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  1. DawnS--I love your name!! But I know what you mean about nicknames that don't stick---That' why if you do get one they're usually very endearing & special. I saw that play years ago and yes--it does go into really *dark* places! Wonderful if you like complicated mental stuff like I do! But I've always been *comlicated* & *mental*! Attila Girl---what are *thumb slots*? can't visualize it in my mind so.......
  2. That was the reaction I had!!! but then I wasn't sure if she who she was talking to on the other end! :grrr2: Just a tiny dose of that Gerry Juice is enough to make ya go blank!! Hope that little Gerrygasm doesn't send the poor thing into labor!!!!
  3. WOW!! You're amazing Betts---went right to the source---right-On! :goodjob2: Valium turns me into the *perfect over achieving hostess* & makes me extra- extroverted----I like any excuse to visualize Gman! but Gerry Juice I CAN do!!!!! Luv, Debrasue
  4. Spoken like a truely afflicted Gal!! :gotgals0ll: I like to watch!!! Luv- Debrasue
  5. Debrasue

    Zodiac Sign

    Gemini here--I'm pretty much true to my sign---and like Marilyn--we often have the illusion of being dumb or scatterbrained--but the people who know us also know that we are not and that we "crave" intellectual input! If a guy doesn't have it above his neck I couln't care less what's below the belt. So being intelligent & analytical are extremely sexy to me! You can tell by my name Debra/Sue--yep--more than one identity going here! All of the jobs I've ever had involved being in some kind of role playing....guess that's why it's hard for me to commit to just one career & live in just one place...I get anxiety attacks just thinking about it! I can adapt to pretty much any situation (that's where the role playing comes in handy). But most of all I just want every one to be as happy as possible & have some fun! Did I forget to say we like to talk alot also....... but I do try to curb it!! :boink: I'm a little weird when it comes to sex also---I'm like "Stop messin around & get to the point! I want my cookies & I want them NOW!!!! :ohbaby2:
  6. Amy--- That's a good one! I was thinking of one along those lines but you said it so much better!
  7. Thanks heISmyGspot.... you're right...Breathe..breathe.. that's better! I think that little brainstorm has passed! Yeah....Warner bros probably only wants only 300 questions. Hmmmm...let me think...... Are we allowed to ask about the...mmmm...sex scene?!!!!! Now I drawing a blank--except for that mental picture .....
  8. I can't help it.... Gerry...who would you say most inspired your passion for acting? (and of course, why?)
  9. Here's my question-- "Was there an established character/personality map already scripted for King Leonidas or were you allowed the freedom to develope his personality as filming progressed? Debrasue
  10. Is there room for anything else under there? Looks pretty snug to me!
  11. Gerry....most of us are eagerly waiting to see this movie. Is there a single defining moment that you hope would inspire & move people? Debrasue
  12. You know what it did to me Swan,..........RIGHT CLICK AND BAM!!! In the bucket! I love him in black!! I love him in nothing..... I mean anything. Sorry faux pas! Fran It was that Phantom stare-down that did me in! That piercieng stare came right thru the monitor screen....I clicked off so fast!! Now what kind of reaction WAS that?!!! Gotta gather myself up before I dare look again....not used to lack of control over my reflexes!!! Oh...yeah...thanks for the pic! Luv
  13. Yeah!!! That Grrrrrrr! did me in also----so glad someone thinks like me!!!! I was just thinking---he was in LA yesterday!!! Do you realize how close that is to where I live!!!! So close....yet so far away! Can you imagine him driving his little sports car down the freeway towards San Diego---& little Lolita with her little head stuck out the window taking in the breeze. He's gotta stop for gas somewhere! ....... Thought I smelled the scent of Testosterone Incarnate in the air yesterday.....mmmmmmm....Love that smell! Debrasue
  14. I have a question--hope it's not too lame! Gerry---you put so much of yourself into "becoming" your characters----do you inturn draw on the energy of these characters to help you meet some of the challenges you might encounter in your in your personal life? I might have to rephrase that if it doesn't make sense. It's that whole "you become the character--the character becomes you" thing. Hope it's not too personal, also.
  15. Suz--- Think about it----Every actor appreciates the "Applause"! It's how we show our appreciation for their talent, & the hard work they put into entertaining "US"! We all have our own way of saying Bravo!--Magnifico!---Bellisimo! The stage is now in our living rooms & the cinema. How often do they actually get to "hear" the sound of clapping & robust cheers of a job well done? Do we have to be raving, fanatical, lunatics? No...I don't think you're *nuts*--unless that's a good thing!!!
  16. I'm trying really hard not to post so much but....Mel......I LOVE that pic!!!!Yeah!!!!right ON! Aint no other man!!!!! I'm just out of a long term relationship & I gotta say I'm luvin every single Gerry moment!!! I feel really liberated just saying that.....and I'm not a "man Oggler" either! But that's just me.
  17. I think I heard once someone say nobody was perfect--not even Gerry! Well...I guess we all must have a different opinion as to what perfection is.... he's definately close enough to perfection for me!!!!! I'm happily single and old enough to be comfortable with that!!!! :ohbaby2: Debrasue
  18. Testosterone Incarnate----Yep! I'm with you there! And I'm so blown-away by his honesty!!! He really doesn't need to make up excuses for his behavior and he's so self effacing! Intelligence I always a turn-on---loved the part about turning the tape over!
  19. Hey irish! You & your hunny are so lucky you have each other! I think we can make room for him here! I know it's not exactly a "guy" thing...but I know he would be welcome! I'm happily single at the moment & lovin every Gerry minute of it! luluBetts----The Music of the Night is my personal favorite lullabye......when I'm real tired I just forward to only the Phantom parts---but MNOTN ends on a more hopeful note! :whochnuzzle: (this probably wouldn't appeal to your hubby irish-but it sure makes me feel warm & cozy!)
  20. "let me kiss it better!" Hope you feel better soon, sweetie!! Those falls can be nasty! Debrasue
  21. Debrasue

    Is Gerry married?

    Who!!!! I only have eyes for one guy!!! and he's all I can (can't) handle!!! I hear no-one else, see no-one else, think of no-one else.....I've gone mad ..............hahahahahahahaha!
  22. Yeah!!.... Almost everyone walks......that man Moooooves!!!!!! Any other guy lurking around a video store checking out the young girls automatically comes off as "creepy".........yuk! That is one sexy scene! :Draculababy:
  23. Now that's more like it!!! :goodjob2: Get's the blood racing in no time----thanks!!
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