady Lucia!

    Just stopped by to say Hi! I know your probably busy getting ready for Vegas...I know you're going to have a great time...I love your new Lair name & icon...I'll have a really nice accolade for you soon...take care....

  3. I love how you added the art graphics to your Lair icon!!! Cool!

  4. Hi Judy!

    Just thought I'd stop by and say Hi! I know your probably getting ready and are very excited about Vegas...so if I don't hear from you between now & then...Have a great time...and take care of each other while you're there!

  5. Hello ROSIANEJAMESBUTLER, Glad to have here! Please come by and check out Love Letters from The Lair...where we love to share the beauty of Gerry's Phantom....and have fun, Debrasue

  6. Hey Gal...

    I love your art..you are very talented... of course I especially love the one of Erik and the Rose...very pretty.....Nice to have you in the Lair...Your Love letter was beautiful!

  7. Hey Emily!!

    Thank you for adding me as a friend....glad you left your Love Letter in the Lair...enjoyed reading it! Love, Debrasue

  8. Hi, paulinha luna...

    Thank you so much for adding me as a friend...glad you are here enjoying the G.man hope to get to know you better!!!


  9. Hi Peggy...just had to come by and say Hi...glad to have you in the Lair with us....

  10. Hi moonglow! Not sure if you got my PM..having a hard time with pms & posting....but Thank You for my birthday wish today...very sweet of you, Lady!

  11. I think it might be the site,the holiday, or solar flares, or gravity, or, or, OG!!! Bad OG!..bad bad bad...time to take a break???

  12. Hello Mr. Swan,

    Happy Anniversary! We've been hearing some pretty wonderful stuff about you! But I must say..you are a very lucky man...not to mention blessed, also!

  13. Oh..Gerry soup is cool thread...keep it up and hope you feel better....singers with sore throats...not good! I just can't take my eyes off that baby...I think Gerry's got some competition! A future Phantom maybe....just wanna snuzzle that little chnuzzle...yep...Gerry...move over....


  14. Hey madamina! I knew I loved you when you said you could go on forever about Don Juan! Great to have you here at GALS! Your posts are very witty...hysterical sometimes...love reading them! Your nephew is darling...just wanna snuggle his chnuzzle!!! Love,Debrasue

  15. Thought I's stop by & say Hi! Your siggys always make me smile! I see by your picture your working behind a bar?! I'm a bartender.....when I'm not "between" jobs! LOL! Debrasue

  16. Hi, Sadie,

    Just thot I'd stop by & say Hi! Gonna try to buy your book as soon as I can....Can hardly wait to see how where you take our beloved Phantom! I believe he has the potential to be a strong&compassionate Hero....not a sad & tragic victim. I hope for all good things........ Debrasue

  17. Hi, Lynx!

    I have a son who just turned 25, into comics, art, music. same as you.lol! Pizza is my downfall..if I let it! I loved C.Bale in Swing Kids, Reign of Fire, American Psycho, Batman, the Machinist. Both he & Gerry are very talented & I believe very good friends. Janie made my siggy-I love it, it's so....me!

  18. Hi, tishiann, Ilove your vid--touched my heart! I played accordian in Jr.Hi! I'm glad u learned how to make vids--you have talent my dear. When you get a chance you might enjoy reading Swansong's Chanson de L'Ange, a beautiful Phantom story. I know swannie is going to love your vid too--like the rest of us! PS, Her story is in the over 18 threads. Enjoy!

  19. Hi Erica--I just spelled that Erotca! I must have GALS! Adding you to my friends list.

    You & my son like the same music!

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