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  1. Lovely pictures, they look very much in love. She is beautiful. Seems Miss Madalina is shooting a film with Jude Law and Demian Bichir in the South of France. They make a stunning couple.
  2. Now I have an explanation (sort of,) I am not one to follow any other actor, this man just captivates me.
  3. One of the best interviews by far in my book. Thank you for posting.
  4. Happy Birthday Hunni xx

  5. I so noticed the undies late last night when I saw the pictures. I just thought it so funny. The man clearly needs an undie keeper and I volunteer for the position, going commando like that can be hazardous for a GAL. :pointy: :tantrum:
  6. My My Mr. Butler what beautiful abs you have.............. Looking mighty gorgeous indeed.
  7. Lovely picture. I clicked on the picture to find some I had not seen, especially, Mr. Butler's beautiful wind swept curls.
  8. Hello luv!

    Hugs, Amanda aka Phantom

  9. Hello Christine,

    so nice of you to send a greeting.

  10. Now if Gerry would pose in a magazine spoofing Aniston only wearing a tie...................that would break a record in sales for any magazine. Here's looking at you kid.
  11. Bailey, I was just thinking the same, what nice legs. Dubrovnik is such a beautiful city I am sure he will love it. My my that looks like a serious racing boat he's in, a la James Bond.
  12. Love the little girls, so cute. Actually the oldest looks a lot like her uncle. What a sweet guy.........I love him more.
  13. Now now , we also know Mr. B tends to exaggerate here and there.
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