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  1. Well you became a mod. Good for you! How have you been sweets?

  2. Heya GALS, Its been awhile since I have posted. Things have been crazy for me this Summer. My brother was very sick and I spent time in Florida taking care of him. I had to go a whole month without my children. They spent most of the Summer in Canada with their Grandparents. My lust for Gerry has not diminished though. I keep up to date with whats going on with him as much as I can. Anywhoo....just wanted to drop in and say hello. Love to you all. Suz
  3. He doesn't suck and he did say goodbye. He's an amazing person that felt it was time to take his leave. Please show him respect.

  4. My Aunt passed away a year ago Wednesday from pancreatic cancer and she never smoked a day in her life. This disease is unstoppable and attacks the best people I know.
  5. Good morning GALS, I hope everyone is doing well. Anyone beisdes me ready for Spring? I tried to get into chat last night but I had forgotten password. I was so disappointed because I so much wanted to chat. I know it now so maybe tonight. Love to you all, Streaks!
  6. Thank you so much for making me feel welcome again!
  7. Good morning GALS! I wanted to drop in and say hello. I have been away from the boards so long that I feel like a newbie all over again. I have still been keeping up with whats going on with Gerry though but I have missed you all so much. I wish I could go to Vegas this year and get to meet more of you but I am spending the Summer traveling with friends and going to meet new ones that I have met on myspace. I will start my traveling the second week in April. My friend Rachel and I are going to Phoenix to meet up with some friends that we knew 10 years ago. Kind of a small high school reunion. Then in June I will be going to Kentucky to meet up with some more friends. This is kind of the first time I have traveled without kids and I am REALLY looking forward to some adult time. Lish...send me a pm and i will sponsor you again for March of Dimes. Beachie...I read about your sister and I have been keeping your family in my prayers. I am also praying for Anna and everyone else that needs prayers right now that I have read about. I'm trying to jump right back into GALS but I know its going to take awhile to get to know everyone that has joined in the year or so that I have been gone. Love to you all, Suz
  8. WOW! Amazing. You have wonderful talent.
  9. I can only answer one question. What kind of woman does he like????? ME OF COURSE He just doesn't know it yet. Wow...don't I sound like a stalker.
  10. Hey Linda,

    I am praying for you and your sister.

    Love ya

  11. Its 4am and I can't sleep. What shall I do???? *STREAKS THROUGH SUPPORT CENTER* HEY GALS, I hope eveyone is doing well. Miss you all tons.
  12. Suz

    I am not around much anymore but I wanted to welcome you to GALS.

  13. Nice to see you too Amy.
  14. Oh and I have missed you all so much. *streaks*
  15. Thank you for the info. A friend of mine has been looking all over for the necklace ever since he saw PS. He told me that Gerry is quickly becoming his favorite actor. He even bought me an oil painting (huge) of Gerry in 300 for Christmas.
  16. Does anyone know anything about the necklace (charm) that he is wearing in the movie and where I can get one?
  17. I am here and I will do what I can to help. My prayers are with all of our soldiers in Iraq and around the world.
  18. I love the quote Susan. It applies to my life so much right now. Thank you.
  19. Thank you Susan. Things are getting better for me. I am seeing a therapist now because of everything that my husband has put me through. I am on some new medications and feeling much better. For once in a long time I am excited about the future and what it has to offer. Right now I am working on making myself better and stronger. The last year has been really bad for me but I am a stronger person because of it. I have missed you all very much but needed some time away to make myself better. I went to Florida for awhile (yes, ran away) and it was the best thing I could have done. I came home feeling rejuvinated and ready to take on the world. I am back on GALS now and ready to raise some hell like the old days. I love you all!
  20. 47 POUNDS NOW! *does happy dance* Love ya Swannie!
  21. *STREAKS THROUGH THREAD* Hey GALS...love and miss you all!
  22. Hello Megs! Getting your daily dose of Gerry?

  23. Butlerscotch! PAIRFECT! :funnyabove: :funnyabove:
  24. How's my favorite Squirmin-Chick Tossin' Pal? So are we going to play this weekend while Spotty's away? Holly...I'm just kidding of course.

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