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  1. I'll probably see it again with my mum this weekend and my friend, her mum and I are going to see it on Tuesday when she flies in. While the elevator was very awesome, I thought the package was hysterical. I was almost in tears:)
  2. I just saw The Ugly Truth and it was hilarious It's definitely not for kids, but I loved it:)
  3. Gerry, I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas. I wish you the best of success in all you do in 2009. Merry Christmas:) Sunnygirl
  4. I just don't see Gerry as Bond, especially after seeing him in person at Comic-Con. He reminds me of someone you just want to sit on a couch with while drinking hot chocolate, watching a favorite movie and wearing fuzzy socks or to enjoy taking a long quiet walk somewhere beautiful with. A remote forest path would be my choice. His smile and his sense of humor (not to mention that always underlying sense of mischieviousness he always seems to have) would make it hard for me to see him in a role that as of late has been filled by actors that, imho, cannot hold a candle to either SC or RM, who were always aristocratic in the role, not street thugs.
  5. Hi Gerry:) I don't know if you ever actually read these posts, but I would like to believe that you do. I certainly wish you prosperity for the coming year. You have an incredible fan base with very loyal fans. I certainly keep you in my heart and in my prayers. Happy Birthday! God bless you and keep you May His face shine brightly upon you Jodi Mullins
  6. I'm so happy Gerry bought a house in LA. I might actually run into him here:) They always do a lot of filming in Lancaster, CA where I live and I go down to LA a few times a year. I drove down to Comic Con this year and saw Gerry there, which was so worth the trip! He is so funny and sexy in person. His laugh just drives me crazy. It is so cute. I thought I would be out of my element as I am not a "comicbook" person, but I was in great company with the several hundred other "soccer moms" who drug their kids to this event to see Gerry! LOL I'm thinking I might even make the trip to Shin just to say I've eaten there. Some things are worth a few extra bucks:)
  7. That always cracks me up:) Tom Cruise has some acting talents, but let's just say he and Gerry were not made out of the same "man mold" (or even in the same "man factory" for that matter. Sounded like the accent was in full swing. I think I laughed the hardest at just being able to see over the top of Tom Criuse's head. That's the second time I've heard Gerry take a zap at him. Grrreat! If there's a video of this that will be awesome to see as well. But there's something about being able to just close my eyes and listen to Gerry speaking without having to worry about looking at his gorgeous self all the time. His voice is enough to make me Lisa[/b][/color][/font]
  8. I thought that myself. *Scratches head* Sally I thought that same thing when I saw him at Comic-Con. He looked as though he would have been at home in a major league baseball uniform. He was very handsome and seemed surprisingly normal. Madonna has gotten so odd over the past few years that they seem like a strange couple. Whatever works!
  9. I guess that's the secret. We all need to move to Scotland:) I've lived in California all my life (home of the "beautiful people") and I have never seen a man like Gerry. If he's the average guy in Scotland, I definitely grew up in the wrong place. I actually drove down to San Diego this year for Comic Con to see Gerry. He was so hot!! His photos do not even do him justice. From the looks in the eyes of the drooling women there, he is so not average. Had he fallen off that stage, he'd have been naked in a heartbeat! Wouldn't THAT have been a story to report from Comic-Con!
  10. Hi Gerry:) I saw you recently at Comic-Con and had a great time. Don't ever lose the white shirt! It's my favorite:)
  11. Gerry was holding court is very accurate:) I was in the front row of the second section in front of Gerry, surrounded by hundreds of women mostly late twenties to mid forties, obviously there for Gerry. The other members of the panel could have been absent, sadly for them. We were all hanging on his every word, his every smile. He was so incredibly awesome! He was so handsome, pictures can't even do justice to seeing him in person.
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