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  1. Hey Dracsgirl---That's wonderful news!!! Have any baby names picked out yet???I don't have to worry about getting pregnant at 300--after 5 keds & got myself fixed so all I can say is "Bring it On !!!" Debrasue Just for fun I added a pregnant post to Photo Captions thread.
  2. Ahh! Catherine! That's so sweet & wonderful!!! You sound so adorable! Lucky Girl! Debrasue
  3. I've been in a couple of little fender-benders & one major before (all some one else's fault). I don't really get angry or nervous (till later) I would try to be as calm & helpful as possible cause you just never know what the reasons were that this happened. But I would do what I always do...exchange phone numbers & such....I've never had any problems with being friendly and concerned especially if someone could've been hurt, & it tends to diffuse the situation. I know--boring!!! boring!!boring!! Debrasue
  4. :funnyabove: :funnyabove: You guys crack me up!!!! Sometimes men can be so dense! Happens when you throw too many words at them at one time!!!! Debrasue
  5. Yeah! I saw that one on another thread with the Beverly Hills pics--but that thread gets bumped, or moved around alot. Sweet picture! --I bet his mama would just love that one, too. I would if it were a pic of my son! Debrasue
  6. Yeah! I saw that one on another thread with the Beverly Hills pics--but that thread gets bumped, or moved around alot. Sweet picture! --I bet his mama would just love that one, too. I would if it were a pic of my son! Debrasue
  7. Swan---That's a wonderful review/article! Glad you found it! Thanks! I love reading the positive stuff! Debrasue
  8. Hi mousie! I'm glad your feeling better---I can't even imagine what you must go thru! That's an interesting saying about the mirrors & dreams--do you remember where you heard that--just curious! Debrasue
  9. I gotta agree with you there! Nothing is more sexy than a man who can speak intelligently & with humor, about anything, about himself, and never get bored or boring......that's foreplay! But then you can only take so much of that before you scream......"Shut-Up & *Kiss* Me!" Oh..Yeeeaah! :ohbaby2: Debrasue Oops......Sorry Swannie, I think we were posting at the same time! That dream would be scary for anyone! I'll bet you can hardly wait for Nathan to get home! He sounds like a real sweetheart! Yes..I also in my heart truly just want the best for Gerry...you don't think he takes any of our silliness here seriously do you? I hope not...I hope he sees the humor & how much he is loved even tho most of us have never even met him!
  10. For me it had to be The Phantom---cause I really love those sideburns! & the dark color is just the sexiest! ( But Erik's hair looks like my hair in the morning.) Debrasue
  11. Well-- to quote Queen Bethy "There Ain't No other Man!" Too bad--I wish there were more out there with Gerry's Charm & Appeal--but there ain't. So I know I'm cursed----it's a good thing I'm single--- & loving it! Oh--and that wonderful compliment he gave Lena in one of his interviews I read today---I can't remember which one-- but it mentioned her classic beauty & how she can really hang with the guys--& he loves that kind of woman! Yeah! I love that kind of man! Debrasue
  12. HeySwan!!! I just registered! I can hardly wait to catch-up on your story! Beautiful sight--you've all done a wonderful job there. I really only visit here at GALS, & your new site--what else do I need?I used to be able to have several active web pages up at a time--I'm really good at multitasking--but my mom's 'puter only does one thing at a time!--windows 98 & slow dial-up! Arrrrggggggghhh!!!!! And I spend way too much time at GALS---but I can't help it!!! I love my Phantom/Gerry curse! Debrasue
  13. I was thinking that also--but you know what? --Erik & whoever has so been smaked down!!! Thank God the fans aren't the ones with their heads up their backsides!!!! Yeah! Swan!---I hope the guys are very proud & had a good time partying down! Debrasue
  14. I'm not really impressed by the Berlin Festival--to use 300 as a venue for sounding off your own political agenda is very disheartening! I think our guys did very well & should be comended for the way they maintained they composure! They have the hearts & souls of lions & they are the better men for it. I'm not sure what the back story is about the photos at WENN- but Gerry has that very serious "I gotta get out of here quick before someone gets hurt! " kind of look! He was walking to his hotel & it looked like he was being hounded--or something. Any one know ? Debrasue PS I think we know his fans in Japan will blow the Berliner Folks right out of the water!
  15. I think Erik Davis totally missed the point of this movie!!!! What was his job again? Debrasue
  16. Xan-right-on!! moonglow-I'm sooo with you there! Gerry's just too cool!! Debrasue---This is a great valentines present--better than chocolate!!
  17. Xan-right-on!! moonglow-I'm sooo with you there! Give a person enough rope & watch um dangle! Gerry's just too cool!! Debrasue---This is a great valentines present--better than chocolate!!
  18. Looking at the pic of Rodrigo, Zach & Gerry--Gerry's eyes!!!OMG His stare goes right thru the camera lens--strait to you soul!! Zach & Rodrigo are pleasant--Gerry is hypnotic! Debrasue
  19. That *le sigh* was my sweet valentine!!! Thanks Stef!!!!! Debrasue
  20. Gerry has proven yet again that he has the heart of a lion & a beautiful soul!!!! The more they try to lower him the brighter he shines! They have only succeded in making themselves look ridiculous---works for me!!! Good going Gerry & Zach!!!! I am very proud to be a fan! He deserves 3000 single red roses with black ribbons! Debrasue
  21. Well... I'm sure no one really wants to hear this but....maybe maturity is starting to have it's way....He is getting *older*! (I personally love the silver strands in his hair---adds to the already enormous amount of character). Most men start to ponder their relevance in the universe around this age (I've Heard/Read). Saddly, I think, most tend to go thru that wierd phase where they bore the hell out of everyone by just being juvenile. I've waited my whole life for a fun, happy, mature MAN. At 51---everyone my age either has one foot in the grave or is going thru his second puberty! And so many issues! I don't want someone who *perfect*, but I can't settle for less than I have been any more either. At least with my focus on what is possible in the spirit of a man--I can stick to my guns--for my own sake! I may be a little *lonely* but at least I'm not miserable anymore. Thanks GALS!!!!! (My Mom threatens to get me on the Dr. Phil show if I don't snap-out-of-it soon! ) Debrasue
  22. OK Swan--This is getting too spooky!! But I just gotta know---were we separated at birth? When you talk about yourself I could swear it's like someone talking about me! An that's a little scary---I wouldn't wish how I am on anyone! Remember I told you there were just so many similarities, & just now you revealed some more. Well--my head is spinning! Sorry to be off topic---Oh...i'm waiting for that new video to finish---but I can already see he's looking a little frayed round the edges! But what a guy, at least he's aware & actively trying to keep himself in sync. I usually don't realize what the problem is till it's too late---then it takes a little longer to regroup! Debrasue
  23. That's so weird--I saved it also!!!! Debrasue
  24. mousie-- I had no Idea that you had this condition! But now I do & you are also in my thoughts! You are very sweet & I care about you! Debrasue
  25. Cheri!!! You just totally blow my mind girl!!! I'm so happy for you & Tamara! What a wonderful experience---Thank you for sharing it! Debrasue PS I have felt that also about him as a person---that part of his destiny might be to connect people who otherwise would not. He might not realize how special he really is to us and that's OK! We know how much he has enriched our lives!
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