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  1. Ah~hhh!! How Sweet! ( & reinforcing)..... Debrasue
  2. Hey Jenn! I see you are from Oceanside!!!! I'm just off the 15--
  3. Debrasue

    Is Gerry married?

    It's usually the insecure & imature who lash out & try to snuff out the brightest flame. But isn't that when you find out who your real friends are, the people who love & respect you? When your heart is in the right place you can't be snuffed out--your flame just gets brighter! I don't think we have anything to worry about. Yeah---I get sappy sometimes! Sorry! Debrasue
  4. Debrasue

    Is Gerry married?

    I hate to say this but maybe someone jumped the gun before permission was given! I would think that if and when he does marry we'll know via his peeps don't ya think?? If so like I said before Congrats and what the Hell happened to my invitation?? :yippee: Fran :push: Ok--someone enlighten me again---what the heck is a peep? Debrasue
  5. Susan~Sporran--- That was a wonderful dedication for the new floor! Luv, Debrasue
  6. Pia---- I luv that picture you have of the Phantom! For me that frame was so devastatingly emotional-hope,anticipation,fear of rejection,vulnerable--the gamut! and we knew what was going to happen next! and couldn't stop it!! Oh! freeze frame a little longer so we can brace ourselves for the awful betrayal!! My heart was just crushed!! That to me was the pivotal moment...... Luv, Debrasue Stef-- thanks for the pics---luv the "Yeah!" Now that's some serious thrusting action!!! Can't take my eyes off it! Too cool!
  7. Welcome Pia!! I've been around for a few years but only recently started posting! So don't be shy and have a good time! The Ladies here are great and very supportive. The pics of Gerry are awsome and some of the Gals are very artistic & creative--I love their work! Above all I think we admire & respect Gerry for his talent & are blessed that he shares it with us thru his many wonderful characters! I personally love The Phantom--an emotional roller-coaster ride! Who's your fav? Luv Debrasue :gotgals0ll:
  8. Morning everyone!-- Hey kissy---yeah, girl----you're sooo old!! Luv your pic! Luv, Debrasue
  9. Welcome Jackie's Bat Girl-- Glad to have you on-board!!! You will enjoy yourself here--I've only started posting recently myself & am still learning how to maneuver around the site---Have fun!!!!! Luv Debrasue
  10. Hey blonde-- You have more energy than I do--even in my fantasies!!! Luv your siggy! Debrasue
  11. Hi Anna! Thanks for sharing that!---that was beautiful!! Luv, Debrasue
  12. I'm with you Landa----& Swansong----Erik blew me away the moment he started speaking, singing---and it only got better as the movie went along--never tire of him---still get gooseflesh & teary, every single time! I don't think my vote counts--hope I didn't screw something up!!! Luv Debrasue
  13. Lady Fran-- You have a very handsom family--you should be very proud! Is your grandson in the military? Pilar, I luv your siggy! You make an adorable pair! Luv, Debrasue
  14. This would be so wonderful!!! I'm naturally courious where folks come from & why they end up where they do. I'm always moving & travelling so yes I really like this idea!! Luv, Debrsue
  15. irish-- You don't need to feel embarrassed about trying to do something that is almost impossible (and I said "almost")! It is a chemical addiction & the medical experts have been horribly slow at addressing that fact. So you slipped-up---we are all here to encourage & help. So please cheer up, stick out your chin & have another go...we are behind you. I don't really post to often cause my computer is so slow--but my thoughts are with all of you who are try to break this addiction. Luv ps--kissy's card made me smile till I cried----hope it cheers you up! Luv
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