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  1. This is on Fox right now - in the Eastern Time Zone.
  2. http://www.interbridge.com/lineups.html#TS shows Gerry on: LIVE WITH KELLY & MICHAEL Mo 3/18: Emma Stone, Timothy Olyphant Tu 3/19: Gerard Butler, Phil, Willie & Si Robertson We 3/20: Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence ® Th 3/21: Bruce Willis, Anne Hathaway ® Fr 3/22: Mark Wahlberg, Dolly Parton ® I checked the KELLY & MICHAEL website, and it also has Gerry. But, I can't believe he would be filming on that day if he has to be in LA on the 18th for the premiere, and filming Chelsey Lately on the 20th.
  3. Sharing: Announced on other GB website: Posted Today, 04:14 PM Hi girls. I should have posted this sooner, but I really didn't know where. I found out on Thursday, that the Premiere for Chasing Mavericks is at the Grove this Thursday. I'm going, with Moira and a few others. I hope there will be a bunch of us that are there just for Gerry, and not just a bunch of tourists or shoppers who happen to be there at the "right" time. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday! Rayna
  4. I don't know if you saw it, but Gerry was reportedly in or around Little Switzerland during his travels. Ren Really? - Little Switzerland is pretty small place. But a place anyone driving thru the NC mountains or along the Blue Ridge Parkway would easily drive thru. Hope he enjoyed his visit there!
  5. He's always so nice to fans!! And always so . Attalla is not too far from Atlanta. Wonder if there is some movement on the 'Motor City' movie filming there. Hi Sandy (shirsam), I'm a Sandy from NC too - grew up in Charlotte. I still have family and friends in the area. And some land in Little Switzerland, NC. But live in Tampa now. Next time I come up for a visit, maybe we can meet. I hadn't heard he had been in NC. When was that?
  6. There about 6 ladies going. So, please come join the fun. Hugs, Sandy
  7. Hi Florida Ladies! Clearwater Beach, Florida is showing a free movie every Friday and Saturday night at Pier 60. Phantom of the Opera will be showing on March 10,2012. The movie starts at dusk, approx 6pm. Bring a blanket or low sitting chair and watch the movie on the jumbo screen. Food, Popcorn and soft drinks will be available. Weather permitting. Normal chairs are fine too, just would need to sit more towards the back instead of up front. The movie is free. Some parking in the area is free after 6pm. Some parking areas take Credit Cards, especially the ones that charge until 1am. I can provide a parking map and detail if needed. SUNSETS AT PIER 60 - Clearwater Beach, Florida www.sunsetsatpier60.com Some friends and I will definitely be going, and should arrive about 5pm. If you want to join us, then just post here or PM me. We can also go out for dinner and/or drinks afterwards if anyone wants to. Lots of good places in the area with food and live music. If you're far enough away that you would want to make it a weekend trip, Clearwater Beach has a gorgeous beach, and other beaches connected like Sand Key. Winter the dolphin, from the movie Dolphin Tale lives there. The Skyway Bridge between St Petersburg and Bradenton is world famous. Hope you can join us. It's been a VERY long time since we had a Gerry get-together. Hugs, Sandy
  8. Hi Kathy, Time on East Coast will be: 10pm - 11pm (on Sat night, 1/7) As far as what channel, it will depend on how you receive your TV channels. (Direct TV ,Brighthouse ,Verizon, or others: depending on your area). Just look for BBCAM or BBC America. I doubt it will help much because you live in a totally different area, but for me in Tampa, FL, I have Brighthouse, and BBCAM is on Channel 123. BBCHD is the High Definition version on 1278.
  9. I'm hoping he talks about the wave holddown incident. It always very interesting to hear about things from his perspective. And, this one, there are definitey some details only he really knows. Also, to see his attitude toward life right now. (My brother-in-law was shot at 3 times when someone tried to rob him. He went around hugging everyone for weeks afterwards.)
  10. Gerry is going to be on The Graham Norton Show on BBC America on Jan 7. It was advertised yesterday during Doctor Who. Karen Gillian will also be on (Amy Pond on Doctor Who). I looked it up on the internet today, and it says Jan 6 on BBC. But, I think because of the time difference, for BBC America, that makes the date Jan 7.
  11. I don't like the reference to it as a biker movie either. I agree that it will deter some from going. I think one of the most moving scenes was when one of the children tells Sam (Gerry), not to let them take your heart. I don't want to give too much away, or any spoilers. It's a tough movie to watch, but thankfully, they don't over extend some of the bad scenes. On the lighter side, to me, Gerry's eyes really stood out in this movie.
  12. WOW! I just saw Machine Gun Preacher at the Orlando screening. It was fantastic! The movie is so emotional and tragic. Definitely makes you see that the things in our lives that we consider so bad, are really nothing in comparison. Gerry does a fantastic job and sure hope he gets the credit he deserves for his performance. Just a note on something that happened during the movie. The movie had been running about 15 minutes, when it stopped. Of course everyone groaned thinking something was broken. But then there were about 6 police (I think swat team) down at the bottom of the theater with guns. They went over to 2 guys sitting in the front row, pointing the guns at them, and telling them to get up and turn around. They puts cuffs on them, then took them out. Then I heard some voices behind me, and another 3 police had guns pointed at a guy behind me. They had him remove a number of items on him - I think a knife and a leather arm 'thing' with spikes. (Sorry, don't know what it's called.) They finally got the cuffs on him too and took him out. They were all in biker type clothing. Then one of the officials for the movie apologized for the interruption saying it was a legal issue with some of the gang activity in the area. They started the movie again, and funny how all of that got quickly forgotten with such an engaging movie.
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