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  1. Woohoo! I just signed the petition I hope this movie makes it to MN!!!!
  2. Adoring you ROCK ;-)


  3. Way to go Gerry :dance: I'm glad that he's having fun! Hopefully, he's saving some love for me *hey, a girl can dream*
  4. Wow, Lisa that is BEYOND AWESOME :dance: I'm sooooo jealous I know in my heart of hearts I'll never have the money to even be in the same state as Gerry, and I highly doubt he'd schlep all the way to MN to hang out with me . I'm just happy one of my peeps was able to get within :tasty: distance of Gerry :dance: :mopboyjackie:
  5. Wow, :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: Me likes pic#1! I'd love to run my fingers through that hair.....I meant on his head gutter girl
  6. Mnbabe

    Pudge VS Stud

    I think I'll go for STUD :mopboyjackie: Of course if he wants to be a little pudgy that's okay too :ripoffclothes: :mopboyerik:
  7. Hey, just wanted to let you know how much I adore your work. You totally rock and I happen to do this whenever I see a new picture of you. Okay, think I've embarrassed myself enough :hit: Hugs, Gretchen
  8. Mnbabe


    You can call me BATMAN! :vamp1:
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